🐢 OOPS, DIAMONDS! – Ep 16 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) Well, well, welcome on back to Minecraft 1.13 . We are in episode number 16 guys. We’re doing some awesome things in this let’s play. I’m very excited for today’s episod.e I don’t want to do a lot of
cutting today cuz we’ve got a lot of stuff to do and not a lot of time to do
it. So this is everything I wanted to get done today.
Welcome back! Actually, welcome back, welcome on back. I just wanted to say that. I hope your day’s going amazing. Mine’s good. Get off the chest.
Get off the chest. Alright we got to give a name to this guy by the way. Hey we
mean to get ya. Hey to you too pal. This is everything I want to do in
today’s chest. We got a couple of things I’ll go over in a second but the first
thing I want to do is over here on the left hand side, well the right hand side.
I guess if you’re looking at it this way. Right this would be the right. This over
here is what I wanted to take a look at. This is gonna be these stables that I
mentioned before. You know, for all of our animals and stuff and there’s a gate
here somewhere. There it is. I want to fix this up because this finally grew all
the way, so now I can put that back and we put that right there.
Alright so now what I want to do here is I want to have a little bit more special
of a walkway than just like a thing. right no now now I oh. I made a diamond
shovel by the way and then I named it Diggy Doug. Yeah I know, it is a silly
name. I like it it’s pretty fun. So what I want to do is, I have this really cool
idea for a walkway. I’m gonna go ahead and fill in a couple of these spaces
here and we’ll put a glow stone right there
and we’ll put one right there and that should be good. Right, so I’ll put the
glow stone there and there. Also, by the way, I have a new texture for glowstone.
This is actually my new texture that I’ve made which actually can’t go up on Planet Minecraft. I had it up on Planet Minecraft and it was actually deleted
because apparently they say it doesn’t have enough content in it. So I’m
actually gonna have to send alternate link if you guys want to grab that glowstone right there, which I’ll set up. It will be down in the description, so
go down there, check out if you want. If you wannagrab some of my glowstone texture. Supofome’s pretty glowstone. okay alright. I’ll put one right there and
perhaps one there too. yeah yeah yeah yeah. We’re gonna fill the rest of this
in with some cobble, with some stones of the cobbleness. the cobble-ly stones. We
can get rid of this and probably this one too, maybe perhaps. What, what’s up with
that? Perhaps, perhaps my friends. And here’s the cool part… this is the cool
part right here… we grab these trap doors, right… and then we go ahead and we just
go… boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop! How cool is this! I had– stop that… I had an amazing idea. I was like this
should look pretty cool right. this might look pretty cool. I just want to see what it
looks like. I don’t know if it’s gonna look all that great. we’ll see. we’ll
still take a step back. take step back and take a look at– perhaps I’ve really
sa– we don’t do a lot with you know, different texture designs, different
block ideas and stuff like that. I think it looks pretty cool, right. let’s go up
to the top of the tower here and take a look at it.
but we gotta name our horse here. oh did he get out? Nope. He keeps trying to get out so I had to put this little fence up to keep
him in cuz he’s being a bad llama. he’s been a bad llama.
sad llama horse. let’s go take a look at this. this is actually– this is like– this
is the– this is a museum level, like I said before. Oh and by the way you guys are
having such amazing ideas and stuff! I have an idea I want to show you later on
and but I just wanna say that looks really good. I like that.
that’s pretty cool right. I think that’s pretty cool. yeah yeah. we’ll leave that
for now and I’ll go and I’ll move the– what are you doing over there mr.
Skelton? get out of here nobody likes you. I’ll move the cows and stuff over there
later on. but for now, let me go– let me go– I’ll show you some other stuff
that I’m going to do. the farm is working all nice. it’s looking pretty good.
everything is almost full there. looks great. looks really nice. let’s do this
first actually. I’m gonna throw this stuff away real quick and I throw it
away but I’m gonna put it away. we don’t want to get rid of our glowstone. that
stuff is precious. it’s precious. I got two chests over here for cobble. now the
next thing I want to do… I want to go ahead and– what did I want to do? I wanted to– I wanted to fix up our diamond sword and our diamond axe and then I also wanted to add our sharpness II and looting II to our sword as well.
so let’s do that really quickly I had to make up a new anvil because
broke actually while I was naming Diggy Doug here. actually put efficiency,
efficiency II on him as well. so let’s go ahead and fix up our diamond
suit. we’ll go do something like that. now that’s a little bit better right. it’s
getting a little more healed. And we’ll name this. We’ll put a name on
this. what should we name this. the sky– no, no… the skyward sword! check it out!
