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hey what’s up guys i figured i do a video on my planed tanks my fish tanks and just kind of show you what I got going and explain to you what I do with my fish tanks let’s give you a quick look at what we got going on try to point out some of these plants this is the java fern ok those are java fern in the back those long ones back there those are called the rotellas I may have mentioned that in some of my earlier videos those are called rotellas this right here is called anubius i’m not sure which anubius theres probably about 10 or 15 varieties and anubius but this is an Anubis as you can see theres two of them you can see the rhizome for the one and the one in the back over there is another rhizome these are called Crypts cryptolinie? I don’t know which cryptolinie it might be cryptolini wendinie or wendolii? or wendoloi?? or wendinnie??? something there’s several varieties of these kind of crypts but that’s a crypt this is another this one right here with the big leaf that is another type of it’s either a crypt or at a anubius it’s something in their families i took it to the crippled any family but I don’t know but that’s a stiff type of plant is another one right here this one’s really beautiful if i can get it going again let’s see what else we got in here is more cryptically knees to see the bases on them look very healthy very good again nice now i just recently trim this whole tank down because it’s over grows and what happens when it over grows it kills all the lower growth and you don’t want to kill your or growth because that stuff in the back that rotella the rotel is there is red or telling his greater intelligence to read rotella but the this red rotella will literally fill the tire tank solid so you have to get in here want to start to getting that real heavy growing pattern you got to keep the car on a regular basis i just cut this stuff and look how tall it is already it’s coming up all over the place so i’ll discuss that in a minute but i just want to show you some of these plants first and try to identify what what they are this is another crypt in the back it’s a longleaf that’s called both all saw me what was that called something I’ve got the name of this long it’s still a crap but it’s in that family these are all corruption is another anubius right here that might be bari no be studying a miniature or micro version of the other Adobe associated other anubius tends to get very very large so that’s another type of anubius these are all Crips most of these crypts that you see in here all started from about two dozen plants and that is you know hundreds in here now I mean I can’t physically countable believe me when I tell you there’s literally hundreds and once i start feeding them again this time of year when I feed them that they multiply even more so this tank i’ll do an update once this tank starts to fill in and show you how much it really fills in once I begin to feed it but during the summer months I don’t feed because i’m busy with the garden and all that other stuff and everything tends to die back and comes to a minimal stage like this and then once i feel that this tank is going to literally fill up with all these different varieties of script correctly so what else we got here that ball thing right there that’s called Swagger’s org it’s a type of P Leah also known as round piglia it’s a very interesting plant I’ve been growing us now for about three or four years this whole tank is about seven years old so most of us and added some plants to it throughout the years but most of what you see here was established about seven years ago when i started this tank there were a lot more fishing here they ended up dying off because of me and my neglect and stuff like that but that’s just the way I do it right so let me just finish with the plant identification there’s anything else we have to store sads right here this war said was at one time prolific it covered the whole area over here was beautiful looking at one time and then the hotel is growing like they normally do and I didn’t get to him in time is always busy keep trying to keep up the garden and everything else and whenever tell girls in it kills off all alone for growth the problem with Worf sedge is when it gets hit like that with the low-light it takes a lot for them to come back so I almost lost my dwarf sad and Dave it took about a year but they’re starting to come back now and if I keep trimming this back i could get all the rest of this row talent always rotella grew up here I didn’t put any 20 / teller was just in the back and now it grew into herself around to here and it’s starting to kill off my dwarf sad patch that’s left and that’s got weed I got to make changes i can’t say like that their door-to-door tells gotta go we gotta get the door hatchback what else you got it was another giant nubius in the back over here this thing is absolutely humongous it’s got like several rhizomes that came off it and it’s like I don’t you see it because it looks like a banyan tree back there it’s awesome i love anubius they’re easy to grow there it just read things called Nate metals metals metals or something like that and i have the exact name i’ll provide the names if you guys are interested and i’ll look them up this is probably one of the few of the red variety of plants that you can grow without having to supply it with a steady supply of iron if you do supply with iron didn’t get really red it’s right out start to get ready because I i gave it a dose a good dose of iron and it’s starting to really get red but like all these tall growing plants take the leaves will eventually start to crumble up like that i don’t know why they do that but they do it’s a very slow growing plant for a finely or tall kind of plant like this this is very fast within a month this tank will be completely filled solid with this stuff so this stuff you got to be on it constantly whereas this stuff can sit there for months and just look just like it’s an absolutely gorgeous plant if you trim it down to the bottom like that you get this whole canopy this whole comp of these beautiful red top’s come up it just looks so gorgeous in your tank it’s a great accent color for your tank beautiful I haven’t really did anything with it i am trimming it back i’m trying to get cuttings from this to add to my other tank there’s more plants in here are trying to see to see this thing right back here that weird-looking thing she would give you another view know if you can see that big thing there that’s called Bob itís that is another type of firm like java fern but it’s very expensive that piece that giant thing you see there at one when i bought it was only your piece that was about three quarters of an inch long with one belief that was coming out of it look at the size of this thing after about a lot five years i think i’ve had that plant after about five years this thing is gigantic in there it’s literally started I thought it would grow taller but it’s growing like sideways so it’s pushing out so i may have to trim that back but it’s an old plant that’s been around a long time what else we got here then i can show you i think that’s most of them there’s some other stuff like this stuff growing that’s called Bob java moss not it’s not the same as java fern but it’s actually called Java more so they’re not the same species or anything just use the same name described but that’s growing randomly throughout here i had a big mass of java more so how to get rid of it because it just starts writing all of your tank so I wiped off the tank with it completely and you can still see even after I wipe it out it still comes back and patches like a weed and but that’s ok if it stays a little bit late I don’t mind it