🐢 EVIL PORTAL ROOM – Ep 12 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) Welcome on back to Minecraft 1.13 survival
we’re in episode number 12 today it’s already in episode number 12 it’s some
craziness we’re doing. I got the farm up and running guys check it out look look
at all the stuff it’s actually it’s it’s thundering outside in real life right
now so if you hear some if you hear some funders don’t don’t worry about that. so
you can see I’m already working on the second level which I think I want to be
livestock. I think I want that to be livestock but we’ll have to see. I fixed up
the entire– the entire farm we got all the stuff going up I got it– I got to
finish a couple of the signs. still there’s still some. that’s oh wait no– I
did do them all. yeah okay nevermind excuse what I’m saying. we got all the stuff
going. this is the potatoes… all the stuff. I’m not gonna grab any of this stuff right
now because I’m literally– all I’ve been doing is just going around grabbing all
of the food and putting it right there. check it out. we got a lot of stuff but
in today’s episode no no we’re good if we’re gonna use a fun way down.weeeeee all right. I got the sugar cane down here just for a decoration but today my friends, we’ll
head it out and we’re gonna look for some good stuff on the surface world and
we’re gonna– we should use our horse. we should use ours. we’re gonna use our
horse. oh yes and by the way this chest right here– the fishing chest… bump up a bum
ba-bum look at this. oh how cool is that? look at the fire protection, lure and fortune.
okay I just want to show you that. that’s all I’m gonna show you right now. you’ll
see a little bit later. all right guys I’m gonna bring our sword. you can see
that any enchanted item it actually turns blue down there and the hot bar
look at that. that’s where– that’s pretty. cool I started that. it just goes all the
way down I just needed to grab some cobblestone so I could finish up the
stone bricks but yeah we’re gonna head west and see what we can find.
we haven’t done a lot of sur– sur– surface-dwelling. oh I can’t go through
that. we haven’t done a lot of stuff on the surface yet which kinda stinks
because I want to find a village. today’s object-veo is trying to find a
village. I brought the diamond sword because they got that fire aspect
you know. you know how it you know how I got that fire aspect and I don’t want to
do I don’t want to do any poofing. so uh-oh this is this is water oh okay well.
we’ll go this way then. here the flower fields are guys. look at the flower
fields that’s amazingly beautiful. you know what we can do… oh this is– this– see, the fire aspect– oh– I am so sorry Oh see the fire aspect is
pretty cool though because look at this. watch… oh no no I
don’t– I won’t hit him. give me– all right look now… we have cooked chicken. look
that. we could actually get the cooked food while we’re out because I have the
fire aspect because we got that– we got– no that’s an axe. okay because we
have the fire aspect. oh I love fire aspect. it’s so– oh really? oh you’re a tough
one. we have– we have like one of the best enchantments, which is fire aspect. so now
we got some, some chicken. some chicky oh no no’s. aawwwhhh, that was dangerous. oh that’s pretty short Oh woof wait a second wait a second… what that is? (gibberish) oh my goodness gracious. It’s a spawner on the surface.
what is it skeleton? Oh zombie okay. that’s that’s good enough for me. look at
that fire aspect boy. you weren’t expecting that fire aspect. were ya? no you
weren’t. whoa man I just came in here and just
took you down with all of my torches and my fire aspect. yeah you weren’t
expecting it. all right we’re gonna check out these chests. I don’t know okay well
the nametag is nice we have too many nametags. you know what I think. I think
the nametags have officially become obsolete. all right here we go.
oh okay well the disks are good. we don’t listen to a lot of music which we gotta
do. I was really– I want enchanted books. that’s all that one is that just too
much to ask but this is nice. sweet I just got finished telling you guys a
couple episodes ago that I never find spawners and here we are just literally
finding a spawner literally one block above the grass. you kidding me right now.
that’s insane oh that’s insane. like I’ve never found a spawner that close to the
surface before. that’s it– that’s crazy. whoo that the spawner is literally one
block a gr– Wow where my horse go. oh then you trying to
get away from me aren’t ya? is this just a big Island? this is a big Island.
wait a second now. wait a second. our entire base is just on an island.
this is just a giant Island and would you stop it. okay well this puts a kink
in the entire plan. I couldn’t even bring our horse along. okay so looks like this is one giant island and our bases in the
exact center of the island. okay well except for this side we’re on
the edge of this side. what the ever. we’re off all the way to the left of the
island, hundred percent. what the ever. so this is– what– I can’t– no– alright, a little bit of a change of plan. I’m gonna go ahead and we’re
gonna make up the wall. it’s getting nighttime now. let me go to sleep.