that’s a Zelda reference by the way guys. I know, is there any Zelda fans in the house ?You like Zelda? let me know down the comment section. If you like some Zelda and Link, Link, Link. he’s not Zelda! he’s Link.
she’s Zelda. you know what Imean. we’re also gonna go ahead and fix up our axe
too becauseour axe has seen better days. that fixes that up a lot. Wow. and
let’s give this guy a name too. why not. well do the– Oh umm– ooo this is so perfect… get to the choppa. look at that. get to the choppa. oh I was gonna say that– I
was gonna say the woodchopper. then I was gonna say the choppy chop but then I was
like, no. it has to be called get to the chopper. It’s the best!
There’s no other name you can name an ax other than that. we have to do it
every single time. It’s the most amazing thing ever. is this thing broken
that much already? what’s up with that? thing was new when I used it the
first time. we’re also gonna go ahead and add in our sharpness 2 which is 9 that’s
9 oh my gosh. that’s a lot of levels just for adding sharpness 2. that’s crazy.
you know what we’ll do. we’ll add looting first just in case we might not have
enough for both. we won’t have enough. oh my gosh.
yeah let’s add looting first. we’ll do that. alright and so looting and make
sure I want to do that. I do. I do right. yeah I think I do. yeah so we’ll do that
and then we’ll have to save up some enchantment. says 5 we need 5 more for
the sharpness – that’s craziness what’s up with that? but yeah we’ll do that some
other time. we should probably have 5, 5 more levels by the end of the episode.
I also wanted to do some more stuff here. what I want to do– I wanted to combine
all this stuff but we don’t have enough levels for that so we’ll do that some
other time. so let’s do this really quickly. I have to– I have to put my head
down here. I have a surprise. right here underneath the the big old path I
actually finally made– I finally finished the hallway. The hallway is done
now. check that out. how good is this. look it looks so amazing. it took a lot of
wood, a lot of stone, but I finished it. and I got this giant hole in the wall
here cuz I want this to be a nice little window. it’s gonna be our little window.
and I have to do the glass. no that’s no no no. that’s not how it goes. I need, I
need a crafting table and luckily I have one right over here but er you gotta
close your eyes. I’m gonna put my head down see if we can make it there without
me showing you. no no don’t look. don’t look over there. it’s a surprise. it’s a
big old surprise. I don’t wanna, no… don’t look! it’s a big surprise. I don’t
want to tell you my surprise. we’ll just go over here. we’ll grab just one
one single piece of wood and then we’ll go ahead and make up our crafting table
because we need to color some glass. No don’t look. no you didn’t
see anything. you didn’t see anything. these are not the droids you’re looking
for. you didn’t see that. you didn’t see any
kind of building. you saw nothing. you see you you so do get nothing. just
like in Willy Wonka. alright we’re gonna go ahead and make up
some glass here. I want to color some of this stuff here. I’m gonna need more
glass in that. no no. backwards its backwards. right. I put the
glass there and then the– yeah yeah. alright. so stained glass– I’m gonna grab
16 of those. we’ll switch it on out. so we need some magenta. fun and games until
the skin tones go magenta. we’re gonna go ahead and grab some orange dye too. might
as well just make all of it or just almost all of it. right. because I mean oh–
I did not mean to do that. Oh doggone it well. that’s, that’s
whatever. it’s fine. we need– so we need orange dye. maybe we’ll make some orange
carpet in the future. we’ll do two of those and I want to do one white and one
in one pink. no no one pink. there we go right there. yeah yeah pink
pink pink pink pink pink. all right so we got the glass we got– we only got a
couple more pieces here. So we can only do this twice more. so we got one of those
and then one of the pink. right. so we got a whole bunch of different stain color
glasses now. right. which looks really awesome. I’m gonna go ahead and I want to
make sure I’m doing this right. I don’t want to mess this up because we’re– no no
no no. it’s wrong button. no. come and get some of this! come get something. yeah get
on fire boy. all right. oh and there’s only one. there’s usually
like three but whatever. we’ll do this really quickly. I’m gonna go ahead and do
red pink and then red nope no no red and then pink again. then– I see you. what are
you doing? you’re dive-bombing the wrong way. you don’t even know how to dive-bomb
right. my lord. oh my lord. you, you’re pathetic, you know that?
