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[Applause] [Music] hello everyone and welcome back to my channel welcome to another pin with me I’m very excited to bring you guys another one of these videos I love making them and I think you guys like them so yeah I mean this is it I’m going to show you a nice study that I did this was my first attempt as you can see didn’t go was I applied or as I wanted to and this is my second attempt I will talk later a little bit why I think I failed the first time quote-unquote failed but I’m going to say a huge shout-out to our sponsor today which is Wix thank you so much works for working with me again you guys don’t know what Wix is is basically a free platform that allows you to build customizable professional websites or your portfolio if you have a business and this is how I be my own online store which I am very proud of and I’m very happy to to happen to share with you guys here’s where I send my art and it took me like only a couple days to to build it from start to finish what I did is I choose between one of the hundreds of templates that they have I believe mine was like a slime shop and then I changed things up a little bit and I added my own thing as my own photos and my own titles and everything and I will be adding more prints and more originals which is what I want to do add more sketches and maybe who knows maybe add some merge of the feature but we’ll see I’m gonna leave a link so you guys can start your own website today I’m gonna leave it on the description box and the rollers on the screen but yeah thank you so much wigs for for just partnering with me again it means a lot [Music] Reynolds get onto the ice study I started with a thin layer of burnt sienna and I I do that because this establishes a new value and when I started with the white board the white is very white and with this one I can establish my own white and I think that’s pretty cool but yeah I’m starting to sketch the eye and I don’t think I have painted many eye studies to be honest I did one long time ago and ended it and I gave it to my mom as a birthday present I believe oh how could the photo he if I can find it so what I think it happened in my first attempt was that I wanted to rush it a lot and I wanted to finish it super quick even though it’s a study it’s it still needs concentration I think people misunderstand when when art it gives you that freedom and it gives you that relief you can just like throw paint on it paint on it and it’s gonna work and I don’t think that’s true because you always need some sort of concentration when you’re painting I’m always really really concentrated I think is the only time that I can spend hours without looking at my phone like for example when I’m watching a movie I can just browse on my phone while kind of listening to it in the background oh but while I’m painting I need all of my my my brain cells to be concentrated and what I’m doing so I think this time it worked because of that and I was really thinking of the shapes and the values and be like okay this is a curve this is a shadow this is more of a highlight and just things like that [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is where my camera just decides to fall so this original is going to be my website I believe that will be out now and I was thinking about doing prints but I don’t know if you guys would want princess-esque if it’s like a very small painting and it’s a nice story but let me know because I will gladly do prints although they will be if I do them it has to be when I come back from my holidays because I’m gonna go visit my family in Spain and I’m very very excited for this buddy I’ll be back the first week of May or the second week I believe so it will have to be after that but yeah I think just let me know if you guys are interested at all if there’s something I like to do and I think it adds a little bit of color it’s these colors like this yellow for example is barely mixed with a little bit of titanium white and I think it adds a little something to the painting because my palette as you can as you guys know it’s very pink and real warm so adding this this hues of blue I think I don’t know it it pulls the whole thing together and I really like doing the doing it when the painting it’s almost almost done [Music] [Music] [Music] and also I wanted to share this painting that I’ve recently started and I was struggling a little bit with because I don’t know him I didn’t really like it but anyway so this is what I did yes that’s me and it’s not a cigarette it’s a straw but I wanted to make like a cigarette I don’t know why I like painting cigarettes I know it’s bad for your health I don’t smoke but I think art is completely different from like your life but anyway as always I start with the same layer very thin and I’m using the medium called kid by gambling it dries very fast so I really like that for for first layers and here I’m using a more thick burnt sienna to basically establish the the main shadows and just the main proportions and everything I haven’t finished this at all so this is just the starting of the painting but I thought it would be interesting to show you guys how I do it sometimes I don’t always use this method but um I wasn’t very sure about how this was gonna go so yeah I decided to like sketch it and then what I did is I applied a bunch of sine gene on the back to to make it like copy in the background and I just really want to have different portions good I didn’t want to mess it up and while this is drawing I’m gonna take I’m gonna make myself some tea and Disclosure dishes and I made myself some rice with chicken and carrots and green beans and he was super super yummy and I watched Harry Potter we think so that was really nice which movie is your favorite from Harry Potter I’m in between the Prisoner of Azkaban or the half-blood Prince I really really like those movies I think they’re very Walden well obviously the whole side guy but those two are my favorite and here I’m just stablishing the basic values as well of the skin tone and that the face hours really I was trying to change my palate a little bit like I said my palace is usually very warm and I wanted to give myself myself a bit of it a bit a little bit of a challenge which which now I’m struggling with but I think this is the only way that we can grow to making mistakes and and just try it again and again and again for example like this there’s I was really hitting this I’m like this isn’t going anywhere but I gotta believe in myself because that was the only way that we get through this this bumps in general not only in painting but in life you have to believe that you can do it and then you actually do it or you might not do it but then you learn a lot from that mistakes but then you’re done you’re learning yeah man you learn a lot from from those mistakes so I hope you guys enjoy this video thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you very soon love you guys bye bye

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