🐢 TURTLE HUB! – Ep 17 – Minecraft 1.13 Survival Lets Play (Minecraft Aquatic Update Gameplay)

( supofome theme music plays ) smiggity smiggity diggity diggity Welcome to
wiggity welcome on back to Minecraft 1.13 survival episode number 17. we’re so
close to 20 and I know you see some cool stuff in the background and in my hotbar
let’s do this first Smiggity boo look at this! I was doing some
fishing off-camera guys and I found all this stuff. we got– look at this… enchanted
book loyalty 3. if you don’t know what loyalty is– pretty much you use it on
Trident and it makes it so that when you throw the Trident it actually comes
back to you like Captain America’s shield. it’s insane!
we also have a looting II book. we also have an impaling book. this is
insane. another loyalty, which is awesome. I don’t even know what to say. we have
mending. I got mending on a fishing rod. another one, not just this one. I have a
different one that’s mending. and this bow right here. this is the ultimate bow
with this power unbreaking and flame. we got four Nautilus shells, which means we
have enough to make a conduit, which we spoke about like the first or second
episode of the series and we’re gonna do some stuff with the turtle today. but the
first thing I want to do is show you this, as you can see we’ve been having a
lot of problems with stuff, you know, before with this, with this spawner, with
the XP grinder. but really quickly, I’ll show you… this is what we’ve done. so
pretty much, I’m getting some lag from this too. So let’s– if I double tap these guys, man that’s loud. but double tap these guys you can see that they just, they just
keel over and all this experience just pours out, right. how amazing is this? this is
insane. look at this. look at it. the Drowned are a little different though. but they own– they
don’t usually drown. but look at, look at this– this is insane.
how cool is this? this is amazing! so, pretty much what I’ve done is, I’ll try
not to break this all up. you can see down there, there’s the spawner right.
right through there. oh by the way I have Minecrafts new textures on here by the
way. the new textures for all the stuff and I have my old– the first version of
supofome’s GUI . ooo no— let me not use this– GUI plus by the way. we have to
fix the pickaxe because it’s gonna break in a second here. we have 31 more uses
for it but you can see pretty much what I’ve done is just a regular thing down
here, right. the regular, the regular spawner setup situation. let me light
this up really quickly. and if I go down here to the danger zone– duh duh duh duhhnnn– and get rid of these chumperini’s. if I
head up here it’s gonna be really dangerous.
let me– yeah, I have that right there. let me go ahead and make sure this is right
here. pretty much what I’ve done is there’s– it goes all this one little
point and then I have signs the problem was, we were having problems with the
water fizzes, because this was pushing this out and we couldn’t get it to work
right. it was- there’s some really weird stuff going on. so I said, you know, what
if I put signs in there? so I put signs there and it works. so now they get
pushed into this little pocket right here and then since more of them are
spawning, they usually get pushed into here and once they go up to there, it
goes all the way up, the soul sand is pushing up– I had a really good idea– you guys in the comment section, were like, you can use soul sand! I’m like, yeah, I know… you guys beat me to it. You beat me to it. I was like– I was like– I could
just use soul sand– I forgot, because that pushes things up and the the magma
blocks, they pull things down. so I mentioned this about the soul sand, like
the fifth episode, into the nether or whatever it was, when we first went into
the nether and grabbed some soul sand. but anyway, if we head up there, which I’m
not gonna do because it’s really dangerous and I’m probably gonna fall…
head up there that it goes up 23 blocks and then they fall just like the regular
thing, you know, with how we had made it before but the difficult thing was that
every single one of these blocks had to be source blocks, so these couldn’t
be– this couldn’t be running water. I had to put a block of water in each one of
the– oh no! ( wimpers ) that’s not what I meant. oh there was a zombie there wasn’t there?
Oh No. okay let’s put that there. okay well you can see what it does. you
see it goes up very fast and if you see, I can’t, I can’t actually go back down.
I’m trying as hard as I can to swim down right now. there’s nothing I’m doing. it’s
working. you can’t go down at all. it’s insanely powerful and they come up here,
the sign pushes them down, of course, if this block wasn’t here, then they would
fall. problem though is, that yeah, we can’t get out of here now. so this is
what has to happen. I have to dig all the way down
because I can’t, because I can’t fall that height. I will, I will have like one
heart left and the zombies will be there and they’ll smack me around and then it
just won’t be a fun time. it just won’t. it won’t be a fun time. it’s a good thing
we have unbreaking 3 on this pickaxe because I would have broken it a long
time ago using it this much. we got to fix this
bad boy up. I have so many cool things to show you guys. I don’t even know where to
begin. there we go with these Chumperini’s. get out of here you. alright
guys, so that is our working XP mob grinder right there. if these were
zombies– if these weren’t zombies, it would only take one punch to take them out. but it
takes two, since they’re zombies. I know it’s really weird. Minecraft has this
thing about it, but anyway, let’s move on. if you’re a little confused about how
that works out, I’m actually gonna make a video just talking about that right
there mob grinder or 1.13 so stay tuned for that, if you want to check that out.