looks really good on the top of a rock on top if you can control it and just grow its it grows really nice so it’s really call problem is is that it it tends to not grow the way I wanted to and then it spread all over your tank like an LG it’s got its down faults i started this tank like eight years ago something like that and originally when I started the tank it was just gravel on the bottom and i would put plants in there and they never really would take that end up coming up and I don’t it wasn’t really working that out that well so eventually I read a book called The Wall stead method and that book basically discusses how you can create a tank and a tank can become its own ecosystem and it goes into all this biology and it did the association between the water plants and and all the stuff you have to read the book if you’re really interested i’m sure you can find it online but the wall said method is really what got me started with this connection between ponds and gardens and things like that that’s kind of where I started getting that flying my concept because the wall said method is really an interesting study if you learn about it and how it works and once you understand that you can begin to reach out and start to apply that to different aspects of your gardening which is what i did and i use a lot of those fundamentals in my garden as you can see with the pond and everything but her method really covers a lot about how a tank needs to evolve on its own and it’s maintenance-free now what I will tell you about this is explain to you what’s going on here ok so i have roughly about two inches of dirt all the way through the bottom there is crushed oyster shell mixed in there not a lot but some there’s rock dust in there there’s also believe a little bit of magnesium sulfate mixed into the soil and i also have a couple of those tablets you would get there like fertilizer tablet slow release fertilizer tablets to have all the nutrients microelements analyze them have a few rows in there and I’m sure they’re gone by now but and i also have molding clay or what they call sculpting clay so I have sculpting clay in chunks all the way throughout here and they recommend putting sculptors clay inside your soil because that has the right type of iron in it for the plants need and all kind of stuff so all that’s been made and done and the soil has been done in the soil this tank like I told you has been set up for about eight years but it really was set up it’s really only been the way it is now for seven years because I realized after the first year and all the maintenance and water conditions were coming unstable constantly fish were dying and say something else seemed to be done and read the ball said method and that following year and shortly after i’m done that I went over to this method and this is the wall step method of my tank so now after this many years this tank i do not change water in his tank yes I do add water I do not do water changes i think i just said I very seldomly clean the filters don’t I clean the filters i try to clean the filters once or twice a year maybe three times a year i have to clean the glass from time to time and the top glass to my lighting I clean that from time to time because that gets algae all the algae is like a LG collect on a glass rather than building up generally anywhere alternate tank it will form on a glass which is perfectly fine and I’m happy with that that’s why you don’t see any LG indistinct i have never cleaned this tank the glass really in the last couple of years anyway I mean in the beginning I started to Walstad method finally the Aquila equilibrated I finally didn’t have to clean the glass anymore and i can get in on and on about the ecology of things how he keeps nails in my tank they help the balance of the tank and also the stuffing I haven’t done anything to this tank other than fede fish every day and I skip one day a week feeding them and I can eventually get into you know the sum that I have I’m not going to get into that in this video’s video be far to show you everything would be take me days to do this video so I’m just trying to cut this one short but I don’t want to think with no water changes the only thing i do is i add fertilizer so it I use dry fertilizers some people will prefer to use regular you know fertilizers i use both but i prefer to use drivers when I can insert and especially with the potassium sulfate because the dy fertilizers are way too expensive and i can get much higher impact with the potassium than i can with the other ones so you get more bang for your buck with that so again I don’t really don’t do anything with it i do try to clean the filters once or twice a year I add water because i have to add water because it evaporates from the tank I really don’t keep the heat on very much i generally try to keep the temperature somewhere around there in the middle of the green sometimes drops lower than that during the summer but then again not it really doesn’t change temperature too much light is pretty much been the same light bulbs for the last seven years I haven’t changed vault since then as you can see the plants are doing pretty good i just started fertilizing and i’ll show you in about a month i’ll give you an update of their progress after i do once a week fertilizers you’ll see that the growth will boost quite significantly and then it’s just a matter of maintaining that growth level without overgrowing because that means i got going in start sticking my arms and cleaning it out and cotton things that I really want to do that either I just wanted to bump a little bit that’s all I little bit of popping get it nice and get all the new shoots to come up you’ll see all kinds of new crippling is pop up everywhere and and i’m good you know thicken up really nice like a front lawn alright so i’ll do another video on my other tank that i just setup you got any questions just leave your comments below all try to answer or maybe do a video response to your question if it’s anything that’s would require that but see that rock right there that thing’s really cool if i set the lights off that thing’s really cool it glows blue it looks so cool in there and there’s my Angel’s these angels are about 78 years old actually said original angels I’ve had other fish in there and everything from disqus to crayfish that everything in here and it’s just too much it lives and dies it has a cycle the tank once the tank find its cycle you don’t want to add any more fish or take away its where it needs to be and this tank is where it is my fish don’t get sick they’re nice and healthy they don’t get too big you see these fish these fish have been the size basically said so I had my because i don’t want them to get big okay she’s this one here might be a little bit shy but that they don’t get any bigger than this because I don’t overfeed them I don’t want them to get huge if I want them to get huge i can feed them tons of food and get these fish huge if I want the bigger they are the more going to offset the balance of the tank i like to keep them this size i keep in that size by the way I feed him and these two are a mated pair by the way they have spawned several times and in order for me to generally get them this morning got to shut the heat off do a water change change the pH of the water rapidly and then go into this morning stage but there’s a risk associated with that with opposite upsetting the balance of my tank so I don’t generally do that i can catch them out of their spawn another tank it’s probably better off rather than me upsetting this nature is tank that’s it i’ll do a video on my other tank and show you what I got going on there alright so i will see you guys at x1 take care

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