🐢 PROJECT BOARD! – Ep 18 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) welcome back you hero in a half-shell.
what’s up guys. welcome on back to Minecraft 1.13 episode number eight-teen.
guys, we are gonna do some awesome stuff today and before we do anything, I think
it’s this way around, right? before we do anything else, this is what we’re doing
today… you’re like what are we doing? he’s making some TNT! what is this about! oh
yes, that’s right my friends. we’re gonna be doing some cool stuff today and we’re
gonna start this episode off the right way, my friends. we have this area over
here that I’ve been digging out for quite a while now and because I want to
put the the DJ room you guys have a lot of awesome suggestions like I said this
is where I want to put the DJ room and it’s gonna be right under the right
under the nether portal and I figured we could have a bit of fun and get rid of
some of this stuff that I don’t want to dig all the way out so we’re gonna go
ahead and do some exploding today we have dudes really carefully because I
don’t want to mess up our portal room so I’m gonna go and do this and since we
have flame on our bow we can just do this oh yeah oh yeah boy step back
alright here we go this should be far enough right yep oh
we’re good it’s alright okay well we’re doing some exploding we’re gonna do some
more and we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna do some cool stuff today I have a
lot of really cool ideas for stuff that I want to do and like you figure that
one I got a little bit of damage from that one you see that it pushed me back
I don’t know what that was about well we are we’re making our way we’re
making our way slow and steady slow and steady you know how slow and steady
always wins the race you heard about the tortoise alright this one’s a little
close but I think it’ll be I think it’ll be alright guys we can hit that one and
maybe we get it down well that one went I did not get this one up there we go
there it goes yep alright and there’s two in there Oh
oh there they go there it goes guys there it is all right I’m gonna need
some more TNT and I’ll do a little bit more we’ll do a little bit more of this
as time goes on I just wanted to start this episode off with a bang you like
that one did you get it do you get it I know you get you get it right you you
get it oh you get it alright guys I’m really excited today we are done with
that for now what I want to do we’re gonna head straight into our next
project which is going to be a really good one that we need that we needed to
do for quite a long time I got a bunch of glass here and we’re gonna go ahead
and and fix up our our board room which is going to be the the project board the
project manager room which is right above the train station because I want
to keep track of all you guys’s ideas because we have so many different ones
coming in and by the way I want to mention the SMP the S&P thing cuz you
guys are saying a lot of you guys are saying that we should start up an SMP
multiplayer server which is gonna be awesome
but I want to grow the community just a little bit more before we start dinner
see you mini CI mini support for me community people we can get on up in
there so let’s go ahead and do this up right now what I want to do is I’m gonna
do all the weight this week this might not be enough that won’t make me happy
let’s do this let’s put one right here to start it off right off of the ladder
right no no oh Lord right right there yeah well now I can’t get up great we
might not have enough for this today but I at least want to get some of it done
so I can potentially do the rest of it off camera I want to get started on
camera then I can finish it later on most likely this yeah it’s not gonna be
enough but we can get it started like I said so I’m gonna do green and center of
course we’ll do two rows of green so on this side and this side would go all the
way around so I’m not gonna have enough obviously we need more of that and then
after the green I want to do what looks good next to green I’ll do the magenta
the magenta looks really good next to the green we’ll do three rows of that
right and we probably won’t use all these colors I just want to grab them
just in case we’ll do the three rows I don’t haven’t even a little bit enough
for the magenta Wow okay that’s not even enough and then after the magenta will
do do orange looks good next to that right
yeah right there yeah yeah that looks good kind make that jump you think I
make it nope I couldn’t make it oh I guess you ever have one of those
moments where you thought you could do something then you just you realize that
you can’t like halfway in the middle of whatever you’re doing and it’s like dude
no I just feel like I just had one of those moments so this works perfectly
three rows of both bills I was worried that this wasn’t gonna work
perfectly it was gonna be like off but I just realized that this is Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtle colors by the way I have a really good idea for something
that incorporates teenage Ninja Turtles I’m not gonna say anything about it I
just have a really good idea you guys are talking in the comment section and I
was like that’s such a good idea but but yeah so this is this is looking green
and then purple for Donatello then then then orange from Michelangelo right we
