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hello guys welcome to sneak up I says channel but I who have seen me for the first time welcome I normally teach concise Jareau for you to practice right after watching so please consider subscribing if you find them helpful today is another special collaboration challenge with people from Rebane one one one channel not forget to check out his work in his page in the description below so the challenge today is to create a character from three emojis that people send me which are penguin rainbow and a sleepy face so along the way I will tell you my thinking process my struggles and how I fix them why I drew this picture without further ado let us start it first thing that came up in my mind was the member of bein chaotic idol group named Kai mo cuts her fans call her penguin so I decided to draw her ass asleep a penguin and as those emojis are really really cute I want to draw her as a Seabee and I decided to use color pencils as you guys might be able to learn how I use it along the video are small and as for those I tape I sadly come up because of my limitation in drawing backgrounds and then I cover it the rainbow element in it while drawing I also got a problem because the picture looks so do especially on her penguin costume as the whole thing is back it’s really hard to make it looks cuter and brighter with that like black part in it so I didn’t try to cover black part with many layers of color a lot of reflection light and I try to add more brandy in other parts to compensate a black part I also shows her hair to be orange to match the penguin mouth and because I don’t want to add more black part in the picture anymore you can watch my latest video to see the details on how I use color pencils on a YouTube card above and encored a black line art I did good color pencils to reduce the black elements I was not quite satisfied with the overall look by this point so here comes the last step that always rescues every of my that picture the white gel pen step which make the picture looks more sparkling and more fancy and well I guess the picture looks better now hope you get more in size of what I think what I drew and again don’t forget to check out the challenge did I send to pee back in the link in the description below and thank you so much for watching we really appreciate you guys and I’ll catch you next time bye

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