(upbeat music) (laughing) (screaming) (splashing and screaming) – Father daughter team. – [Christina] You guys are
ready for the Olympics. – Coming (mumbles) Olympics. (splashing sound) ♫ Laaa – That’s how I get warmed up for the day. Good morning Dyches Fam. Hope you guys are doing great today. I’m on my way to a meeting right now with my friend Scott Warner. If you guys follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen me
retweet some of Scott’s tweets. He’s a good Tweeter. And if you’re not following
him on social media go follow him @scottwarner18. He’s also created some
really cool online platforms. One specifically for
musicians and the others for any digital creator or brand that wants to be able to track
or interact with their fans. And anyways I’m gonna
go talk with him today about a few business
opportunities and to learn more about some of the things he’s working on and so anyways I’ll
introduce you guys to Scott. He’s a pretty cool dude. A few moments later. This is Mr. Scott Warner. – With Mr Josh Dyches. – If you follow me on
Twitter you’ll notice that I’ve retweeted a
lot of this guy’s tweets. – Have you? – Yeah I have. – You’re a sweetheart. (laughs) – But we just got done talking about a (mumbles) platform
that this guy’s created. And I’ll let you tell them
more a little bit about it. – So it’s a cool way to aggregate and pull all the interesting
fun things about your brand into one spot to showcase
it and show the world. So it’s a great way to
take the original shares that are coming from your
customers, your friends, about you, your brand and
just pulling it into one really cool place that displays everything you want everyone to see. So from all different social platforms. – What’s it called and
where can they find it? – Gigg.com, so it’s a Gigg
page and you use the tools on Gigg.com to put together your Gigg page and it is pretty awesome. – So if you guys are a
brand or you have a product or you’re an influencer, I’d
definitely go check it out. I think it’s worth your time. – I do too. – Yeah he does too. And he’s got a great hat on by the way. – Go Bears! – Go Bears.
– (mumbles) Bears. – [Radio] Don’t miss the –
Olympics opening ceremony tomorrow 7.30, 6.30 central on NDC. – Commercial for the Olympics. Who is excited for the Olympics? And if you are excited,
what event or athlete are you excited to watch? Let us know in the comments below. I’m getting so excited
and we’re gonna be doing some Olympics gender predictions. So they’re unbiased predictions and you’ll see how that
works when we get there. But that’ll be fun to see
if the Olympics determine whether we’re going to being
having a boy or a girl. And you can also vote with the link below if you think it’s gonna
be a boy or a girl. So be sure to go click
that link if you haven’t. Oh that’s what it is. – [Josh] Nicoi, how are you today? – Good. – [Josh] Good. How come you’re so bubbly and cute? – Mmm. – [Josh] I dunno. Hey what you been doing? – Painting my nails. – [Josh] You’ve been painting your nails? Bring them over here,
let’s see them up close. Oh put them close together. – [Nicoi] So these are
all the colors I have. I have light pink, I have
dark pink, I have green and I have red. And purple. – And you did a little bit of each. Looks like. Sure looks cute. – I did lots of green. – [Josh] Geez, Nicoi,
you’re a little artist. Look at them nails everybody. Hey are you you having a good day? – Mhm. – [Josh] Yeah. – I’m gonna go paint my toenails. – [Josh] Okay go paint your toenails. My little girl’s turn into
little lady, aren’t ya? Shoot. I’m just editing today’s vlog right now. And hopefully get I’ll it up
by five o’clock for you guys so check it out. Hi bubba. Can you say hello? – Hello.
– Hello. So I have Christina’s debit
card and she just came to Costco to buy a whole bunch of food. – And then I realized I
had no way to pay for it. – And so I had to stop editing
and hurry on over here. To give Mama her debit card. You gonna go shopping with Mama? – [Christina] He’s my shopping buddy. – He’s Mama’s shopping
buddy so I’m gonna hand off the vlogging camera and Christina’s
debit card to Christina. Here you go babe. – Let’s go shopping guys. – [Christina] Hey William,
did we get lots of good food? – Yah. – [Christina] Yeah all that
and all that, some chicken. – And we got pizza and yogurt. – [Christina] And yogurt. So I decided to buy some frozen food. We don’t normally get stuff like that but since the baby’s
coming, we are stocking up. So the kids have something to eat and Josh, and hopefully
that tides you over for a while, huh. – Yummy in my tummy. – [Christina] Yummy yummy in your tummy. And Costco is crazy busy
today, look at the lines. – Look at my teeth. – [Christina] What about those teeth? – There’s one cavity. – [Christina] You have a cavity? Uh-oh we should go to the dentist huh. – Mhm. – [Christina] William, what’s so funny? (laughs) – [Christina] Hold on to that receipt, don’t let it fly away. (baby screaming and laughing) William, don’t let it fly away. (laughing) He’s too crazy. Probably hard to tell on the
camera but there’s a big fire. North of us so the air’s
really smoky which sucks. Cos me and William have that sickness and Hayden’s actually
started to get (mumbles). He’s having a hard time breathing too. You have the cutest laugh. – Yeah. – [Christina] Yes you do. When you have this many kids you have to buy lots of groceries but that’s why you have
them so they can carry them. Huh buddy. Good work, muscle man. (William mumbling) – [Josh] You wanna sit on the bench? – Only two more weeks of summer left. We gotta get some swimming in. You gonna jump in now? Don’t be scared you’re so big. I’m not gonna get in till Dad comes. – But I can’t do it. – [Christina] Yes you can. You’re wearing your floaty. – Now?