we got pink there and then a red again. so we got this like stripe going on
which is nice. right. so go pink then red then this one would
be pink. yep. we’re just going in order here guys. we’re going in order and then
the next one up at the top would be pink and then this one would be red. yeah come
get some of this boy. come get some. mmm yeah there we go.
twice, twice. Oh almost so close. all right. you’re disrupting the flow man. it’s
almost daytime. gonna be fun. and we’re not gonna have enough to
finish the pink all the way across so I’ll have to do something special here. so maybe we’ll switch it on up. we’ll go from the pink to– you know I’m just gonna want
more of that. we can’t do that. I have to– I need to get some more pink, which is
fine. so I’ll go red right there cuz I’m gonna be red anyway. then this one would
be pink. this little baby– what are you doing? what are you doing? what are you
doing? this one would be pink. and yeah. okay. so we have to get more. ah
I need more sand. I will be right back. I will cut this because I need some more
sand but I’ll be right back guys. I will go ahead and we’ll make up some more
pink. now we have enough. we have enough to finish this up and what else did I
want? some more of maybe– some more white? yeah I want some more white. we’ll grab
that and that should be good for now. yeah yes. go for this– let’s finish this
wall up. we’ll go and do something like that. it’s kind of like a mosaic tile
kind of thing going on. right. looks pretty cool.
we’ll do some. but some more red than a pink then another red right there. yeah I
don’t want to mess this up because I don’t have fortune and I wanna– I don’t
wanna– I don’t have silk touch and I don’t want to mess it up. so we’ll do pink then
red then pink and then one more. we’ll do– this one should be pink than red and
then– that’s good. alright. so now we have that going on good like that. and then
we’ll do orange there. orange there. orange there. orange there. orange there.
right. and then orange there. orange there. and an orange there. there. wait, no. is that right? yes, right. okay. oranges there and there and in there. yeah yeah boy.
all right. so how many colors we got? we got magenta and we got white. magenta and then light gray, light gray, yeah light gray. Oh sooky, sooky now! look at that! I
like it! I like it a lot guys. so what do you think? let me know down in the comment
section. that looks really pretty cool. we got this nice glass wall here which
looks pretty sweet. we got like a mosaic tile. looks like– it looks like church.
that’s what looks like. it looks like Church or mosaic tile that’s what it
looks like. it looks pretty cool. so I’m liking it. I hope I didn’t miss
any. I didn’t miss any spaces did I? don’t think I did. no no. it looks, it looks
pretty good. alright. so now that that task is now completey-oh-nose. so now
what I want to do… I’m going to show you one last thing and then we can get started
on the– on the project here. so let me go put some of this stuff away. then put the
glass away, at least, and then I’ll show you. I’ve been doing a lot of work
off-camera guys. I don’t think I have a glass chest. maybe I do over here. I think
I might have a glass chest somewhere. if I don’t– oh no oh no. I’ll just put it–
I’ll just put it– no not there either. oh my lord where can I put the glass? I
can put it– you know what? I’ll take the the traps out of there and then I’ll put
the glass in this chest and then I’ll move them. I’ll put them right here for
now. that’s gonna bug me. I have to get that later but alright. so I’ve been
doing a lot of stuff off-camera. a lot of digging, a lot of other stuff and I’m
really excited to show you guys this. you guys have been having some awesome ideas in the comment section. I have to walk backwards by the way. or I can just do
this. there we go. yeah. you guys have been having some awesome
comments in the comment section. I really appreciate you guys’ comments. keep them
coming. you guys have awesome ideas about what
we should be doing in the future and all the different projects we should be
making and stuff like that. I’m really excited to unveil to you– let me see if I
can do this perfectly… alright, here we go… ready? three two one… a boom! check it out guys. this is the old hidey hole that we had. right. and this old hidey hole– I’ve been
doing a lot of work. if we get downe here you see I actually have to
relocate the tunnels because they were off. I actually broke all of the uh,
the railway. it was this line and then this line. so I had to move this
over by two cuz it wasn’t in line with the thing and it was bothering me. so I
had to fix it and yeah I got it, I got to do a lot more digging but um but you can
see pretty much what I want this to be is this gonna be like a big old dome. in
this room we’re gonna have a big old, we’re gonna have a big old a project
board in the center and we can put all you guys’ projects on that
board so I don’t forget to do one of the projects. because there’s so many good
ones I don’t want to forget anything you guys said. you wanted to see a kelp farm.
that’ll be really awesome, a kelp farm. and so you said a DJ room.
