🐢 THE MOB DROPPER! – Ep 15 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) smell the glorious flowers hey guys
welcome on back to Minecraft 1.13 survival episode number 15 we’re so
close to 20 it’s double double it’s double– oh I showed you a little bit too much
there’s anybody remember this area over here in this specific general location
where there was a spawner right down there right down in the ravine it was
like oh gosh I can’t believe there was a spawner yeah well I’ve been doing some
stuff off camera guys and by the way I have a full HD 1920 1080 monitor it’s so
beautiful is it it’s so it’s full HD now I don’t have to do the weird scaling of
videos like I did before but anyway we’re work working we’re getting off
topic here so let me let me show you what I’ve been doing off camera I’ve been
doing so much stuff guys if we go through here look at this tunnel look at
this tunnel guys this is the spawner that we found the other one that’s down that
was just like one block above the grass do you remember do you guys remember
that spawner we found a couple episodes ago yeah that this is that this is that
that’s spawner right here and look at all of the stuff I’ve dug out I found something
on a skeleton but look at all of this stuff look at everything look this is
insane isn’t it how crazy is this so I’ll show you something a second but
what I really want to do is is this that’s not how you do it is it no I
don’t think it is I was close I was really really close guys I got to tell
you how close I was look how close I was look at this we needed the chests I
forgot about that so as you can see I’m making up a bunch of hoppers and and the
reason is because uh we’re gonna need so very many more than that but we can get
it started and I’ll do the rest off-camera if we head down here look at
this look look at this oh my lord isn’t this insane look at this we’ve got
a mob dropper that’s right my friends huh mob dropper and the good thing is
that if I’m actually so far away from the spawner down here then it’s not
actually spawning zombies at this time so that we can safely go down here and
it’s no big deal this is the arena the mob dropper arena check it out so what
we’re gonna do by the way I have the new version of my texture pack supofome’s GUI I don’t have everything
sorted out yet but this is a little peak a little sneak peek it’s a
little preview sneaky peek alright but what I want to do is I want to get
rid of all this stuff here I wanna I want to make a dropper system like we
already have right I have this dropper system but what I really want is I want
it to filter into one gigantic chest and how we’re gonna do this is I I don’t I
don’t know let me figure this out for a second
look at that– look at the just look at them just dropping down so actually I have a
secret safe area up here actually by the way I can either one very dangerously
stand on these fences like this and then just they’ll spawn you see they’ll spawn
in a second and they’ll just fall on down or I could stand here in this
little glass box of safeness I can’t actually put any torches in here cuz it
will disrupt the the spawning process but what I’m gonna do is I think I have
an idea that it’s gonna work pretty pretty good– nothing else gonna spawn
really oh you disappoint me you disappoint me
so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna have three different chests down here I don’t
have three only have two but I don’t have enough right now but you get the
point I what we’ll do is I’ll go ahead and then I’ll just its storm we’re gonna
have to know stuff we’re gonna feed all of these stuff into these chests so if
we hook them all up right so we’re gonna hook these three up this way and if I
had a third one they would be hooked up like that and then I’ll just keep
hooking up all of these hoppers into the into the chest here and let’s see if
this works if I go ahead and let’s see if we get some more on the center here
if I go ahead and put that there and then we wait for some something to spawn
maybe we can get one of them to fall on top of the hoppers there it goes it
starts– it’s starting the spawning process guys I’m gonna go ahead and wait right
here I think right waiting right here works a little bit better but behind the
glass oh I don’t think any of them dropped on top of it let’s just say
something dropped it I’m just gonna throw some of those out there alright so
if you don’t know how this works pretty much is what happens is the hoppers are
all feed it into each other and then into the chest so if I throw all of
these in here right I throw all those in there
missed a couple they will go ahead and they’ll filter through all the different
hoppers really quickly and enough end up in the chests there so it does work
really nice I just need to fill this entire bottom layer with hoppers and
then get the third chest there but I’ll do that off camera just want to show
you guys this but what I really wanted to do in today’s episode is not this it
