अमेरिका का एक अनोखा पार्क | Klyde Warren Park Dallas, TEXAS [Eng & ESPAÑOL Subtitle]

Come on Friends!! Today I’m taking you to Dallas, Texas. Dallas is a city… in Texas State if the America. This park where we are going today is “Klyde Warren Park”. Guys you can see we are at “Klyde Warren Park” and This is heart of Dallas. The girl you saw just now, she is Nikita. Nikita and her husband Rahul, they both have a YouTube channel named “Videshi LifeStyle”. They both invited me here… in Dallas. And… Lets proceed. Since, it is winters therefore you will not find any leaves on the tree. This is not the best time to come here. This park would look a lot better than this in summers. Incredible. This park… is right in center of the city. You can say at heart of the city. And… this park connects Dallas’ downtown and uptown. This park was opened for civilians in year 2012. All the public parks in America are generally taken care by local government bodies. But this park is taken care by a private foundation. This park’s name “Klyde Warren Park” is named by a millionaire of Dallas. Who donated millions of dollar for construction of this park. So, he got right to name this park. He named this park on his 9 years old kid’s name “Klyde”. This park opens at 6:00 a.m.. So, after that you can come here for jogging, walking, exercise and many physical activities. It stays open till 11:00 p.m.. In this park… there are many interesting things that you can come to see. Since, I had only 1 day and I had to plans for many different places… so that I could cover more of Dallas, for you guys. I was not able to visit everyplace… but… I should tell you for information that there was a children’s park where kids were playing. Other than that… In this same park there’s a reading room where you can go and read. You are already looking at its lawn. There’s restaurant… performance pavilion… where different functions are organised and people perform. You don’t need to carry your food from home, because you’ll find many food trucks near the park. You might be living in the America or here in Dallas. Many people living in Dallas… would not have seen this park. This video is for them too…. Who live in America and who don’t live here. Here’s a Botanical Garden too. If you… have time then you can come here and see all these beautiful thing. Here’s a dog park too. You’ll find dog park in almost every city of the America just like children parks. The dog park here has 2 different sections.. one for big dogs and another for small ones. There a common park too.. where both big and small dogs can play together. This is a very… famous place of Dallas city. The main reason behind this park is right in the center of the city. You’ll find… skyscrapers on both sides of this park. Buildings of corporate offices… residential complex… and many commercial buildings. You’ll find food at these small turns. Me: Yes, what were you saying ? Nikita: Are you having fun? We’ll ask this to viewers. When this video will be live. Nikita: Guys, how is this video? Comment below and tell us how is it. This park is very happening. Street food here is very popular. Many people know about this. This is Heart of Dallas, Texas. Very beautiful, there are many people around here. Let’s see. The shop you just saw on which it was written “LAWN GAMES”. There you can get all the stuff you need to play in lawn. After playing you can return them there. Let me show you all-round degree view. I’ll try. Enjoy!!! Remember this place’s name “Klyde Warren Park”… Dallas, Texas. In the center of the city. If you liked this video then press the LIKE Button, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to our channel. In this summers… when we’ll have leaves on the trees. I’ll take you to some new places. I hope that you guys will like… those places and… on our channel we have may videos for nature lovers. You can watch those videos too. We’ll meet in the next video. My Friend!!! -GOODBYE-

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