🐢 THE AQUATIC UPDATE – Ep 1 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

(supofome theme music plays) Welcome to the channel, supofome… the
first video! I’m super excited to get this new series started up and today
we’re in the aquatic update which is also 1.13 by the way and if we stippity
step over here you can see that we’re actually in the aquatic update which is
so cool! You can see we have the amazing 1.13 aquatic update in all of its glory. Look at the dolphins! I’m really excited! There’s a pig over there. I’m scared he’s gonna, he’s gonna
double-cross us and he’s gonna tell the dolphins not to like us, because I want
the dolphins to like us! So I had some really good ideas for a aquatic bases
and things like that but I want to get everything started up. We’re gonna take our time because the daytime is going down. It’s going down which is not good. We’re gonna grab some birch wood. Sun’s almost, almost in the middle of the sky, not all the way. I
don’t want to go and build a base right away so um we’re gonna grab something,
grab something for the night because that’s easier than just building a whole
big base and spending all that time. There’s the first wooden pickaxe right
there! Duh daaawww! That pig is oinking and I have a feeling he’s trying to tempt me! Do you
see this Mr. Pig? Do you see it? Do you know what this is? I don’t think he knows
what it is. Just grabbing a couple materials here trying to try to chop
down all these trees so we have enough wood for the night and I’ll come back
when I think we have enough materials. I’m satisfied! Okay Mr. Pig, Mr. Pig, I really appreciate
it you just leave! I don’t think we’re, we’re friends, we’re not friends, okay? You,
you told me that you didn’t like my moustache. I don’t have a moustache. And one of the reasons I picked this map is because the spawn point was so close to
this amazing ocean right here and I figured this would be a really awesome
place to start building our base one day in the future and there’s dolphins here.
There’s so many dolphins! They’re just jumping around having the best time! Mr.
Squid over there is like, Hey, dolphins, how’s it going? Oh, oh, look at that… look at it! We gotta go check that out! I hear ya! No need to raise your voice. Are you are you hostile? Are you hostile? No, I think he’s alright. He’s just like, I see you, I see you! I’m not gonna I’m not gonna go and try and ruin your day Mr. Supofome.
Alright I’m gonna go ahead and replant some of these because we do want some trees, some “tree-age” going back on here. We want some “tree-age” you know that’s a word! That should be enough for now. I wanna go ahead and convert all these
logs into planks that, that should be enough… three full stacks, yeah sure.
And before we head down into the temple I want to grab just a little bit of stone
so we have some stuff set up so I want to go ahead and decide where I want to
build the hidey hole I think we’re just gonna do it right here we’ll do it
right here. Looks like a nice, a nice sturdy mountain. Actually, this isn’t a
mountain at all this is just a hill! Oh, there’s no stone here! It’s all dirt! Duh daw da daaaahhh! I think is that… is that the first achievement? I think, I know we got inventory, didn’t we? I don’t reme– I don’t know! All right
so that should be enough for a stone pickaxe and a stone sword
just in case we run into more drowned or that drowned that’s already down there
wants to become hostile all of a second. Whoo the sun’s going down. I’m gonna move this inside so we have a nice safe place to come back to when we come back up
here we don’t have any coal which is not good. Hopefully we can do this quickly go
go go go go go dive dive down what is this? Alright grab that! ooh
fishing pole that’ll come in handy there’s coal in here which is nice so
there’s cool coming up go back up to my cup go back up coming up go go Oh, the dolphin, look, oh! Ohh, oooohhh! (Sad music) I can’t believe… Mr. Dolphin!
Well, we have some coal which is nice that was lucky we just found some coal
down there which is really nice I’m gonna convert all of that and we’ll just
we’ll pop some of those in there I want to block this off for now so we’ll go
ahead and do the same thing on the other side as well fill this hole back in. Well
that was really lucky finding that fishing po– that fishing rod like that
that’s unbreaking – that’s pretty nice I’m glad because I love, I love doing
some fishing and the fishing is a really nice way to grab some enchanted books
which I’m really really looking forward to doing and I don’t want to use any
diamond tools or weapons or anything without mending. Oh I poked a hole in the roof! We got to fix that! I’ll put some dirt up there. I think there was more stuff down there, in the sea, but just let it be. We have more day we have more days! We’ll just we’ll save
it for tomorrow! Hey looks like it’s time to do some excavation! it’s nighttime and
I think we’re, we’re gonna settle down for the night. We need– we need to do a little bit of settling down. Well we have just enough stone to make a stone shovel, a shovel,
which is nice. Is that the same Mr. Pig out there? Hey I told you, we’re not
friends, man! Get outta here! I, I’m really excited to see what’s out there, but
there’s, there’s a lot of mobs! I see a spider! Oh this this mountain is just filled with and and this and this yeah I don’t
know how to say that but I’m just gonna pretend like I do. Oh looks like we have
to dig down because there’s no stone here and I don’t want to dig all this
stuff out. I’m scared we’re not gonna have any food, cuz I only have an apple,
even though our hunger bars aren’t actually going anywhere, we’re not doing
much. We were just mining, we’re not running or
jumping yet and Mr. Pig keeps taunting me, but you know, I, we’re gonna we’re
gonna let him be and he’s taunting me, but yeah, he, he knows I’m not gonna deal
with him anytime soon but he he he bey– better wait my friend. I think that’s
good for the coal. 25 pieces of coal not too shabby! We’ll have to build some
stairs here so I don’t have to keep jumping because that, that’s tedious. I’m not
planning on coming back to this hidey hole that often I think well maybe we’ll
do something cool out of this you know we might make some kind of storage area
or something. For the future! Make up a furnace cause I do want to go out and
get some, get some food here, but but there’s not a lot of food out there
I don’t think. We need to get some crops going. Oh Mr. Pigsie!