is something all special and this is it right here
I was digging and I found this how amazing is this it’s just right there
it’s just literally right there I found this amazing wonderful mineshaft
I go– oh lord of ever you little sneaky sneaky creepy creepy sneaky alright take
this guy down I found this I found this cool mineshaft and all I did was come in
here put that one torch down and break these these these right here actually
two torches yeah three torches yeah I want to break all these because there
was monsters lurking all through these and that’s all I did I didn’t look
anywhere else so this might be a little fun cuz we do need more diamonds guys
and I see spider webs up there hopefully it’s not baby spiders but we’re gonna
we’re gonna make our way through this as quickly as possible and hopefully we can
come out with some well because that’s confusing me I’m not not used there’s
one all right that could that quickly amazing this wonderful we need some more
rails too so I can connect this new spawner to the to the to the oh my lord
are you kidding me right now Oh what is this let’s go around this way is it
connected is it open tell me somethings open I don’t have to
break it is it open it’s gonna be open let’s go back go back
this is insane there’s another one right here guys this is crazy
alright we’re gonna bust through this guy’s to see what it is please be
something good oh it’s spider push your skeletons in there it’s a spider
we don’t get a lot of spider spawners but wait there’s three chests in there
there’s a mine shaft chest in there that’s awesome okay well this is dangerous
what’s up with all the skeletons oh my lord is there a skeleton spawner
somewhere there’s too many skeletons just to be a coincidence
alright put some put some of those down oh my Lord okay let’s block this up
cuz that’s dangerous alright let’s do this alright come here
get some air get some of that boy oh Lord Oh No
that’s not good hey you hey dum-dum come here yeah you boo no do not blow up my
chest do not I want to I want to open up and I want to get the contents off the
ground oh there we go alright there we go oh my
lord oh my lord spiders it’s arachnophobia guys oh there’s a lot
of spiders Wow okay put some more of those oh all right all right come on
come on let’s get I’m trying I’m trying to make an episode here you guys are
taking too much of my time much of my time as well it’s gonna come
get some it tell me get some of this flame boy alright
alright alright I think we’re safe now I think is there a skeleton spawner around
here somewhere I really want a skeleton spawner guys because I really want the
bones and arrows it’s just really good okay well that’s just a bunch of crud
I’ll take it all though please nope Oh what wow this is easy super skeleton oh
yeah whoa gosh wash wash okay all right it’s gonna be okay is there a skeleton
spawner is it what is that okay that’s where I came in at their mind okay well
I don’t think there’s a skeleton spawner I think we’re just a bunch of skeletons
for some reason unfortunetly but we’re gonna OH enchanted golden apple that
might be worth it just made me a little bit I really wanted some– full already
are you kidding me I don’t need the rotten flesh because
we’re gonna have loads of that stuff by the time we’re done with that mob
spawner with the mob dropper let’s just let’s let’s keep on moving
through here I want to see if there’s any more diamonds I’m really only on the
lookout for diamonds and enchanted books at this point we’re gonna stop for all
the chests and everything of course Oh Lord of ever there’s a mini spider
spawner poisonous right there oh boy great here we go with this again
flashbacks of the Mesa now you remember that into the Mesa guys are I can’t even
deal with that today break all the middle ones first break all the middle
ones first because creepers always love lurking behind those things I gotta tell
you I think everything looks all safe right maybe just a little bit we’re
gonna head through no diamonds through here what a sham alright where does this
spider spawner connect to because I don’t want to be caught on the wrong end
of it there’s two zombie buddies down there’s three zombie buddies
is there another spawn a giant room with a bunch of there’s so
many of them oh my gosh there’s so many I set myself on fire all right all right
all right eat up just chest-a-rooney all right
oh come on with the diamonds you’re killing me you’re really you really
killed me I got a say oh we don’t need the melon seeds we don’t need the
pumpkin seeds we don’t need the beetroot seeds we don’t need any those seeds cuz
we got a but a bunch of those we got a bunch of those at home so we don’t need
any of that we’re going we’re going deeper down into into the mineshaft guys
oh hello mr. skeleton come get some can come and get some of my flames
come get some of my flame hi how’s it going what’s going on what’s going on
man how’s it going did you did you enjoy your flaming time did you enjoy the