that would be really cool. there’s so many good ones. there’s so many good ones
and of course the turtle farm and the garden and stuff like that. you guys have
so many good suggestions and we got to do, we got to do so much, like we got to
catch them all guys. we got to catch em. oh I want to be the very best. so we’re
gonna get started on that today. so what did, I want to do aside from all of that,
I showed you everything I wanted to show you but what I want to do now is, I think
we should start working on the turtle farm and turtles. they have a really cool
thing. they follow sea grass. I just remembered that offhand by the way. I was
like wait, what was it again… its sea grass .so we need to grab some of that stuff by
using shears, I think, right. I think that’s how it works. so if we go down
here into the ocean. the ocean biome looks so gorgeous.
it’s so gorgeous. this right here, this is sea grass. so we need to grab some this.
can we do that. yes we can! it just pops right off like that. alright. so this
is sea grass. right. yep. sea grass. so they follow sea grass. let’s grab a
couple of these bad boys. so we need to get that going. I want to get these guys
in their secure location because they just think they look like– they keep
disappearing on me and I don’t want them to disappear and I think a really good
place to do it would be right here. in the, in the turtle, in the turtle, but we
can’t call it a farm because it’s not really a farm. so what should we call it? the
the turtle, the turtle hub, but the turtle hub, yeah yeah. that’s nice. the turtle hub.
all right guys we got the base for our turtle habitat. I’m loving it, I’m loving
it so much! the turtle hub is coming together! a nice huge place for
them to play in and they’ll be all safe from all the bad stuff in the seas. but
now we got to go ahead and grab the other turtle which is way on the other
side of the lake over there. so it’s not gonna be fine. just look at that glass
wall. look at that. it vibranced everything up! and then when we build our garden and like the little gazebo– I think I want do a gazebo. we built a little garden and
it’ll, it’ll look really good. just like shine through, you know? we can look at
the garden. I see this turtle guy over here still. he’s still over here which is
nice. I’m gonna go ahead and grab the seagrass now. see if he will follow us.
hey guy. hey guy. how’s it going? you have to, you know, fall down there, actually. no
no no don’t do that. don’t do that. no wait wait wait a sec. wait wait hold on.
now wait wait don’t don’t don’t don’t jump down there. don’t jump down there.
come over here. come over here guy. yeah. follow, follow old supofome. no don’t
go that way. okay you know. I finally get down there. yeah, get down there. go. be
free. oh oh you little parkourist! he jumped to the other side! turtle habitat
over there. you’ll love it. it’s four, it’s four– I mean it’s five stars. it’s not
four stars. who told you that. it’s five stars. five outta five. I gotta say, I
recommend it. I highly recommend– I highly recommend it. it’s very highly
recommended. come on. let’s go. I know you see– I know you see the sea grass. I will–
I promise you I’ll give you some sea grass when you come over here. no don’t
go to the lonely tree. don’t go to the lonely tree. come to me. come on. come to me now.
let’s go. old supofome. let’s go. come here. come on. maybe if I get down here and I
swim with you. let me swim with you. come on. let’s go. it’ll be fun. it’s amazing.
it’s an amazing time over there in the turtle habitat. I promise you. I gotta go
up for air though. okay. I’m right– I’m still right here. I’m right
here and don’t worry about– it’s fine, it’s cool, it’s alright. drop down drop
down. come on yes. we got him. we got two turtles. all right get over there. I know
your little legs are flapping. I know. I’m just gonna– I’m gonna help you along, help you along. I’ll help you along. it’s alright. it’s alright. oh don’t, don’t burn
your butt on the torch over there. I’ll– let me get rid of this. let me get rid of
this. we gotta go grab some glowstone and replace all this.
this torch business stuff. we’re not gonna leave this blocked up like this.
we’re gonna put this– we’re gonna put glass around here,
but I don’t have the glass on me, because we used all of it. I got to get in there
quick and put this glowstone down. I don’t want some stuff to spawn in here. let’s
replace all this stuff. I put some in the corner right here. one right there maybe.
and maybe one right here. yeah yeah. grab that and, and one right here maybe. yeah.
yep. something like that and here right there I just want to make sure it’s lit
up as best as possible. we’ll put one right in the center right here. make sure
that’s all nice and good and I think that looks pretty good.
do I want to do one under the water. maybe perhaps. maybe right here. yeah
maybe. oh that’s pretty cool. and maybe one right here too. yeah. I love it and
then I’ll go ahead and I’ll just replace this with all the nice luscious glass.