we started with 18 levels and I just like only tapped a couple of the zomb– oooo
it’s raining. well I will just have to deal with that, that laggy rain. I have a
new rollercoaster system here, as you can see. there’s a lot of new stuff. so let’s
hop on in and let’s go for a ride guys. let’s go for a ride. alright here we go. I
dug out so much this stuff, very painstakingly, as you can see. this is so
different through here, right? this was all mountainous. I got rid of all this. It
took forever and this is a little different back here too. and I have this
little hub that, that we did in last episode, that I showed you in the last
episode. you can see and it goes all the way down to here which is unfinished. I’m
just gonna hop out there. it’s unfinished. just gonna go all the way down, of course,
and go to the mob dropper. but yeah. I got– I gotta fix it up, but you can see
this area is coming together really nicely. you can see I finished the entire
thing with the blocks. I finished all the blocks, all the wood, all the everything
else. we did not do this layer up here. yeah this is gonna be all glass, by the
way. I’m gonna have this layer be all glass. you’re actually gonna be able to
walk out on this but we just didn’t accomplish that anytime soon. but what I
want to do is first of all… I want to go ahead and drop off some of this stuff
and fix up our pickaxe and then after that, I want to work on the turtle farm.
Well, the turtle hub, rather. I got so many more of the item frames up, by the
way. let me just throw all of these books in here. I actually made two books
off-camera to do some of my levels. I know it sounds ridiculous, but impaling and smite we got when I when I was off-camera. just a
couple of books there and I’ll throw the saddles away too and then I’ll meet you
guys, I’ll meet you guys back at the turtle hub. oh and by the way, I fought so
many phantoms off-camera. we have 20 phantom membranes from our looting II
sword. most likely– that is a lot and apparently these, these fix Electra’s
or Electra’s… how ever you want to say them. so that, that, that’ll be fun in the
future. we have a lot of those to fix those guys up. alright, so we’re gonna
make up another diamond pickaxe. we can go ahead and fix up our blue ice I’m
gonna go ahead and do that. pop that in there and shebang right there we got a
brand new diamond blue ice. uh and what else am i doing. can we, can we–
oh no that’s ooh– that’s a lot. oh my lord. okay let’s do that. yeah. I could do that.
so atleast– Oh Lord of ever. I– I– e– that bugs me. it’s like, what, what happened and
I forget. I wanted to add the punch II on to this guy, but it’s good enough. we have
flame. flame is another one of my favorite enchantments. I had to use a
couple of diamonds– a little bit of the diamonds, actually, to make some diamond
shovels because I needed to dig out a lot of the stuff that you saw earlier,
but that’s alright. let’s go and pop that in there for now and I’ll grab the arrow
in just in case we run into some chimperino’s. we need infinity. we need
infinity because I don’t like to use– I don’t I like to use a bunch of arrows. I
just never tend to have arrows on me. so we’re gonna head on over here and in
last episode we took the, we took the time to go ahead and make up our turtle
hub here. it’s not completely finished, obviously. it doesn’t even have a roof,
but you can see we have the two turtles here and one of these– I looked it up– one
of these turtles is from over there. remember one of the turtles is from over
there, which unfortunately means that if that
one is the one that decides to lay the eggs, then he’s gonna try and go all the
way back over there because they go back to wherever they’re from. doesn’t matter
where I took them, so they’re gonna try and lay the eggs over there.
hopefully we get the other 50% chance and the one that was from over here
wants to lay the eggs instead. so we have a 50/50 percent chance to uh, to mess
this up or not and hopefully it’s the 50% chance that’s the good percent, so
let’s do this. see if it works. get on out of the water
guy. we need you up here man. alright now I’m gonna do it. okay. go.
alright– going next to each other– go go go go lay me the eggs. who did it? alright
please tell me it was a good 50 percent. please tell me who was it. please please.
just a little bit of please. I’m gonna assume it’s you. where are you going? are
you the good one? I think you are. please tell me you are.
