🐢 BURIED TREASURE!!! – Ep 2 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

(Supofome theme music plays) Welcome on back to Minecraft 1.13
episode #2 of our survival let’s play! I had a lot of fun in the first episode and
we’re getting started right away today at the second episode like I said we’re
gonna be taking a look at this buried treasure map we found in the first
episode if you didn’t happen to catch that go ahead and check it out right now!
Playlists will be in the description. I will see right now where this treasure
may be I think it’s gonna be right next to the actual boat the the sunken ship
we found oh oh and find that treasure hold-hold oh you are yeah that’s why
pirates say when they dig up treasure I think that’s what they do
I’m not sure like right here I think I was right I think I’m right somewhere in
this general area oh there it is right there alright oh
This is so beautiful! Look at this guys! This is insane! oh that’s amazing
another diamond Oh with two diamonds we can make a pickaxe already! Look at that
we have the heart of the sea which is very very useful um I think there’s some
really cool blocks you can make with the with like a Nautica shell oh
this is such a fantastic start guys look at this to cook cod cook salmon that’s
nice because we don’t have a lot of food right now so we now have three diamonds
we can go ahead and make our own our very own diamond pickaxe already in the
second episode that’s insanity and I really– is there another sunken ship
around here somewhere so excited oh this is amazing guys but I want to head back
to our hidey-hole and I will go ahead and make that that diamond pickaxe in
the second episode which is already insane! I really wanna start building our
really awesome aquatic base and I think we’ll do that right like I said right
over top of this lake here and we’ll do these really cool big bridges and I
don’t want to do that right now I want to get a little bit more established and
I wanna get a couple more blocks and and things like that! I’m gonna do a bit
of exploring of the aquatic update before we get started on that so I’ll go
ahead now eat up some of this cooked cod right here and I see if we get our our
health all the way back up to 100% and I’ll go ahead and and chuck that, that
last rock. Coal? I don’t have any more coal.
oh I just grabbed one piece it will chuck that in there so that’ll cook up a
little bit. So that’s pretty good so far what I want to do is we can go ahead and
make our diamond pickaxe now which is super awesome it’s only the second
episode and we have a diamond pickaxe I do want to take a look at I do want to
grab that oh Diamond pickaxe! Baaahhhh baaaaa! So what I want to do is I do want to start digging a bit more in our mine so I’ll go ahead and I’ll make up some cobble stone stairs let me grab this
this map out of our hands put this let me put this map away we’ll frame that
later on but you know we’ll make it this a double chest now I’ll pop that piece
out put that right there organize all this stuff later I’ll just
I’ll throw it in there for right now and I’ll make up a I’ll make up some better
tools really quickly here. An iron axe an iron shovel, and an iron sword even though we didn’t really use our stone sword all that much yet here I feel kind of bad just
abandoning him that’s so young of an age but but it must be done just in case we
run into any bad guys I don’t want to take any chances with a stone sword we’ll
pack those emeralds away too because that’s gonna be really really really
useful we will do some fishing here in a second I do want to do that today so
we’ll go ahead and we’ll do that but I do want to make our our staircase here
so we’ll go ahead and do something real cool so we want to jump because that
wastes a lot of food. Here I am using this diamond pickaxe but it’s just so
cool! I can’t not use it! we’ll use it we’ll use it for now I’m sure we run into some more
diamonds sometime or another and plus I do want to get this done as quickly as
possible I want to get down here because I do want to do some fishing whoa whoa
whoa what’s going on all right I did wanna do some fishing and I don’t want
to wait until it’s dark outside so I want to get this done
I think we’re somewhere around around 45 yeah we’re getting closer down to the
level I want to be. Some more coal down here which is nice. We are running low on
torches so I’ll make some of that up right now I don’t have any wood so we’ll
have to head back on up to grab the rest of my to my and rest of my wood so it
looks like I’m down to an acceptable level here I’ll go ahead and
just started mining out just so we can get gra— whoa whoa whoa whoa now whoa whoa hold on now whoa what’s going on with that
all right block that on up what’s going on now! Is there an underground ocean that I, that I don’t know about? I think we busted out I think we busted out into a
big old ravine here oh no this isn’t good no go back inside no no no no no oh
wait no no all right all right take take take take it easy take it easy now all
right hold your horses okay I don’t know what to do here
I really wanted to okay all righty all right so I think what we’re gonna do