where do I want the door to be? I think I want the door to be right where I just
put that piece of glass. yeah that’s where I wanted it to be. so we just
wasted it– oh no oh that glass just saved my life! oh my gosh! okay! well guys, we
have no armor. oh we have that one. oh great. yeah eight eight yeah okay
wonderful. this is not going to go well. all right. this is what we’re
gonna do. we’re gonna go to our place and we’re gonna run. okay go go go go! run! I want to grab
some stuff first. we have that old diamond armor that we still have not
ever used and I think it’s time guys. I think it’s time we brought it out and
showed our Drowned friends just how tough we really are. all right. it should
be right here yes there it is. I can see it. we don’t
have any pants but that’s fine. we’ll go into battle with no pants. look
at that. respiration aqua affinity, fire protection, projectile protection and
feather falling. let’s do this! we can do it! I believe in us. let’s take these– these chumperinos down. let me grab a bow too.
let’s do this. we got a bunch of arrows and I’m not, I’m not playing around
anymore with these things. we are doing some business today. oh yes. let’s do this
thing. where are you chumperinos go? where are
ya at? where? I want to know. I want some names. whoa look at our bubbles down there. this aqua affinity is amazing! oh my gosh! ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum
ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum look that knock-back. wow. that is really
far. ooh there’s another trench right down here guys. look at this. I didn’t even know there was one right here. you know our best luck with diamonds always happened
inside these trenches you know because there was always really really low and
there was always la– oooo, like this. maybe there should be, could be diamonds right,
right down here. this just cuts right off. look at that. the water just stops right
there. that’s insane. oh it’s cool. okay. well a little
sidetrack. a little sidetrack today. no. little sidetrack. I don’t want to stay
down here though because you know we’re not doing a caving episode today. I just
want to– wait a second now. don’t do that. that’s not funny. maybe we can grab some
of this. we have– look at that fortune. look at that fortune. I want to grab some
more enchantment levels, experience levels too. so we can grab some of this
stuff just for the levels and I don’t think there’s gonna be any diamonds. I’m
not having a good feeling. actually I am having a pretty– look at all this, this is
insane. okay. well maybe I am having a good feeling. I don’t know. I could be
perhaps, perhaps my friends, perhaps. I’m actually grabbing the gold. I don’t know
why. don’t ask. I don’t know. it looks like our lucky diamond days are over guys.
they’re all gone. they’re just nowhere. oh no no guys.
there’s another minesh– oh no there’s another mineshaft. Oh. oh my gosh guys. I swear. I I feel like
I’m just– I feel like I’m making it up! I’m just– like you can’t make this stuff
up. oh my gosh. knock back two. guys I don’t even know what to do. I don’t– well that stinks. yeah yes. there it is. oh my goodness
gracious. I’m seeing four. I’m seeing four. and we got fortune so you know it’s gonna be more than 4! my gosh. okay. well that’s six. that’s probably
eight. please be eight. oh my lord. oh. there’s more. oh there’s more. okay okay.
enough of playing around. no playing around. let me, let me drop– I don’t even
really care what– whatever– what it did– that, that’s a piece of crud. we don’t
need it. okay guys. all right guys. here we go. here we go. here’s the moment of truth. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! oh! 12! oh my gosh! 21 diamonds from that
guys! was that we broke 12 blocks and got 21 diamonds because of our fortune
2! I am so satisfied! I feel so satisfied right now. I gotta tell you. oh my
gosh. oh my gosh. you know how you– you’re just scrolling on YouTube and you see those videos that say, you know,
extremely satisfying compilation? it’s like people squeezing slime and you
know just like dominoes falling? oh no no no no. I’m satisfied from 21 diamonds
from 12 blocks! I don’t even know how to express this! this will forever be known
as the spot! oh yeah boy. all right guys I’m thinking that this is the way on out
of here. and I think this is the ocean right here.
yeah this is it. we are out of here. oh, oh, oh, look at that! I can’t believe it, it’s amazing! but it looks like we will be able to finally
put sharpness on our sword. so now we go ahead and do sharpness two and now this
thing is a boss! this thing is just so so OP’d! just look at it! knockback, fire aspect, looting 2, sharpness! look at this! it’s crazy! so we have
enough for that but yeah like I’m saying I will see you guys in the next episode.
I really do hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode. gimme
a slippity slap on the high five and I’ll see you guys laters! ( supofome theme music plays )

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