we need to move all this stuff into the actual base now. I think we have enough
stuff set up that we can actually transfer into living completely out of
this base here which would be pretty freakin amazing. so we’re gonna go ahead
and go to sleep real quick. I think it’s ni– yeah it’s nighttime
enough. we’re gonna go to sleep and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go up and go
ahead and make up the the room for our our nether portal because I know the
portal sitting out there all alone and it I actually broke one of these so I
can get so I can jump out but another portal sitting out here alone and I want
to work on the dock but you know we’ll do this first because I want to set this
up because I do want to do some more stuff with the nether coming up soon and
I have some plans for that but I want to go ahead and set this up tonight so we
are gonna make this look all nice. so let me just dig out some of this grass right
quick. we will hold off on looking for the village like I mentioned because I
did not know this was an island and that just completely throws everything off. I
didn’t– I don’t want to go boating. I’m gonna go boating because I don’t
have that much time to record today and that’s just gonna take way too long if I
go boating cuz usually if I do a traveling episode like when we went to
the Mesa biome oh my goodness gracious I think I was recording that Mesa episode
I think we would spend two episodes in the Mesa biome right. I think I was
recording those two episodes for over like six hours so I don’t, I don’t want
to go and go boating right now because that’s just gonna be way too long so
this is a nice easy task we can do today. I want to dig all this out – why am i
why am I putting dirt back there. I don’t know. all right I’ve grabbed everything
we’re probably gonna need so what I want to do is I wanna get down this floor
first so I’ll just put a base of the nether brick down first right so we’ll
do… I should say I’m gonna need more but
that’s no problem cuz another fortress is right there.
so that’s four. we’ll go for this way right and all the way on out
just getting the base down first. hey mr. turtle how’s it going? we
can actually make up a turtle farm which would be really pretty cool but just not
today. that’s going to take a little bit more supplies than we have and that
might be a bit difficult to do I think. what is it the the turtles follow you if
you have something. I think it’s carrots do they follow carrots I don’t remember
what the food is but they will oh man but they will follow you if you have
something. oh that was my diamond shovel I did not
mean to use that until it broke. oh that’s a shame. we just lost that
enchantment I did not mean to keep using that. I wanted to save that little bitty
piece but it’s gone now which is fine because we didn’t spend that many
experience levels. I’m gonna go ahead and go around like this and I’m probably
gonna need some more nether brick. yeah I’m gonna need some more of that but
that’ll be okay for now I’m gonna go ahead and use the oh I can’t.
yeah we’re gonna need some more nether brick. what I’ll do is I’ll go ahead and make
the pattern that I want to do will do no no no put those back how much is our
pickaxe hurtin here. I didn’t mean to do that
for you gotta be kidding me right now. alright my friends we got two more
bookshelves right there and you know what time it is since we got a new
diamond pickaxe we can go ahead and go boom huh boom what we got unbreaking –
efficiency efficiency. I will take– let’s you know what, let’s take a look at
the book. Oh smite. ooh I’ll take the sharpness. yeah
we’ll take the sharpness and OH efficiency 3. amazing. I’ll take that too and
I don’t have any more books so that’s good enough for me for now we got
sharpness sharpness – and efficiency 3 which is amazing so yeah that’s good
enough for me right now let’s go ahead and work on that
never never room or doing oh yeah I think that’s a pretty
cool-looking design maybe something I haven’t really seen before I’m gonna go
ahead and fill this with the with the nether rack here maybe right here in the
center we can do magnet blocks maybe that’s kind of busy yeah okay so we’ll
do stairs instead we’ll do the stairs wrapping around you can’t actually fall
in there so we’ll do the stairs wrapping around and I’ll get rid of the rest of
this nether rack here this efficiency three is amazing look at this it just it
just tears through this there’s another end
oh don’t mind me I’m just grabbing all the stuff I should have grabbed the
first time we were here good news is that we can make nether brick fences
with the nether brick that’s cool I did not know that I don’t do a lot of stuff
with the nether guys what are you guys staring at huh what are you staring at
you got a problem or something it’s a oh oh I think they got a problem guys oh
how did that get over there what okay I hear that phantom still so it looks like
he’s actually surviving in the nether which is weird oh don’t fall down there
that’s dangerous oh there is I saw him where do you go it was right up there
somewhere oh you guys are throwing stuff on me
really really is how it’s gonna be there’s a gash right there yeah come
here return to sender so close so close I hit your tentacles come here yes yes return to sender did he drop one
drop one do just one it’s been hmm hmm oh what am i eating getting it from whoa
whoa whoa explosions is it I think is it up there and this stuff just tears to
the nether rack it’s just go with my oh man– lag– I can’t even hit these okay just go up, up, up, up, no ghast here– there’s no ghast here– while I’m here all right guys I have
completely deforested this entire area of nether ra– of nether brick rather.
