✅ TOP 5: Best Swimming Goggles 2019

Are you looking for the best swimming goggles? In this video we’ll break down the top swimming
goggles available whilst comparing them for price versus performance. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best swimming goggles on the market, we have included links in the description for
each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget
range. Starting off at number 1 we have the Aqua
Sphere Kayenne. For the average swimmer looking for a great
pair of goggles, it doesn’t get better than these! They’re comfortable, offer an excellent seal,
and provide maximum comfort. The ergonomic design of the goggles offers
you a beautifully wide range of view, and you’ll find the soft silicone eye-pads keep
your face comfortable even after hours of use. The goggles provide the most natural view
of your underwater surroundings possible, with only minimal vision distortion. The classic style is easy to wear with any
swim cap and nose guard, and will be a great choice for all but the most competitive athletes. Be warned: heavy-duty use (10+ hours of swimming
per week) will wear out the goggles, making them more likely to leak or sweat. The lenses of these goggles come with anti-fog
technology that will help to protect your vision. You’ll find the scratch-resistant coating
also enhances the durability of the goggles. Thanks to the 4-point expanded Plexisol lens,
you get a full 180-degree field of view. For those who want easy adjusting, there’s
the band behind your head that allows you to tighten them with a quick tug. However, if you try to adjust them underwater,
you’ll find that water seeps through the ergonomic silicone seal. At $19, these are one of the pricier pairs
of goggles on our list. However, given their excellent performance
and versatile design, it’s absolutely worth the price tag! At number 2 we have the i-SwimPRO. These are a pair of swimming goggles you can
use for anything: swimming laps in the pool, water aerobics, playing in a lake, or enjoying
ocean life. You’ll find their sleek design makes them
beautifully sporty, and they are able to handle a good deal of wear and tear. The lenses are built of a shatter-resistant
material that makes them very durable, and they come with an anti-fog coating that protects
them. Sadly, they are still prone to fogging up
when you use them outdoors. However, the lenses offer UV protection for
your eyes, as well as leak-resistant eyecups with a soft silicone ring that won’t hurt
your face even after hours of use. The goggles are designed to be fully adjustable,
with straps that can be easily tightened and loosened mid-swim. There’s even a quick release clasp that will
allow you to remove them in a second if necessary. The lenses offer a full 180-degree field of
view, though some users have complained that it narrows your forward vision. The flexible nose piece makes it easy to find
the right position for the goggles. As a bonus, the goggles also come with ear
plugs, a nose clip, and a protective case. At $13, these are a pair of goggles definitely
worth the price. They deliver durability and versatility at
a price point everyone loves. At number 3 we have the Speedo Vanquisher
2.0. If you like to have the widest possible field
of view, you need these goggles. They provide you with a 25% wider field of
view than competing models, ensuring that you can see everything around you in the pool,
ocean, or lake. Thanks to their slim profile, they’re ideal
for competitive use as well as casual. The goggles are fairly comfortable, thanks
to their soft silicone eye pieces. The compact design is easy to wear for hours
without pain, and you’ll find they’re a well-built pair made of durable silicone that is resistant
to heavy use. The mirrored lenses help to keep sunlight
out of your eyes, and they come with 100% UV protection. These goggles also feature anti-fog technology,
but sadly it will wear off after a few months of use. When wearing these goggles indoors, you may
find the lenses are too dark to see clearly. If you’re uncomfortable with the current nose
piece, switch it out for one of the other two that come with the goggles. They are easy to customize to just the right
fit, and the easy-adjust straps will allow you to fiddle with the goggles as you swim. At $18, these are slightly on the pricier
side of affordable. However, given their durability, reliability,
and versatility, they’re a good option to consider. At number 4 we have the Speedo Kids’ Skoogles
Swim Goggle. If your child is just getting into swimming,
these are the goggles to try. They’re bright, colorful, and come in a broad
range of styles for both boys and girls. Thanks to their wide size, they can fit on
a broad range of facial structures. The silicone eye cups keep your child’s face
comfortable even after hours of swimming, and the goggles are designed to be slim. They won’t restrict your child’s movement,
but will protect their eyes underwater. They’re leak-resistant, with a durable design
that makes them ideal for active children. Be warned: the adjustor strap isn’t very resistant
to wear and tear and many users complain that it’s the part most prone to breakage. The goggles come with UV protection for your
child’s eyes, but sadly the anti-fog technology tends to wear out fairly quickly. However, once they’re on your child’s face,
they won’t slip or shift out of place. The fit is snug and secure, giving your kids
total eye protection underwater. At $11, these are a well-priced pair of goggles
for your child. Not only are they a good intro pair, but they
can stand up to regular use in the pool, at swimming lessons, and even in the ocean. And for our final pick at number 5 we have
the Aegend Swim Goggles. For a durable pair of swim goggles, you won’t
find much better than these! Not only are they made out of shatter-proof
polycarbonate, but their silicone frame and ands are highly resistant to wear and tear. Some users complain the lenses scratch a bit
too easily, but at least they won’t break with regular use. The lenses are large, offering a wide view
of your surroundings. There are no artificial tints or colors to
interfere with or darken your vision, and you’ll find they give you an excellent view
underwater. Thanks to the UV protection, you won’t have
to worry about the sunlight harming your eyes. The goggles are sleek and stylish, with a
flexible frame and soft silicone eye cups that are comfortable for all-day wear. The nose piece is a bit hard, and it can take
a bit of adjusting to get the fit just right. But once the goggles are on, they’ll stay
on for hours. The clasp is easy to adjust one-handed, and
you’ll find they’re good even for those with limited mobility. All in all, a highly effective pair of goggles
built for any water sport. At $8 per pair, these are a very well-priced
option! They’re built to last, easy to wear, and highly
comfortable—everything you need in a good pair of goggles. So that sums up our top swimming goggles of
2019. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
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