well this could be a nice Wow oh my lord all right okay head on up head on up
head on up! Is there– oh my gosh is there it’s all blocked in okay good
oh this is insane what is this this is like an underground ravine it’s just
like Journey to the Center of the Earth there’s some iron here which is nice
that is crazy what is this whoa there’s diamond oh my lord this is crazy oh did
you see that down there there’s diamond in there’s red stone right there there’s
a problem though cause everything is underwater guys oh hey I don’t breathe water! I see you there you don’t interrupt me all right I’m speaking I’m doing the speaks
right now you can’t interrupt that let me check this out first before we head
on down there’s some iron which is nice some some more iron it sounds like this
is a dead end what is going on with this black magic this is just some black lag
going on right now I have officially run out of torches now which is a shame
because I do want to go ahead and go further but I can’t see barely anything
right now I knew I knew that was an iron right there I don’t have any wood I will
grab this stuff though I think it’s time to go down there and grab those de– oh
I get that first there’s more oh man that just went on forever 36 pieces of
iron which is nice because we already had some so that’s gonna be pretty
pretty nice what we need to do is I need to figure out a way I gotta figure out a
way we can get down there in and like not drown because I don’t like doing
that um something the dia– the diamonds are
like right there and there’s lava there which means that there’s not any water
there so we can actually like dig a little bit of a space right next to the
diamonds and hopefully we can do that in time before we drown. We’ll go
right now we’ll do some diving all right all right
okay come on come on do the digs okay this is gonna work I think it’s gonna
work all right get in there no no no no no no no no stop it nope we’re safe it’s
all right it’s okay that was pretty easy I thought I was gonna be a little bit
more difficult than that so we have a nice place now I’m gonna go ahead and
try and see if I can block off this water flow and see if we can– Why’s that
current so strong oh it’s dark now oh that was a bad idea I don’t have any
torches it’s so dark okay what now I turn the
brightness up as far as it goes but I don’t know okay wait no all right okay
no no okay ah stop doing that okay be smarter than this
all right take it easy it’s gonna be fine you just need to take a breather
under the water all right we got rid of the water and now they’re okay
all right I’m smart I got it I’m a genius look at that I went to college
Clown College no no you gotta be kidding me all right so I think I’ve set up a
pretty good way of being able to see all these diamonds here without actually
getting rid of any water all right okay so without actually letting the water
flow through okay so let’s grab this first up okay
that was close all right so we’re have to do this something kind of tricksie
here see if there’s any if there is of course there is because minecraft just
wants to be hard today all right oh we’re getting pretty lucky actually with
all this awesome stuff but everything’s just like really crazy at the moment
with all the water. Hopefully no water comes to and and ruins our plans
we’ll go ahead that one’s safe okay well so we can get down here I’m gonna grab
this this I were up oh oh thank God that was there okay grab this iron. So I
think I set up a pretty good way of being and we’ll see all the diamonds
without actually breaking any of them okay so we’re not letting any water in
we let’s grab this one oh okay four is good it’s good enough man it’s good
enough I promise you imma grab and we’re not getting the Diamonds achievement because we got that in the last episode and I was I was confused for seconds
like whoa where’s the achievement but we got a diamond in the last episode so we
do need to get out of here though oh no these are all incorrect places oh boy oh
oh this is sweet so the water just stops right here and flows through that’s
interesting wow that’s pretty sweet oh oh oh y’all uh stop that there’s a
mineshaft this place has everything! This is insane! hey mr. zombie how’s it going
I’m just looking for diamonds drop down here yeah I knew you were going to
typical nope nope nope that’s not gonna happen not today I’m in a good mood no
we’re finding them diamonds hold on thank you appreciate it alright no well
there’s a creeper okay go go go go Oh oh I’m scared alright make we can
make eight torches and we can make that iron pickaxe luckily we have iron on us
we can just cook some up right here boom make this space a little more bright
I don’t want to waste all I don’t wanna waste a bunch of time down here I did
want to do some I wanted to do some fishing today and we didn’t get to do
any in the last episode and I’m really disappointed Oh lapis! I didn’t even see
that that’s awesome alright sweet this is a crazy seed guys so many things just
gone our way it’s just like the best when we get here a lot of lapis wow this
is crazy we don’t have fortune could you imagine
if we had fortune on lapis or like like like redstone oh man that’d be a lot!
