🐢 FISHING DOCKS! – Ep 13 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) Welcome on back to Minecraft 1.13 survival episode number 13. Alright guys, we’re– we’re back. I got a chef voice today.
apparently he’s like a chef vampire voice. I don’t know what that was but
today we’re back we’re back into survival series guys…
back in the let’s play and I did a couple things off camera. you can see a boom
check it out… we got some, we got some storage going on here now. I’m way too
excited today. I just finished doing a little bit of the storage here. I ran out
of enchantment levels to actually you know make the just say things so I can’t
continue but just really quickly we got some kelp, fried kelp and put in there
yeah. by the way drag a couple blocks and just all this stuff
that I’m not gonna go over right now. I’ll just show you because take too much
time to go all the way through yeah, so. look at all the saddles by the way. but
what I want to do is we got a lot of stuff done last episode… some of the cool
stuff I wanna go to sleep really quickly… some really cool stuff… we finally got
that nether portal up and stuff– uh-oh I think you saw a little bit of it out the window
and I didn’t want to show you yet dang it. I ruined the surprise.
oh don’t look over there all right no no let me show you now all right here so if
we go through here we turn away let me turn around turn around turn alright
this should be good huh boom check it out how cool is that I had that so
perfect – that was awesome alright so if we go if we go out here on this platform
it connects all the way up to the nether portal which I said I was gonna connect
actually I was gonna connect it over there but I didn’t want to do that
because it’s not actually perfectly level it’s like one or two blocks
underneath it and I didn’t want have to build like a little stair up and it was
like wait doesn’t make sense why is it why would it be connected to the farm so
didn’t make sense so I just I moved it I moved it down here so now we have that
interest right there which is really really pretty sweet it goes all the way
on out and by the way let me tell you a little behind the scenes here our zombie
pigman guy he he despawned on us because you know I forgot that mobs despawn if
you’re not in a certain you know proximity you know after a certain
amount of time so he actually spawned but I had to go back in the nether and
grab and grab a random zombie pigmen and then just pretend that
he’s the same one and he doesn’t seem to want to go into the actual thing and I
named him Paul yeah so now he won’t despawn
but um yeah he needs to go inside the thing get in there Paul I don’t want to
have to hit you I don’t want to have to do it yeah you know what I did done I
wanted to put you in there alright he’s he’s not gonna move it’s been days and
he still been staying the same exact spot guys I don’t know what to do with him
he’s he’s a tro– he’s a he’s a rebel he’s a troublemaker oh so now you wanted
to walk over there you just wanted me– you’re a sneaky
sneaky man let me go over here and block this off he just wanted me to let him
out and then he was gonna make a mad dash for it. Did you see what he did? did you
see that? he was making a mad– oh I don’t have the right block either I’m just
gonna have to put oh this would be tricksie. go go go all right well that’ll
do for now I’m gonna fix that and put you know we might actually leave that
there we might leave it there put a sign right there but he just wanted me to let
him out did you see that he was a little trickster I see you Paul I see you all
right guys this is our last diamond. we’re all out of diamonds guys there’s
no there’s no more diamonds there’s nothing I don’t know what to do myself
now I just I don’t know how to live without diamonds guys alright guys so uh
if you do recall I did say that I wanted to start working on the docks sometime
soon we still haven’t done it so today we are gonna be working on the docks so
we can finally do some proper fishing where you get to all this set up and the
first thing I want to do is like I told you I mentioned that this space right
here is underneath our little wooden path and I just want to go ahead and
drop on down and this would be a really really cool place to have the entrance
to the docks instead of traveling traveling down there and going through
that weird place over there cuz really difficult… it’s tedious to keep jumping and
stuff like that I want a proper place to go ahead and come down to this dock area
and this would be a pretty cool area you know it’s really cool about this sand
trick with the torches that everybody does you know you know I was really cool
about this thing is that you if you do this in a way to use how
alignment if you do that wait till you see it’s falling then it’ll break all
the sand but if you do it… it all he didn’t do that but if you
do– anyway it’s not doing oh no way wait a second now wait I can do this
gre– okay let me let me stop talking for a second are you sorry
there we go there we go if you do it in then really quickly afterwards click the
torch click down the torch then it feels like I’m Indiana Jones trying to trying
to put the put the bag on top of the thing and take it at the same time
without letting any any of the weight go yeah it’s the same thing it’s totally
the same thing as Indiana Jones makes me feel all special okay it’s all dug out
I’m gonna go ahead and extend the dock on out so I know exactly where this is
gonna land you because I want to have this whole system where it goes out and