Oh Lord. this is gonna be bad cuz maybe he tries
to go all the way over there. he can’t even make it over there. so wait a second…
are they going to that direc– ooo they’re going to that direction, aren’t they? oh no. way
no, wait. where are they going? oh what is he doing? is he doing it? what is this? he’s got to be doing it! what is he doing? there’s nothing else he could be doing, right? I
think– there it is guys! get out the way. sir, please, please. I want to see them.
just please. just back up a bit. oh there they are! that is amazing! look at this! he laid the eggs! there’s four of them too– he laid four of them! well guys we are now officially grandparents. look at
us. look we’re– I’m such a proud grandpappy! look at me. let me just– oh
look at us. look oh. I’m such a proud grandpappy. I don’t even know what to say.
oh wow that is totally awesome. now we can go ahead and fix this up. I feel much
better. I was very disappointed. I was gonna be like oh gosh, he’s gonna try and
go all the way back over there and, and lay those eggs and then we’re gonna have
to grab the eggs with some silk touch, which we don’t have. I was just gonna be really
disappointed. so good. the good thing happened, which is what I was hoping was
gonna happen. we need Terra Cotta and how am I supposed to die this stuff again? I
need green. can I make green with lily pads? no I can’t. I really need to harvest
the rest of this stuff. I’ve just been letting it go cuz we don’t even need
food right now. look I got, I got 46 beef from grabbing all that leather and stuff.
we’re gonna go ahead and make some– no, wait a second– now what, what, what is– what is this? what how do– what? do I have to– yes I do. I think yeah. that’s, that’s
not how it used to be. I don’t remember having a cook cactus to get the dye
before. is that what I’m doing right now? I don’t remember having to do that
before. is that– yeah I don’t remember having to do that. I remember it just
working and this is probably not how I do that. right. I’m probably gonna need to
do this like glass, so they put that around, maybe, and yeah. I’m a genius. right. so then lime green is the cactus green just with bone meal, with, with bone meal.
so this, my friend, should be– yep there’s some lime. okay so we grab a couple more
of those, right. I don’t want to use all the Terracotta because we don’t have any
more. wait, actually– wait a second. do we have– we don’t, we don’t have any
terracotta. no no no no no. we don’t. I want the yellow, though. I think I want
the yellow. right. yeah. and then we’ll also do– yeah. I don’t want to mess this
up cuz we don’t have that much more terracotta. so we’ll do the lime. we need
some lime. right. yes, lime. I guess. and we have the yellow. I think we’re gonna need
more of those. so we’ll do one more of each of them. yeah. hopefully that’ll be
enough. I don’t know. we might have to cut some corners but it will be good enough.
we don’t need any more of that. I want to cook some of that green, that green
terracotta. right there. cuz we– I want to get those cool patterns. we haven’t used
those cool patterns before. let’s see what this looks like. it’s gonna look
pretty cool. I know it has to. come on. oh look at that.
what– oh look at that. that’s gorgeous. give me another one. give me another one
and we’ll put the yellow in here and we’ll put the the lime in there cuz then
this is gonna look so good guys. look at this. oh my gosh. oh look at the yellow.
oh it looks so good. oooooo look at that. what does the lime look like? huh I just feel like a child. I feel like I’m two years old. look. it looks so good. I
just love it so much. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. I’m really excited guys.
I’m so excited now. all right guys, we’re so overpopulated. I gotta– I gotta take
care of this before we get stuck on that turtle farm. I just– oh that’s all the
wheat there. oh it’s gone. hey mr. lonely Pig. okay okay we got to
get out of here guys. I can’t keep taking too much more damage. all right. all right.
oh my lord. there’s like– four, four, five… there’s five. oh my gosh.
okay, okay. let’s do this. we can do it. I want, I want, I want, I want the membranes,
come on. yep there’s one, there’s two, yep. give me
your membranes. there he is. there he is. come on. yeah. oh yeah, buddy boy. oh yeah. all right, guys… the the base for the
turtle hub is pretty much done. we just got to do the cool-looking roof now. I’m
gonna block this in with, with, with this stone for now because I don’t have any
glass on me because I don’t want these guys to get out. they will try and escape.
they’ll make a break for it, so yeah. let me, let me do this cool– let’s do this
cool roof now. I think we, we should do something, something, a little something, a
little difficult. I gotta make everything difficult. let me go up one. let me put
another border around the edge of this, like this. right.
all right, guys. so while we’re doing this roof, I guess we could talk about some
future projects that, that you guys really, really seemed interested in.
Like I said, in last episode, I said we really should get, get, get working on that project board in the, in
the big old train station over there. because I wanna, I want to make sure I’m not forgetting about any of these projects. like I said, the the turtle hub we’re
working on right now, so I won’t forget about this one. the DJ room,
the kelp farm, which that’ll be pretty cool because I do want to start, start
using more aquatic like stuff. because, you know, 1.13 survival man. you got, you
got it, you gotta use some more of the, of the, of the 1.13 native blocks, you know
what I mean? but yeah. and I wanted to do like a garden right there on the thing.