will go up the side way haha you guys aren’t too smart for me
mmm just to be safe for next time cuz we almost had an accident this time I’m
just gonna do like this so that that’s not a problem we by mr. nether Pigman oh
you know oh we have a friend and get out of there
yeah you used to here with us you’ll like it trust me III promise you you’ll
love it here just don’t go all hostile just don’t go
all hostile on me all right no you stay you stay here no you stay here
yeah I need one more fence Oh Lord of ever but you can see what I’m doing
here guys you see I got this this really cool kind of cage looking thing going on
which is really sweet looking I’m really digging it so far and we got mr. zombie
pigmen back here he’s still supporting us out he’s helping us he’s guiding it
he’s got it he’s he di he’s the manager of this operation there are half slabs I
can use all right well we’re gonna grab some half slabs here I’ve I put the
fence as you can see I have a defense in between the the magma the magma blocks
and the the portal there which is super sweetness and I’m gonna go ahead and use
some nether slabs here to round this off a little bit something like that there’s
a piece right there give me that okay I can’t grab Oh No something something
like that maybe yeah perhaps I think that looks pretty swell it looks pretty
swell maybe like that maybe yeah maybe like that
maybe we’ll cap it off like that that’s looking pretty cool yeah I think so
should we do a cool looking s pattern like that
I don’t know wrap it around the half-slabs like that I’m thinking let’s
be cool I want to stop that yeah let’s let’s do that instead of having the the
magnacube to go all the way up like this I think we should stop them once we get
to the top of this little overhang there’s little overhang thing right here
that looks pretty cool we have to put that one there still though you know
I’ll cap it off with a half slab yeah yeah yeah yeah like that yeah sure and
we’ll grab these back and then we’ll put stairs there instead yeah yeah so we’ll
do half slab stairs and then block block block block block and then stair yeah
yeah yeah that looks cool and maybe we’ll do a block of magma in the middle
that’s the middle right yeah yeah little block of magma in the middle maybe no no
no not a fence no no no half slab half slab there we go
yeah I’m digging it I may be a fence be offensive no no no like there may be
yeah I think I’m I’m digging it I think I am and no offense no offense no
offense I don’t like the fence yeah no no we’ll take that back we’ll take that
back we’ll take it back and maybe a half slab there maybe me oh my god yeah yeah
no no and I think all right yeah that is looking cool let’s take a step back yeah
mm-hmm I’m diggin that that’s looking super cool it has this kind of asian
like temple feel and I love that so much that looks really cool all righty all
righty yeah it maybe it will wrap around the
edge of that I don’t know if I like this touching though should we bring that up
one maybe yeah yeah I think I’m liking that better so let’s hop down here and
get rid of these bricks cuz we don’t need these and they’ll go up like this
instead and I think we’ll go with that cage idea I was talking about I said it
looks kind of like a cage down there from the bottom I think we’ll just
follow that all the way through and I think that might work out pretty good
now work out pretty good if we can go ahead and place that down on all four of
those corners so now we got that little cage stature going on and then we
can go and see if we can balance on these fence posts and go and see if we
can put all these where they go oh not anymore
all right guys I wrap the the the fence the none of brick fence all the way
around now and I think that might look pretty cool let’s let’s break this and
take a step back all right yeah I think I’m liking that that looks pretty cool I
wanna can we add maybe maybe stairs any stairs right there no no no there can we
do that I think we can do that I think that might look pretty cool and then
maybe the half slabs all the way across oh oh we might be onto something here
guys we might be onto something oh yeah oh yeah yeah mm-hmm and I did
want to incorporate just like one or two pieces of nether rack somewhere so maybe
we can something like that maybe I don’t know it’s kind of busy I don’t know if I
like that all right guys I think I had a pretty good idea all right we have this
nether rack here and what I’m gonna do these are kind of like these are kind of
like a pillars that we can put something on and I think if we ever get any wither
skulls or just skeleton skulls or something skulls we can put the skulls
on these guys and that would look pretty cool now I do want to get rid of this
that would be it’s very functional but it’s not very it’s very not very nice
looking so we will take that out in this anything I want do anything else I
wanted to do I don’t think so could we maybe no no no no no maybe just that
maybe yeah I think that looks pretty cool maybe with uh with the fence post
on on this on the soul sand maybe something like that and now for this
entrance I do want to leave this really big and open we’ll leave it really big