there’s docks coming off of the docks and it’ll be really cool that is not
what I wanted to do how did you can see the kelp blocked the the wood I didn’t
know that kelp was stronger than wood it just pushed it right on up
oh wait a second now that is a new sound for the kelp before it sounded like
grass breaking yeah that’s new that’s nice I like that that’s cool it’s really
dark under here guys the base is just blocking all the light it’s so dark Wow
what do you think you’re doing you don’t out here with that flame and knock-back
boy okay hmm yeah you’re scared tell your friends Oh
Lord you didn’t tell your friends right man
you’re still coming we are gonna do something really cool here guys because
I don’t want this to just be a regular type of bridge you know what I mean I
know I want it I want to be kind of special so this is what we’re gonna do I
think I have a pretty cool idea I want to go ahead and make
them for real and the way I think we do this is we’ll
do yeah we’ll do this on right here so
we’ll do stairs here right going up and then we’ll do upside down stairs yeah
yeah I’m liking it I’m digging it and then we’ll do the slabs right so the
slabs go like that and then this should be the okay let’s go back some more
because this would be the three and no no the three and the stairs and then the
upside down yeah yeah yeah buddy I like it
hey buddy get away from Paul get away from that place over there that’s Paul’s
little s little Paul’s go hide out get away from there he doesn’t like you
he’s a zombie pigman not just a regular zombie you’re not worthy I’m just I’m
just way too hyper today hey but what I want to do is I want to secure around
the edge there and and and try and get some fence up around the edge because I
don’t want things coming into our water so we’re gonna have to dig that out but
I’m not gonna do that right now we’ll do that off camera because that’s gonna be
boring I want to go ahead and make some pillars right now to connect some
support beams to the base to the bottom of the ocean oh I didn’t mean to do that
I’m so sorry mr. kelp hey mr. skeleton I got some flames for you want some
char broiled bones there we go no no no you didn’t get some of that get
some of them knock-back flames Oh No oh just getting serious oh wait there’s a
bow okay it’s just a regular bow cheapskate and where’s your friend up
here he went poof yeah he went poof without me yep yep all right now I think
I’m gonna go ahead and try and mirror this side on this side all right guys so
I can’t just mirror the entire thing on the uh on this right-hand side over here
I don’t like the way it looks I don’t like it it’s too close to shore over there
and it just I don’t like the way it looks I just don’t and I wish without
doing that I just don’t like the way it looks so we’re not gonna mirror it after
all oh and by the way look how gloriously
the farms going it looks amazing the only thing that’s not full is that one
that one row of cactus back there and and the the pumpkins and this there’s
one little tiny piece of beetroot right there you bad people bad all right guys
we got our boat sitting right there and the docks waiting for us to head on out
and what I want to do is we’re gonna break this area right here
and we’ll be able to head on that wall that just caused a problem I gotta fix
that all right guys it’s try this again we got our boats and if we hop in
we should yes we can we can go right on through that awesome so now we can head
on out into the vast open seas and then right after a long adventure we can just
roll right back on into our own dock system and then we just go swigitty swoop slide right under there and then we just
we’ll go we’ll go nope we’ll go go go scruurr and we’ll park the boat right
there hop on out and swim right on over to our dock look at that
isn’t that just perfect and of course I gotta make everything all matchy-matchy
you know how I like to do the matching so we’re gonna do that same pattern down
here we got almost all fresh wheat crops and I know I’m jumping around here guys
but I wanted to go ahead and feed up the cows so we could get some more
babies up in there because we we need some more leather for some books
everybody get something to eat everybody get something to eat did
everybody did you eat through the– in the back at you did you get
any guy in the back yeah all right anybody got something now all right so
you guys you got that and then we got some new babies now all right guys I’m
heading on up just to go ahead down I can’t reach that place down some of
those blocks so we can get that little all right sweet couldn’t have been nope
there we go couldn’t have been more perfect
all right guys just a little bit of decoration with the cobblestone stairs that I
think I like it I think I like it a little bit… maybe not these two pieces that’s not gonna bother me yeah yeah those two
got to go those two got to go yeah that looks better definitely looks
better well this size much easier to do than the other side that sides all
floating in the water and stuff this one’s just like right there on the edge
just a little something-something right there
this one’s just a wee bit different I like that that looks pretty cool well
maybe the the stairs right there look even cooler yeah yeah no I don’t like
them nevermind I’m really indecisive since I came up with that cool design
over there now you know I have to move this all one block over so that I can
make this one even all right now that is what I’m talking about. should I do something like this and have a little tiny mini bridge right there should I do that