flame time oh there’s some gold no no gold I don’t need any of that
no stop you’re being cruel now oh this looks dangerous oh boy oh boy all right
what’s my back it up into okay I’m good I’m good there’s a bunch of zombies
around here but it’s all good it’s all okay it’s just a normal sight in
Minecraft don’t even worry about it it’s die-a-mundo I got a say oh no
it’s yes all right here we go this is good come on Oh
go No oh there’s another just right here oh my gosh what is this about a mr. bat
how’s it going yes Oh fire protection I will take both
of those I will take all of this except for the melon seeds I do want the lapis
– I’m gonna Chuck the CDs because we don’t need the CDs we just don’t we
really just don’t we don’t at all and I will take that too yeah yeah yeah
sweetums now please just at least one more diamond just at least one I’ll be
happy if we come out of here with just three which sounds really pathetic I
know but just please please Oh guys I’m seeing something down here this looks
like it kind of breaks Oh Lord it breaks away from the mine shaft which might be
a helper it might help us out trying to find diamonds at least
what is this this is crazy this is scary wait is this is this mine it’s just it
was it no it was lava okay good oh whoa what is up with this this is
crazy look at this guy okay all right no don’t fall all the way
down there now wait a second now this is not good okay get out of here and eat
something oh my gosh how many poisonous spider spawners are here there’s at
least three that I see right there oh my gosh oh my gosh go go go break it and go
okay all right ones down guys ones down oh no no grab this one oh no no you
don’t know you don’t know be on fire you little tiny demon be on fire you little
tiny demon no no no you don’t know you no no no no not gonna happen today yes
thank oh we’re doing so good guys we’re doing so good guys I’m scared I’m scared
I’m so scared go these are all just dead ends guys there’s no diamonds no let’s
go for this third spider spawner this is the last one I think it is okay no no no
They got us good guys Oh Lord they can get on us I didn’t
even see him there oh oh just looting – yes that is glorious that is worth all
of this no diamond talk I gotta tell you look at this guy’s this is insane
this entire ravine just cuts through oh whoa whoa oh my lord okay don’t go near
the lava okay just run past it run past it don’t know to hold us close oh my
lord oh my lord or what the ever did you see that they
literally drop down from the sky oh yes they’re burning– oh no no it’s
okay I’m freaking out for nothing guys
actually it wasn’t for nothing that was pretty scary
look at this it’s it’s the ancient floating floating railway system of the
Aztec check it out holy lord a pancake there’s a bunch of skeletons over there
guys I really wish I had a bow I could just shoot him but I can’t come over
here everything’s okay they were just taking a dip they were taking a
late-night dip to cool off their bones what this is secrets secrets
look at this oh no not secrets worth anything
Oh secrets more secrets what is this what is this diamonds perhaps perhaps
the diamonds my buddy pal friends I’m not seeing I don’t see oh there’s a rose
but there’s another one all that’s scared oh wait now I need some more
torches hold on now Oh up guys it’s another chest down there there’s another
one I saw that from way far back there all right yes yes that’s three diamonds right
there okay well that is good enough for me this is like literally the biggest
mineshaft I’ve ever seen in my entire life is just oh my gosh
it’s really going on for days I don’t even know I don’t even think it’s gonna
end let me just make sure this is safe yep it’s good all right let’s take a
look please no diamond nope gold you selfish bum you you you tried to make me
think you are you’re gonna be a diamond but you weren’t you weren’t because
you’re a cheapskate that’s why oh my lord no no no oh gosh
oh he’s still stuck there okay good I can’t reach that if I can ha you will
not get the best of me oh my gosh there’s another one right there
let’s go deactivate this thing really quickly oh no they’re spawning already
guys okay sweet there’s one right there I think but I
want to go over here oh no oh no okay go down go down go whoa no I’m not that far
down okay okay alright alright we’re gonna be safe
it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay
go go go faster go faster go faster go faster go faster down there I think
we’re safe it’s dark it’s dark oh my gosh this is just a bunch of a bunch of
just confusing places man oh whoa hey sir how’s it going oh man oh that scared me
alright hey come on no no no why you gotta be like that oh my gosh another
zombie spawner guys this is insane lord of ever oh my gosh this is amazing
how many spawners have we found this let’s play guys this is crazy let me let
me just make sure this is all safe first I just wanna make sure any creepers aren’t
coming trying to steal my loot