– [Christina] Sure. Told ya. Told ya you could do it. That was good. William are you a little fish? – One, two, three. – [Christina] Whoa, you
have so many new tricks. This is the first time
he’s actually worn goggles and put them on his eyes under the water. He usually just wears them to look cool but he’s actually using them now. You’re gonna jump in again? Oh, you jumped so hard
your goggles came off. Wow. – I’m jumping in. Watch I’m gonna jump so hard. – [Christina] You’re gonna jump so hard? Okay. Wow. Now we just need to teach this little one to be a fishy. She needs some goggles
that cover her eyes. (latino music) Nicola you did it! Good job sweetie. Josh’s gotta show off
some skills over here. – You guys ever seen (mumbles)? The chubby kid in it, that’s me. – [Christina] The freckly red head. – Okay, you guys ready? I’m gonna hit my butt on
the bottom, I know it. Cannonball! (screaming) Her legs slipped. You’re slippery. One. (laughing) – Now that’s what you call a flip. William wants to do it, daddy. – You wanna do it? One. (laughs) Did you do it? Was it okay? You wanna do it again? He wants to do it again. (laughing) – [Nicoi] My turn. – Yay. Everybody look at the camera. Do a peace. – Peace. – One. (laughing) Yeah did you guys see that? We’re coming to a city pool near you. One. Father daughter team. – [Christina] You guys are
ready for the Olympics. – We’re coming for the Olympics! – Three, two, one. – [Christina] Good job! You did a flip! – We did a flip! – [Christina] Awesome job! – One. – Awesome, woop woop woop. – One. – [Christina] Good job, bud. – William did a flip. William did a flip. – [Christina] You’re awesome. – He’s coming to a pool near you. – [Christina] Good job. – [William] That’s good enough. – [Christina And Josh] That’s good enough. – [Josh] I’m so proud of you, this little dude is getting so brave. – What about me? What about me? What about me? – You, flip. – [Christina] Are you ready
to join the flip club? – Watch Nicoi, watch Nicoi. Feet on my chest. Hand on my neck. One, two, three. – [Christina] Oh Dad! You gotta rotate. – You wanna do a flip again? Holy, good thing I got big muscles. Two, one. (screaming) – Chicken chicken pock pock. – You ready for this? – Ready for this? – Three, two, one. (laughs) – Hey wait that looked like a flip! Do you guys think that was a flip? (laughing) – Don’t bite me. – I will kill you. (laughs) – You’re gonna kill me in the pool. (laughing) (screaming) – Okay here we go, hold your breath. Three, two, one. – Again, again! – [Christina] Well that was
terrifying, that was so scary. – Here we go. Hold your breath, three, two. (screaming) – [Christina] You gotta flip your feet. – So William’s really learning how to swim under the water without his floaty. Daddy’s helping him. Whoa, water out his nose. Great job! Great job! – Before you go under the water, go. – [Christina] Take a deep breath. – Hold your breath okay? – [Christina] William
that’s an awesome job. – [Christina] William that’s awesome. – Mama I wanna show you my flip. – [Christina] Okay good job. Sometimes the younger
siblings are just like that where they feel older kids
do it and they are determined to do it and so they’ll do
it at a super young age. Like William who’s only
three, swimming by himself under the water. It’s awesome. – We’re having a good
time here at the pool. And now in the hot tub. But we gotta get ready to
go to my softball game. William, show me that before we go. – Uhh (screaming) (mumbles). – [Josh] Say I like swimming. – I like swimming. – Guys it’s been a super long day and we finally made it home. But the younger two kids are asleep. Mama bear’s upstairs doing
something and this dude is about ready to go to bed, aren’t you. – Mhm. – [Josh] Hey. – I’m tired. – [Josh] Why don’t you
tell these guys peace out? – Peace out guys. – [Josh] Say see you tomorrow. – We’ll see you tomorrow. – [Josh] We love you guys. – We love you guys. And thanks for all the
people that have subscribed and keep subscribing and
watching and try to watch all of our videos. We’ll keep making new ones
and new ones and new ones. – [Josh] (laughs) Alright baby, give them a big out peace out. – Peace out. ♫ He’s been where I am before ♫ He’ll make all my weaknesses stronger ♫ With his strength I’ll
be healed from these pasts ♫ Hoping by his side I’ll stand ♫ I will run to the one who
has graven my life in his hands

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