✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dolphins

DISCLAIMER: YOU MIGHT KNOW SOME OF THESE IF SO, GIVE YOURSELF A HIGH-5 🙂 THINGS YOU DIDN”T KNOW ABOUT DOLPHINS Swimming with dolphins gives you a temporary status effect. It’s called ‘Dolphins’s Grace’ and has a cute little icon! It boosts your swimming speed significantly. It’s very practical to play with the dolphins when going somewhere! 😀 Dolphins used to have a neck joint! This image of a video was taken at MineCon Earth Even in the official artwork 1.13 the dolphin was different! Dolphins will play with dropped items This behavior is completely unique to the dolphin. This is super cute, until they spread all your items in the ocean. Don’t die near dolphins, you won’t be able to find all your items! The sound dolphins make are real recordings of dolphins! Samuel Aaberg made the recordings. *Samuel Aaberg is Mojang’s lead sound designer Samuel went to Kolmarden Wildlife Park in Sweden There, he had a personal recording session with the dolphins. Dolphins are neutral mobs. However, like wolves and pigmen, they will hit back as a group. Once you attack one, they all jump on you, making them really dangerous. :I Dolphins deal 2, 3 or 4 damage depending on difficulty. A group of dolphins is called a pod. Not really a Minecraft fact, but a fun one nonetheless! Dolphins can survive for up to 2 minutes above water. After that, they will quickly suffocate. However, they can also drown. They only have breath for 2 minutes of underwater swimming. This means dolphins can’t stay in any one place for too long You can feed dolphins raw cod. You have to right-click them though they’ll just play with it if it’s dropped. Feeding a dolphin cod will increase it’s ‘trust’ with you. This makes the dolphin more likely to play with you. A fed dolphin will also swim towards the nearest treasure! Much like eyes of ender lead you to strongholds. This can be buried treasure, shipwrecks or ruins. Just to remind you, I love ratings and comments! We found a shipwreck Not sure why it’s not going directly to it… (Living Mice by C418) Ooooh, an underwater ruin confused it a little. Treasure! 😀 Dolphins sure are really useful! Since dolphins are aquatic mobs, they are weak to the impaling enchantment… Like with other group mobs, killing them with a single attack won’t trigger nearby mobs… The hardest part is getting your trident back… And, apparently, some dolphins are made of steel. (End Screen)

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