that’s a dead end okay good alright first let’s throw some of those in there
this one’s all busted get outta hear you oh my gosh what is this if the floor is all
messed up this is incredible opinion power okay all right oh no no you know I
don’t want you to blow up that’s gonna be a bad day all right let’s make sure
this is okay this is insane guys I don’t even know what to say come here yeah
come come for some of this oh look at you Oh adorable guy you are you doing
are you doing how’s it going what’s up don’t don’t don’t attack me all right
supo– I’m your little buddy my name is Supofome you just tell you chill down
there okay oh I knew it secrets secrets this is the last place we’re
going guys I want to go ahead and look at the coordinates for that the zombies
quantum we just found I don’t think we’re gonna be coming back down here you
know I just forget it yeah we’re not gonna be coming back down here I might
as well just go back and break that I really don’t have the patience to go
back to look at that so I’ll just put the coordinates up right now just in
case I need to watch the video back and see where this was that we can just go
ahead and leave that up here because I just can’t keep going there’s just so
much crazy stuff going on down here it’s like it’s never gonna stop
there is another baby spider spawner down there guys you see it right there
wait wait a second what is that is that gold oh my gosh it’s gold I thought it
was diamond oh that is so wrong well it looks like this is back down to where we
had started I think we’ve wrapped back around now
officially and this is a dead end so yeah we are gonna have to get on out of
here now whoa that could have been bad what is up with this is there diamonds
around here somewhere perhaps all this heads back to the spider spawner I will
put that up on the screen now see where this is so we can maybe come back here
one day and do something with that I don’t think thats
a really good idea though I mean I haven’t seen a lot of I don’t I don’t
really see a lot of a reason for a spider a spider grinder it’s just kind
of weird yeah Oh No Oh No yeah all right there we go
oh we have daylight guys there’s daylight here where is the where’s the
Oh Lord how far are we coming do I dare nah oh oh there it is I found it all
right well that is I was crazy okay well we came out with three diamonds which is
better than nothing I guess right and we got three awesome books so we got power
looting and the fire protection looting too which is insane that is that I’m
gonna fix up that spawner like I said with the hoppers and stuff like that I’m
gonna head back to the main base and I’ll see you guys there I want to close
out the video and show you guys some more stuff all right so that is the long
journey it’s a giant long and it’s a curve and
it’s everything else it’s crazy but we are back and what I want to do really
quickly is I want to merge our two diamond pickaxe oh and by the way
there’s another one that we have to cure as well I named her Samantha we’ll do
that in a second I uh I want to go ahead and merge our two pickaxes and then
we’ll cure that zombie right there I got a couple of the item frames gone which
is pretty nice right yeah I think so and we finally have the ability to put a
diamond right there and something actually inside the diamond chest I feel
so much better about that guys go ahead and put our books away which is insane I
want to grab this guy and I’ll put up the rest of this stuff away later on I
don’t have the patience for that right now I gotta go and make some more chests
and stuff for some of the items I have in here I want to go ahead and grab our
two diamond pickaxes and we’ll throw these guys in there cuz we don’t need
those guys anymore so if you’re not familiar we have the two pickaxes we
have the efficiency one and unbreaking one and we also have the efficiency
three I want to go ahead and merge those together I want to merge these two
together and we’ll also give it a name so we’ll call what should we call it
blue ice we’re calling our diamond pickaxe blue ice that’s an awesome name
there good grab that guy and then we’re gonna go ahead and use the this chanting book right here I know it’s kind of weird cuz fire protection three unbreaking 3
fortune two and lore I’m only doing this for the fortune two because I do want to
put the fortune on the diamond pickaxe right there
we do have fire protection on a different book we just got that today
actually we got that down in the mines I’m gonna go ahead and put that fortune
two on there huh boom it will grab that bad boy where we got an ultimate pickaxe now now all we need is mending I cannot use this bad boy too much though because I
want to get mending before we start tearing it apart so let me go ahead and
grab the rest of our potions where our potion of that oh and while I’m thinking
about it I actually made up another bookshelf and we can actually try and go
ahead and see how many more enchantments we can get let me grab my books right