and open and we do have to make a little outpost for our guy here because I don’t
want he needs a regular he needs a place to hang out you know he needs his little
headquarters so we’re go ahead and do that for him right quick
and I want to block that off so you don’t get through I know what you’re
thinking all right you know I don’t want to have to I don’t want to have to no
not this way no you didn’t want to come over there whole time I was building now
I got a nice little place set up for you a nice little home and you don’t want to
go over there all right I got you I’m just gonna keep pushing you over
there until you go into your house man I don’t want to have to– no– you no– stop
with it no don’t go into the corner there you go where you gonna go now
where you gonna go now huh all right our guy is nice and secure and now he has
the opportunity to just chill and his his own little bachelor pad there we go
he has a nice place there I gotta break this dirt that’s behind him
but he has a nice little place and we can talk to him and we got this nice
crafting table back here too so that gives us a reason to come back here I am
gonna go grab some glowstone but for now I needed to go just like this up because
it’s kind of dark a little bit but just it’s that so dark that I’m scared of
leaving it but it’s dark enough that I don’t want to the chance look at that
whoa whoa look at this guy super enchanted skeleton you know we got to
take him down let’s let’s speed up we gotta take this guy down
maybe he’ll drop us a good bow cuz we don’t have we don’t have one of those
yet let’s do this let’s do it let’s do what I do it mm-hmm get that fire aspect
boy oh oh this is on me too oh boy oh okay okay I got you
you want some fire aspects come come get some cooked right flash oh yeah the
knockbacks working – that’s nice knocked back – that’s awesome what do you think
you’re doing mr. sneakster get in the ocean get in oh no don’t touch me with
my own fire aspect that’s just all kinds of wrong hop in the ocean there we go
cool my buns off now you see we got some glowstone up there he ruined the
surprise had a surprise that glowstone and he totally ruined you saw it already
but we got the glowstone in there now which looks pretty sweet we got that
cool little that cool little thing going on like that and I maybe I want to put
some light there – uh no me right here yeah yeah right there yeah yeah yeah
uh-huh uh-huh digging it and just because I’m paranoid we’re gonna put
some up here too hey mr. Enderman I see you over there
I’m not looking at you I promise I’m not looking at you you see him over to the
right-hand side right there don’t look him up did he even see us
yeah he’s yeah he’s good he’s okay he’s cool he’s cool with it all right that is
that and check take a look at this check this out guys look at our whole base
look at our setup look at look at this we got the nether portal right there and
then back there and we got the the hidey hole base then we got the farm which we
have to move up to the third layer up there on our base right there and then
we got we got all this nice stuff look at this we got the tunnel back there
look at that that’s crazy there’s a zombie right down there trying to get at
us don’t you know I’m way up here mr. zombie you won’t come gets on my fire
aspect you see this right here one says you want some of that fire aspect some
of that knock-back – I don’t think you do Oh what you doing well that is that
looks like it’s gonna be it for this episode now all there’s left to do is
connect connect that bad boy to the actual base with the with the walkway I
was talking about before but and that is gonna be it for today’s video I want to
show you something real quickly and now I have this tunnel here and instead of
coming down here and stuff like that because that’s just a hassle it’s not
too cool we’re gonna go through here right to get down to the docks that’s
gonna be underneath our base and then we’ll just drop down here right well
drop down we’ll have a ladder and then we’ll come down here and this will lead
down to the docks and I’ll flatten all this out and everything and we’ll come
down here and this will be the docks that we can go and fish on and all the
piers and the boats that will make eventually and that’ll be really super
sweet that looks really good from far away I got to tell you I really really
like that so I’m probably gonna build that bridge off-camera to the to the to
the base to the to the nether base rather and I’ll see you guys in the next
episode hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode probably like I said we’re gonna
do the docs in the next episode that’s probably we’re gonna do above anything
else I really did want to find a village but I don’t want to go and do any
boating for now cuz we’ve done a little bit too much exploration and that looks
so cool oh my goodness gracious but yeah that’s gonna be it for today’s episode I
really do hope you guys enjoyed it I’ll see you guys in the next episode
give me a slippity slap on the high five and I’ll see you guys
laters ( supofome theme song plays )

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