وين اختفوا خالد وصفا || Aquatica || – خالد وصفا

Hello, darlings!
How are you? How you doing? “Oh, Khaled and Safa?” “Where are you?” We’re here. And thanks to
everyone who asked about us. “Why aren’t you posting any more
vlogs?”, “What happened?” “Have you left us?” No we didn’t,
but what happened is… we’ll start with Safa. We felt like these vlogs
were affecting our life. We wanted to focus
more on our personal life And we felt some stress
due to uploading vlogs everyday We weren’t paying enough attention
to ourselves and our relationship, so we decided to
take a small break but we have missed you
so much in the same time. So we’re coming back of course. But we’ve decided that we won’t
upload any vlogs or videos unless there’s something specific
or we’re doing something, not just sharing normal
daily activities, cause this thing is taking
a lot from our personal life. So we’ve decided to have a little
balance between these things. That’s why you’re not
seeing us so frequently. But we’re going on a trip
to California soon. – Are you excited, Safa?
– Yes, I’m very excited. It’s very soon. If you wanna know more about it, we’ll leave a link to my channel
in the description box you can check it out. I’ve talked about these things and the
project we’re working on in California. So you can check my channel
to know more about it. And of course there will be vlogs
from our trip on our channel, this one and we’re very excited
about this trip. What have we done
during the past week? What’ve we done? Mama Leila was here
last week. We were very busy with her.
We’ve done so many things. The thing we filmed the most
was our trip to Aquatica Park? Aquatica Park. And now I’ll leave
you with the Aquatica Park vlog Then we’ll finish our talk with you and show you other things
that we’ve done. Let’s go. There you go, Rami. What do you wanna do? For those who don’t know,
Mama Fulla is with us in Orlando now. – And Safsoof is with us today
– Hi! And Rami too. And we’re at Aquatica. I know it’s been a long time sine
we posted a vlog. I miss you so much. But we’re preparing for
so many things. You’ll know all about them soon Now let’s start our day
and tell you about the stuff that we’re gonna do here. We brought some snacks with us,
some fruits and stuff There’s a mini fridge here.
You can lock it. Fulla is excited she’s gonna swim. Come on, sing with me. “I’m the red tomato…” So now we’re gonna leave this
camera here and take the GoPro. Where is the GoPro?
There it is. We’re gonna take the GoPro. Take care of yourself and watch out
for the sun exposure, Mama or you’ll become
a real tomato. You’re not my mother in law. I’m an original Arab. If my mother in law was
an Arab I wouldn’t like her. Now let’s go start our day. Don’t be afraid, mama, be brave. We’re going down the river now. Come on, mama. Go. No, no, oh my god. Mama Fulla is so afraid. What, mama? Mama is a little tired from
the game, she’s feeling dizzy. Now we’re gonna try another game. This one here. That’s Safa’s voice. I can’t raise my voice. What, mama? Safa got scared? Yeah, she was very afraid. Really? Really? The other thing that
I think has happened is that we’re close to the 1M
or we have already reached it. Check now while you’re watching
this video, if you’re not already subscribed to our channel, do it now. And don’t forget to like this video. Also we’ve seen Qusai in a live
concert during the past week He’s a rapper. We were really surprised.
His rap is really good. There’s a lot of people
who perform this type of music but their music is different, or maybe
their lyrics aren’t as deep and beautiful. This person has really surprised us. We loved his songs so much. It was a mix of Arabic
and English words. It was really good. It had a meaning and a purpose. He talked about the Arab culture especially in Saudi Arabia. At the same time,
there was another rapper he talked about
the American culture. So there was some kind of
cultural exchange in their songs. And the good this is that it was
our first time to hear his songs but it was like we
already knew them. We were really into the songs,
the rhythm and the lyrics. So, really… And I think he was a TV host in… He was the host in Arab Got Talent. Yes, Arab Got Talent.
He presented it. So we did really have so
much fun that night. I filmed this night, but unfortunately
I deleted the videos by mistake, they were on the flash memory,
And I’m sorry. The other thing is, yesterday
we said goodbye to mama Fulla and I hope she comes back soon. We said goodbye and she
went back to New York and inshallah she’ll be
here again within a month. What are you doing, mum? Counting how much
visiting you has cost me. Or you can give us gift money
for the feast. No, I have visited you. May Allah always bless
us with your presence, mum and never deprive anyone of the blessing
of having their family by their side. Should I count the taxi fare? We’ll give you the money for the ride. Now we’re accompanying Mama Fulla…. I don’t know why many people
are confused, they ask me whether she’s
called Leila or Fulla. My mother’s name is Leila but we have explained in a previous
video why we call her Mama Fulla cause she looks like the cartoon
character, Fulla. As she’s very white and she
has black hair. We’re gonna miss you, Mama. Blessed you. Inshallah this month will pass quickly,
and you’ll be here again soon. Goodbye, Mama. – Take care of yourself, okay?
– You too. Also Safa has filmed
a video with her. You can check Safa’s channel
to see Mama Fulla. So we had so much fun, it was
a good week, we spent it together We tried to take the camera
off our daily chores a little. And we feel like we got
closer again, thank god. Sometimes we find ourselves,
unconsciously doing the things that you ask for in your comments
when we’re in front of the camera. We might not intend or want
to do these things but we do it cause we wanna
make you happy and show you the best we got. That’s why we wanted to eliminate
the camera a little for some time to focus more on
our life and this stuff. – But we’ve missed you of course.
– Of course we missed you. I wanna tell you that I love you, and
thank you for your constant support. And that’s what we wanted
to tell you in this video. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. And stay tuned for upcoming videos in California, Los Angeles
to be exact. And… What do we wanna say now? Don’t forget to subscribe
to our channel cause we’re definitely gonna
be more than 1 million. And don’t forget to like this video. Other than that, we love you so much.
Take care of yourselves. – May Allah be with you, you what?
– Kash-kha (fancy people). Grrr. You haven’t said
that in a long time. Grrr. – And spread the love.
– Spread the love. Bye!

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