There’s a spider oh oh oh there’s a skeleton! I’m getting shot at! oh I’ll take your fire oh
Evasive action! I don’t know where he is! There’s a creeper and I’m going back inside, guys! The sun is emerging from the sky! Actually I don’t think it emerges from the sky I think it just you know it just I
don’t know what it does but it does something! Do you guys see a light over
there? Is that a light? Yeah what is that over there? That’s lit up? Is that like a
lava patch or something or is there some kind of civilization over there? I don’t
know. We’ll have to take a look at that. Well I’ll go ahead and I’ll cook up some
of this some of this food something something bits of food these little bitsie
foodsies and I will head on out. I think we only have that one Apple
well we’ll eat that Apple to start off our day right because everyone knows
breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I want to go back down here and
head down here to see if there’s anything else I don’t think there is but
just to be sure! We didn’t– you kind of ran really quickly, because I didn’t want
to drown but I do wanna grab like these lamps and stuff and in the future maybe
we can find some really cool like prismarine blocks or something to help
build our base I mean really really cool oh man this is taking forever
oh my faster oh what’s going on boom now okay stop stop stop that I want to grab
that lava brick because that’s really cool and it’s also it’s dragging the
dolphins down you know what I don’t want them to get dragging down guys! I do want to take a quick look just to see what else is aroun– oh there’s a sunken ship!
Whoa look at that! This is awesome! This is an awesome first episode guys! We’re
gonna take a look at this and I think that’s gonna be it for today’s episode. Get
down here our yar yar I’m a pirate taking a look at the pirate ship and see
if there’s some treasure! Oh, rrrr, arggrr! That’s how pirates talk! Yeah
that’s how they do, right, yeah. We’ll catch our breath. Okay we’re going back down arrggg It’s exhausting going deep-sea fishing
guys! You don’t know, you don’t know the struggles! Look at this, See if we could find anymore… I think there should be tu– up there’s one which is awesome! I can’t reach it
ahh there Oh that was close okay we’re gonna go
back down and there’s one right there if I could just you have to break the block
and get down there grab that one right there… Ahhhh, beautiful, this is awesome! Diamond! it’s like the best first episode ever! oh there’s a turtle! oh look! oh, we’re turtle brothers! I’m a turtle guys! Oh check it out! look! there’s a little
turtle! oh he’s he’s my he’s my little brother! Well this has been a super awesome first episode! We found a diamond in the first
episode! One diamond. We can’t do much with one diamond I mean we barely got my gosh like a shovel but oh it’s a shovel nobody wants to waste it on diamond shovel. so what is this this looks pretty cool what is this I think what let’s check
all this stuff out in the in the next episode or sometime but I don’t want to
push it don’t take it slow you know slow and steady wins race like you know like
that whoa what is this this is crazy there’s just cooling dolphins and iron in there Wow look at that oh I really want to grab that I’m just I don’t want
do any more diving like we’ve been doing it so much. 24 pieces of coal, seven gold
ingots, one diamond, a bunch of iron nuggets, which is really pretty nice. Some
paper, a buried treasure map, arrrgghh Let’s take a look! I think we’re pretty
close to it actually, off in this direction over here, right! Over here
yep just going straight, straight across that ocean to the other side, right
there looks like and a buried treasure be… be laying mateys right next to the
boat actually, looks like that’s uh right next to the boat. We’ll have to take a
look at this first thing in the next episode so I hope to see you guys there!
I hope you guys enjoyed episode 1! I hope I can see you guys in the next episode!
Give me a slippity-slap on the hi-five and I’ll see you guys… later! (supofome theme music plays)

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