well what can we fit on it I don’t think we can fit under that yeah no it’s not
gonna work you know what mr. squid get on out of here we this is this is a
place for docks it’s a boat it’s a boat dock and a fishing pier get out of here
hey that rhymed I think we’ll be fine I mean we got this connecting and I can just
always jump but I did kind of want maybe a couple more docks I’m a couple more
bridges going across somewhere but I think the one is good enough or you know
what I’ll do I’ll just go ahead and put a bridge right here because because why
not that looks kind of cool right and then we have double bridges double
bridges right there and we’ll do the double br– uh wait now that’s not even… no it’s right okay well that’s good well now we have double bridges
that is really cool we can it you know I don’t really want this exposed so we may
maybe we’ll do something like this maybe it’s like a little tiny pass-through
that’s cool just enough so that we can see out and we still we still get that
effect but like zombies and stuff can’t they would just go under but it just makes me feel safer. oh no you know now see that looks really weird like I just put a bridge on top of the dock oh man all
right I fixed it you know what I don’t remember or not
but I think if you put a fence post in the water before it did like this weird
thing where all the water was gone around it like it filled up like the
rest of the block with air but now it doesn’t that’s cool should I do the tiki
torch thing like that on the sides I think I should that looks pretty cool
right yeah yeah yeah hey you I haven’t seen you on a while. where you been? I
don’t know where he’s been but he’s not there no more oh that scared me uh-oh I gotta light this
area up. you see I was think I was like what if there’s a creeper was like there’s
not gonna be a creeper just just calm down supofome I was right I should
have listened to myself there’s two creepers over there check it out they’re
being creepsters. listen Jimmy get out of here I I don’t I don’t need your
assistance right now I’ll let you know then you can come back but for now I don’t need ya uhh there goes another Jimmy and there’s two creepers right there. there’s creepers all over the place we really need to get that security guys and
for right here I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do the tiki torches because I
don’t want to block the entrance and exit for the boat so I think we’re just
gonna go in the middle of this bad boy and then just drop down a cool looking ceiling like sweet like that. I like the other cool cobblestone theme we’re going with for the little
decorations around the top of all of the support that looks really cool so I
think that’s it for our dock guys I think that’s completely done I think
that’s it I got to finish out this texture with the with the stripped oak wood
logs that I got but so I think that’s it and then we’ll go off in this
direction and we can fish out here or over there and that’s really nice and
then the boat sits right there anytime we need it. that’s a
really really cool really really cool you know what that’s not that’s not the
center because wait one two one two there’s two of the center is two blocks
not one okay wait a second I have now ridded the world of such evil it is now
even it doesn’t have to be perfectly even every every single place like I
mean obviously this isn’t on this side so it’s not completely even but things
like that like I just I can’t deal like if these like if these weren’t in line
like if this wasn’t in line with that one over there that would just bother me
it has to be in line it just can’t it can’t be it can be uneven it just has to
be in line I just I can’t deal I can’t deal with that it’s gonna bug me like if you don’t think about it then
you don’t even know it’s there but no I will remember that it’s there forever
got to do something kind of weird right there but that’s alright well yeah I’ll
finish that that texture off camera and I need a little bit of something else
I’m gonna finish that I’m gonna get rid of this border around here and then
maybe put a fence up so that we know we’re a hundred percent safe and we
don’t have any monsters coming down because we have a lot of monsters coming
down and just come in to try and party with us and I don’t like that so we’re
gonna go fix that up I’m gonna fix it up off-camera and I hope you guys enjoyed
this episode we made our dock finally like I said we were gonna do it looks
all nice and cool in next episode we’re probably gonna go out and see if we can
find any more diamonds because we’ve done a couple of building episodes in a
row now and I feel like it’s time to go back on out and look for some more
diamonds we’ll try and we’ll try and stay not under the water as much as
possible but I make no promises guys there’s just too many cool things under
the water I don’t know if we could do it but we are gonna be back in the next
episode I hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode give me a slippity slap on the
high five and I’ll see you guys later ( supofome theme music plays )

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  • i really love the music, can you tell me the names of the songs?

  • Wow, your base is really coming together! Really like your aesthetic. It's very old-school MC feeling, but with lots of new blocks, obviously. A friend of mine from my server has a slightly similar simplistic style, and her base is HUGE.

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