should do ooh this is perfect okay I have an idea here
guys we’re gonna do instead of matching the orange on this side I’m gonna have
enough to finish this idea I can’t make that jump what I keep trying we’re gonna
do orange on the on the whole understand I guess the left-hand side we’re do
orange on the left-hand side right we’ll do orange they’re orange here all the
way across so that decides this sides finished that’s that’s great and then on
this side instead of doing orange we’ll do red right for for Raphael and then
we’ll do that right there then the red all the way across this is this is
awesome guys I wasn’t even planning on doing something like this but this is
just really cool so this was not the idea that I had that about to change me
into Ninja Turtles by the way it’s just something I thought I have two words and
then we’ll have to get blue Leonardo is is like my favorite ninja turtle and we
gotta get bloom we’ll put him directly in the center so we’ll put one two three
blocks there and then one two three bucks cross okay let me do that really
quickly I just notice how low my help is and that’s not good at all tell me in
the comment section what is you guys his favorite team Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtle I want to know I want to know I I’m partial to Leonardo but
Michelangelo’s funny let me know what you guys let me know
what you guys is favourite shadows what am i doing I forgot I was doing I need
blue dye what what makes blue dog how have I forgotten the ink sacs are
not blue right that that should be that should be black shouldn’t it be oh wait
a second I’m silly lapis makes blue dye right oh that was
silly wasn’t it I feel really silly yeah I feel really silly so now we have that
we have Leonardo’s blue we got to go ahead and put this down in the sense of
wait we’re not have enough we need one more block oh my gosh we need nine
alright guys we got to break some of this green but that’s alright because we
got plenty and we’ll get blue there and move it right you’re right in the center
right right yeah yeah yeah I’m feeling wait a second now I’m feeling no this
looks good too no I was gonna say we should do the green we should place all
the green we should replace all the green with the blue and then put the
green square in the center no no that’s that that’s not no no this looks good
too that’s good too I don’t want to break all the green but yeah I’ll go
I’ll grab some more glass off-camera and I’ll fix this up and then we’ll put the
we’ll put the community board right in the center right here which will be
really cool alright guys I’m making up some more lime green dye and we’re gonna
go ahead and place this right there in the center and grab just a few more
pieces of that and what I want to show you actually off-camera guys like right
after I finished in the last episode the turtles hatched and I’ll play the video
I’ll play the video right now I’m in the corner I guess at the screen the turtles
hatched and I was freaking out you know it’s like oh my gosh thank goodness I
was recording and they’ve already all grown ups look at them they’ve all grown
up I feel so I feel so proud baby they’ve all grown up look at this I feel
so proud guys I really do it’s just like the turtle army it’s like the turtle
army guys and you guys were also saying somebody said that we should call this
this this turtle hub the turtle sanctuary which would be really awesome
so we called the turtle sanctuary that’s perfect and we need to finish that roof
still but I decided we’re not going to the Mesa today I just can’t I can’t I
can’t put myself back through that right now we’ll do that we’ll do that some
other time in a little bit maybe the next episode actually probably the next
episode but I just I can’t bring myself to do it today I wanted
other things other than that just can’t I can’t do it I can’t I’m sorry I saw I
really get but we are gonna go ahead and finish up his glass well let me grab the
rest of the stuff first before I don’t have to keep going back and forth we
have an intruder what is he doing over there I can’t believe this hey there’s a
turtle over here too how did that happen all right guys I’m back and we got
enough glass I think we should have enough this should be enough actually
waiting oh we’re gonna need more magenta yeah I mean a lot more magenta oh the
green was perfect though look at this it was literally perfect because we had
to break that one and this would be the last one oh that’s so perfect the
magenta the magenta is not gonna be perfect though but I can what is there
so many zombies running for I gotta like this up better I thought I had to light
it lit up really well that’s weird well there’s a lot of them what’s up are
you trying again you just trying to get after my mom my villagers here what don’t burn me that’s not what I said did
you I said you go bye-bye wait wait what you doing wait get out of here man you
can’t have them are they all right you guys okay in there yeah he’s all right
you know how she doing how you doing how you doing yeah there she is Samantha
what do you does it there’s a spider jockey over there that Lord Chomper II
know nobody needs you nobody needs you all right someone grab some more magenta
that should be plenty enough actually probably more than enough we can finish
this up and we can make the community board and get all those projects on