there I’m grabbing a Golden Apple and the the potions I’m pretty sure I think
I accidentally left them down in the in the the zombie dropper I think that’s
where they are but I will show you something else
I I got the the second floor everything is still running nice and smooth with
the with the crops here but I made the third floor in last
episode I said I didn’t really know what I want to do I think I have a pretty
good idea I want to make a museum we’re gonna make a museum I think that’ll be a
pretty cool idea I’ll have all these different things when I all these
different stands with with cool things that we find throughout the throughout
the let’s play and stuff like that I think that’s a really good idea that is
pretty sweet over on this side over here I want to make this the I want to make
this the the pastures I want to make this the the places where the animals go
and then we’re actually gonna do something cool for the villagers we are
gonna make an underwater base right in this area right there for the villagers
and we’re gonna make an entire underwater Atlantis because I got a
couple of comments and you guys were like you should do something underwater
and when that totally makes sense because this is of course live 1.13
aquatic update oh lord that would have been a bad fall of me
this is of course the 1.13 aquatic update survival let’s play so uh oh
squid perish right there Oh No well I will see what are you doing you’re such
a derp get out of here what are you doing no no you know yeah my base is in
my base is helping me out and last thing before I sign off here I’ve cleared out
this area there was a lot of mountainous terrain here I’ve cleared this area I
want to make a garden sometime in the future by the way I’m gonna put out
there just so you know what I’m gonna put that out there just so you guys know
probably not anytime soon but I want to make a garden in this area right here
we’ll do something cool with like a like a flower field and maybe we’ll do some
something cool like that me we’ll build some nice kind of some greenhouse or
something you need to protect the Earth you know oh look
the Phantom’s have left us a little present look at that I literally have no
idea where those potions are that is really strange where did they go I have
no idea where they I don’t know where the I think everything in my inventory
right then at that point is just gone I don’t know what what is what I’m so
confused I don’t know where the with the red or brown mushrooms are either I have
no idea where they went I have absolutely no idea if they are
that’s so weird oh I do not remember doing this I was in
the last episode I was clearing out this area right here right I was digging out
all this stuff and off-camera I was digging up and I just wanted to finish
later so I just put down a chest right here and put this stuff here oh my lord
I don’t remember putting that right there I I knew that I had put it
somewhere that wasn’t in inside of like the base of the spot I mean but I don’t
remember putting that right there that’s weird but we can find go ahead and do
this right now and go ahead and go Boop Oh Lord of ever
stop it and now we got Samantha going that’s awesome stuff we got Jimmy and
Samantha we got we got two villagers that can that can repopulate the whole
Atlantis we need we needed Lantis to be repopulated guys if there’s nobody in
this lost city of Atlantis yet we gotta also build it but yeah in next episode I
actually have an idea for the for the zombie spawner the the original one oh
boy oh boy they’re coming in hot oh I actually have an idea for the original
zombie spawner the XP zombie spawner the one that we were having some problems
with because the water physics don’t work the same way yeah I have an idea
for that which we’ll do in the next episode and I also want to go ahead and
see maybe we can start the turtle farm in the next episode we’ll start on the
farm there’s a turtle right there and there’s also one som– somewhere over
there – yeah right there there he is so we’ll probably start in the turtle
farm in the next episode as well after we fixed up the zombie spawner I hope
you guys enjoyed today’s episode I will see you guys in the next episode give me
a slippity slap on the high five and I’ll see you guys later ( supofome theme music plays )

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  • Hey Supofome do u have a Xbox or PS4 so I can add u because u r so funny and I like ur videos

  • Instead of the hoppers, you could use a hopper minecart under half slabs. It would use less iron. Btw, nice videos!

  • Very lovely HD monitor… almost as pretty as those flowers! xD

  • Hey, supofome? I was wondering when you might be on Hypixel again so we could meet, I'd like to get your discord and maybe possibly you, me, and a few of your other fans could join a 1.13 SMP and play around with some of the new blocks mobs and mechanics, I think that would be so cool, Sincerely: Alister.

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