Fifty six pieces of lapis which is nice go ahead and get on out of here now the
problem is there’s more diamond right there! I didn’t even notice! oh man there’s just diamond all over the place around here man which is sweet
I see the mineshaft continuing is that what that is – yep mineshafts
continuing up there this is crazy! We’ll have to remember where this is let’s grab
this really quickly I’m not gonna build a base we’re just go ahead and grab it no
digging Go Go no go okay this is one if only we could find some emeralds that’d
be awesome I don’t think it’s extreme hill so we’re
not gonna find any but I really want some though oh there’s three – four Oh Lord
oh there’s so many! I’ll grab those two and we’ll go back to go back go back
yeah I know it’s anti-climatic because I have to keep going back but refresh my
breath! Refresh my breath! We don’t have any more food so I don’t want to lose a much more
health and I don’t want we do we have some salmon okay I forgot about that I
don’t want to lose any more health and I want to make sure we have all of our
hunger bar so I don’t want to do to me too much sprinting okay okay I think
there’s two one or two more over there I think so
and I think we’re gonna walk away with like 10 or 11 diamonds depending on how
many is still down here I think there’s only one yeah there’s only one I think
that is that like that’s it we can replenish our bubbles right there all
right so let’s put it torch see what we’re doing here I can grab this iron I
think it’s close enough there’s also redstone up at the top
right-hand corner, if you don’t see that right there
I know you see it oh It’s getting away from me Oh get it grab it
Oh okay we got it’s okay oh there’s a diamond oh oh that one musta got away
did anything else get away from me Am I losing diamonds! Oh that flies fast!
oh this is such a pain in the butt guys but I do think it’s worth it to grab all
this awesome stuff I don’t wanna put up any more torches because it it’s making
it more difficult to find where we came from! I don’t want to just dig out of here
from some random you know place I want to find what we came from or at least
something that connects to the surface I really don’t think I’m gonna be able to
find where we came from which is a big bummer so this is leading back here I
know it was somewhere around somewhere this general– cuz you just look down and
I saw I was like all those diamonds and I was like yeah that’s cool so I think
it’s somewhere this could be a problem though guys! so it looks like we’re gonna have to do
a little bit of cave exploring so we can find a like a cave that goes up a little
bit and then I might have to dig I really don’t want to though hope you can
just find something that connects to the surface but I really know how deep we
are right now this goes up so anywhere that goes up is where we’re gonna follow
and I know we’re– well there’s a skeleton oh okay I really don’t–
skeletons are like the worst mob ever they shoot so crazily oh I’m getting
shot at go go go go go go on now go alright we’re right here to the surface
and okay go just go is it nothing cool I don’t think I know we’re passing a lot
of cool stuff but I do we gotta get out of here plus we just had so much luck
with all this stuff we’re finding I don’t want a chance anything i’ma play
it safe that’s I don’t I don’t know I play as as safe as a band-aid on top of
a bad date I don’t really know where we are I think this is just the other side
of the lake what I don’t know where we are guys! I’m scared
oh that’s wolves I have one bone if we can get a dog with one bone I’d be
really excited no okay there’s some sugarcane here which I will grab there’s
another turtle hey mr. turtle I’m just trying to find
my way back you don’t mind me I’m just I’m good I’m moving along!
oh that was really scared okay I was literally searching for like ten minutes
and that light over there is where we just came from I had to walk all the way
over here! We didn’t get any fishing done which is a shame but we will definitely
do that in the next episode I’m really excited about that fishing pole and I, I
love doing some fish– I want some enchanted books!
I’m really excited about about all the stuff we have I’ll go ahead and we’ll go
ahead and we’ll go into our hidey hole and we’ll take a look at everything we
have so far we’ll just take this iron and we’ll, we’ll split up everything all even
stevens! Well, well look at this! Look at this! Eleven diamonds that’s insane!
I’m gonna organize all this stuff off-camera but I’ll just throw it all in
here for now we got some sugarcane iron pick that we got that we really
don’t need well it looks like that’s gonna be it and in the next episode I do
want to do some fishing and I want to go out to the ocean and see if we can find
some more uh uh sunken ships or just something awesome I
want to find a coral reef I really want some coral but will do will be do a
little bit of that stuff there’s a zombie here I see you mr. zombie you come over
here I’m gonna grab some of these flowers and make it look all nice and pretty
like I really am tired of breaking that dirt block so we’re just gonna put a
door there and make this look a bit nicer just a little bit! but yes that’s gonna be
it for today’s episode I really do hope you guys enjoyed it I’ll see you guys in
the next episode Give me a slippity slap on the
high-five! I’ll see you guys later! (Supofome theme music plays)

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