there so I can remember everything or maybe we’ll need a lot more still all
right guys putting the finishing touches there we go the entire floor is now
complete Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a style so we got the green for all the
turtles we got Leonardo here in the center we got Donatello with the green
on the sides we got Raphael and we got Michelangelo
right there so let’s go ahead and finally make up this community board
which this should look something like this maybe maybe we’ll do something this
big yeah perhaps I want to do actually let’s not do that to me I want to do the
logs on the side so we’ll do the logs right here and make it a little bit
or that yeah and then we’ll do the logs on the side so we’ll do one two and then
one two and then I’ll have to get up here do I have any dirt no I’m saying
that’s works the same and we’ll get up there
put on some fences yeah I made it oh yeah
and then I want to go ahead and connect this with with this right can do I wanna
get will just do this that should be enough spaces right we should never have
that that many projects at the same time right I think so perhaps maybe perhaps
perhaps maybe perhaps and I need some stairs so let me grab some of those and
then we should be done all right instead of the instead of the the low fence
posts I decided to go with stairs and then we’ll do oak slabs and this kind of
looks like a little bit of the nether portal that we had made before right
maybe instead of the instead of the fence post down here we could do upside
down stairs can I get I have to break one of these don’t I all right so I
broke a piece and I got the stairs there that looks good see I should have done
that first and then I wouldn’t have to break anything
should we do these backwards now do this the same way that the ones on the bottom
are facing maybe perhaps maybe we should do that I think that’ll look a little
bit better than then how it looks now let’s do this today
like that and like that yeah I like that but now the problem is that there’s no
half slabs on the bottom on the bottom parts I need some more of those uh-huh
uh-huh uh-huh there it is I think it needs a little
bit more design on the sides so maybe we can do like a fence like a fence II
think maybe something like that perhaps I can’t we can’t put that on there
can we do we do that maybe I might look good right I think so look it looks like
official posts now you know what I mean so maybe we’ll do something like that
yeah I like that and maybe instead of the instead of the fence should we wrap
this all the way around we could we could we should we we could we can at
least see right I think I like I think I like the
fencepost dang it yeah that looks good that looks really
good guys I like that all right guys so the first task that ty
I know that I want to remember is to to make a kelp farm so where do you make
kelp farm yeah there’s one right there that’s is I’ll go I’ll go ahead and now
look at everyone who suggested the the the the builds and then I’ll put the
name underneath underneath the the project description so I’ll go and do
that I’ll do build the DJ room so we have to do the DJ room this is now the
official project boo and I can go ahead and fix this glass up I can finally play
glass in here by the way to make it all official so now this room will be
complete I think we should just leave it open I liked it I liked it just be an
open so this room will now be a complete and I leave a little space here for a
door which I have to go and grab but that is that my friends I think that is
it for today’s episode that we got the the project board done and and we did a
little bit of exploding over there and in the in the in in the the place where
I want to put the DJ room I will I’ll probably unveil the cool stuff that I
have the the cool turtle project sometime soon sooner rather than later
most likely but yeah that is gonna be it for today’s episode hope you guys
enjoyed it I will see you guys in the next episode give me a slipper to slap
on the high five and I’ll see you guys later

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  • Splash some potions on those turtles so they become mutant Ninja turtles 😝

  • Oh! Oh! Oh! That was me! 😀 I totally suggested the turtle sanctuary name in the comments on Episode 16, Oh and Supogome I had an Idea you may or may not like…. in the future you should make a more sewer like subterranean Turtle sanctuary sorta like a Manhattan sewer system and place Obsidian and Iron bars in the ends of the tunnels to make it look like they go on forever, as well as slime blocks and vines to make it look like a proper sewer with waste and algae 😀

  • Michelangelo is my favorite haha btw you should make that server cracked. I don't think everyone will have premium accounts (like me)😅

  • Or… if you're open to it, you could join my SMP, InfinityCraft ;D Several of my server buddies like your videos and personality.

    Love your idea for the project board! Very smart way to interact with your viewers. I get so happy too, whenever you run by that stained glass design you made, it's really fun to look at. I've noticed over the years that a lot of men don't gravitate toward decorations in the game, and are more into machines, which is fine I suppose. But I'm glad you embark on your decorative side 😀

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