I’m actually leveling out the under, the underneath of the the nether portal cage
as well and I’m leveling that out as well and that is where I think– that’s
gonna be– that’d be a really good place to put the DJ, the DJ room. and instead of
doing a full garden, I’ll just do like a nice garden path up to the DJ, the DJ
room. that’ll be really, really, really fun. so yeah, thank you guys for all of the,
all of the suggestions and everything else. it’s really, really cool. I’m loving
them. keep them coming. if you got something, we still got to do Atlantis too, cuz those villagers, they’re getting tired of sitting in
those dirt boxes. that’ll be somewhere like right here. that’ll be a more
difficult project, though. so that might have to wait until a little bit later on.
but let me up one more here and we’ll do the darker green around the outside
of this area. right. we’ll do the darker green here. yeah yeah I like that a lot.
but we’re gonna need quite a bit more which is totally fine cuz I can just
cook some up right here. I actually put this stuff over here because I kind of
figured I would need it. I have like little crafting station tables all over
to the place around here. while I’m thinking about it we might as well plop
down– wait, didn’t I do this? wait, wait, wait, a second now. I have a feeling
of DejaVu. I could have sworn we already placed those there. I don’t know what’s
up with that. that’s, that’s creepy weird. well uh, you all know how paranoid I am
about lighting, so you know we got to get up here and put some lights up here and
because I don’t have the glowstone on me, I’m just gonna put some really bad
looking torches up here. I know it looks, it looks really terrible, but I don’t
need any creepers coming down and ruining our entire day, cuz now we got a
build like left side of it again. so, we’re gonna do that and make it look bad
for the time being and this should be done, right? yup, 12 more pieces. we’re gonna need more than 12. this is a problem. we are gonna have
to go back to the Mesa, which I, ooo, which I really just do not want to do,
because that thing was a pain. well yep. that’s it. we need to go back to the Mesa.
guys, I cannot believe this. I just– I can’t believe it. we need more terracotta
for this. we need like one more third of it. oh my lord. there is
like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17–
somewhere around 17 more blocks we needed. I should have grabbed 17 more
pieces of regular terracotta. can I convert other colors into the green? I
don’t think I can. well, we can finish up the other row instead of worrying about–
wait, wait a second. oh no… that’s a line. okay. wait. never mind. we can finish up
the line and then the gold, the yellow. so this should go something like, like
this. this will go around… that looks so good. oh my gosh. okay. well, this will go
around this edge right. so then we’ll have like layers. you know, onions have
layers. and then we’ll go ahead and we’ll go around and something like that. right.
yeah. something like that. and then there and then there and yeah. I’ll go all the
way across, even though we don’t have the terracotta for this side. mm-hmm yeah. and
we’re gonna need some more if this, too. but luckily, we have some more lime. but it’s
probably not gonna be enough, though. yeah. we’re really not gonna have enough
because I just had a really good idea. instead of cause– this is gonna be too
much gold if we just go up one layer and then like because the next layer of this,
like, right here, would be the yellow. and that would just be too much all the way around. that would just be too much of the yellow. we want it to be
more green than anything. I mean they’re turtles, you know? so we’re gonna
alternate. we’re gonna do the the greens and the lime. the initial one would be
green, then lime, then probably green again and then the yellow. so we’re gonna
need a lot more of the green. oh man. that stinks. I hate when I have good ideas. but
yeah. that looks really cool. so guys, I guess, I guess it looks like we’re
heading on out to the Mesa again. well that looks like it’s gonna be it for
today’s episode. I think I’ve been trying to aim for 20 minutes on these since you
guys have been wanting longer episodes. plus, I just I want to do
the 20. I wanted to the 20 when everything got started. just it’s
difficult to, to keep up with, like, hey this– that was exactly 20. yeah that’s
what I needed. but I’m gonna try and hit the 20-minute mark for each of these
episodes, but I keep shooting over by like five minutes. the last two episodes
were like five, two minutes, five minutes too long. but I’m gonna grab the
glowstone and we’ll do that next episode. well, we probably will go to Mesa
probably in the next episode. so we’ve gone on another adventure with, with a
clean inventory. there’ll be nothing in it except for the stuff that we need, but
yeah. I’ll see you guys then. I’m gonna grab some more, as much more of this lime
as I can, which is only gonna be 12 more pieces. 11 more pieces. so yeah. I’ll see
you guys in the next episode. hope you guys really did enjoy this turtle-tastic
episode. I’ll see you guys the next episode. the Mesa-rific, I guess. well,
anyway, give me a slippity-slap on the high five , and I’ll see you guys… later! ( supofome theme music plays )

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