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Points. Why are they needed? what’s the swim what kind better to buy Now we will consider it all Everyone who starts classes in the pool seeing videos taken in the kids pool Immediately see that the baby has glasses And there are funny moments – mother calls for the first time and asks – which glasses is better for us to choose and where to buy them Even mom baby Why do you need glasses in the pool? Understandable to any adult Why do they need a small child in the pool? Many people believe this is speculation and contrived accessory. Points are needed for all who swim in the pool and especially for those who are many time spends under water Not important age swimmer Important time underwater Water in pools is treated everywhere seriously enough so think what’s in the kids pool the water is clear and clear Alas… Small children require special temperatures in class In warm water, microorganisms develop very quickly. so water must be handled correctly Mucous eye shell may get annoyed and deliver discomfort Therefore, everyone needs glasses What kind of glasses is better to choose? These recommendations are for those Who already goes to the pool And those who know how to dive Who is just going to the pool – you can not be puzzled about this Or not so seriously, who already does it well Mirror glasses we do not need, they are intended for swimming in open water either in the outdoor pools this is a pro inventory little children don’t need it they are very tinted and darkened. As transparent as possible with minimal tinting, and better without her at all Small glasses Cast bridge, but it must be correct If it is too wide you won’t do anything to her so where is the cast bridge you need to be especially careful to make sure that it fits the child how to understand this? The child will not tell us here mom presses me, here presses, like these The recommendation is so convenient – When you come to the store, or try on glasses attach to your eyes and feel how they sit on you If the glasses fit you then they will definitely be great for a small child Therefore, an adult, they should be close This first recommendation is important. Points with double elastic at the back speak smart, proper design and the designer of this model – they are usually all good, only the nose should be measured correctly If they are attached to the face of the baby “smacked” that is, a vacuum is created in the middle of the point this suggests that there are no slots, they fit tightly This observation is correct. and if the head is small baby 3 months this distance is important too There are glasses with a limiter on tightening around the head. In this model, it will not drag on tighter – there is an organizer so little kids it interferes Those who have a small amount of head Pay attention to this This model is simple but not bad. In models with adjustable nose bridge, the ends can rest on the skin of the face Extreme values ​​need to be trimmed with scissors – they will never be needed and prevent the baby from swimming too Anyway you must understand that if the model does not fit you should at least to have a possibility return them back to the store. Therefore do not throw away the check. You can not tell the seller – we swim in the pool but you swim can gently dry glasses, put in a box and just pass them back to the store, at least try Do not forget about this opportunity, if they will leak. Opinions moms we will hear what do they think about glasses and how their glasses fit their kiddies and how quickly they learned to swim in them Mother Yulia – hello! Hello! Over the career of one year old swimmer George! – Just a minute attention! You have already changed a few points Second pair You are already experienced users. Tell me please why didn’t you like the previous ones, or did you wear them out? For half a year! We can say that and wear George, do not swear) .. These are much better because in them better review less leaking he is even more comfortable how fast is he used to? By the first normal the second is worse He is older now, that’s why he resisted more I think that’s the reason What time did you start to wear glasses? In 6 months. And he does not remove them? He is now 1 year and 3 months old. Dominic, hello! Well how without glasses for so long is under water? no way Without glasses, absolutely does not want to swim On the one hand, this is bad, but on the other hand, with the help of glasses, he spends a comfortable time under water. And he does not remove them This is the most important thing. Thank! Glasses forgot, no glasses? .. Eyes red but nothing, it does not prevent us from diving but immediately visible, eyes are red Rayushka! Cap, glasses, swimsuit) How old do you swim with glasses? With varied success In 6-7 months they dressed, Did not work out In a year You think that the thing is useful? Yes) If you do not want to wear I experiment without them, and then she dresses) .. Clear Rasha, success! Thank! Hi, Hi! Dressed in 6 months Do you dive a lot? Why do we need glasses? To comfortably swim under water! First time dressed after like after the pool sneezed constantly and rubbed your eyes And it scared us. After that, there were no such situations. Even without glasses, when he did not want to wear them But the glasses were bought, there was no going back Points are satisfied, they do not annoy him This is a story for those parents who do not dive themselves when engaged with a child consider it to anything and they think that nothing dangerous and not pleasant in swimming without glasses Eyes turn red, babies get used to it and so but comfortable swimming without glasses will not work Moreover, Svyatyk always has his eyes open. It’s good It speaks of trust in the environment, there is no fear Therefore, it is better to protect I completely agree with you Successes, Svyatyk! Stefan, how many? Did he immediately start swimming with glasses? No, we swam without glasses and then we realized that we need glasses we started to choose. Did he put them on right away? Yes, and fitting – we went trying on. We were advised to try on. Correctly advised Hello! How old is Anya? 18 months You swim very well, you dive a lot, you know how much Serious Annie Tell about glasses How old do you swim? C 4 months Right! When you start at a young age they get used more easily We still have the eldest – Kate, and the experience of schooling is The earlier, the easier they get used to, but in 1 year all the same there are indignations about this These are also the stages of the formation of the child’s personality. The main thing is not to give up and dress anyway Alisochka, hello! How old is she? 7 months Tell us about your experience She dresses well, swims a little, then takes off – they are probably too tight for her. Show closer model Almost all kids are suitable for little ones. From 6 months In this model there is a limiter for tightening the volume of the head You can not tighten them tighter, if it requires the volume of the child’s head Here in this model there is such a feature For the smallest it is better to consider a model without this limiter Here she is pretty If she is indignant when swimming in them, need to see if it is not too tight tightened gum around the head gum should be as relaxed and so that the glasses themselves do not leak You can get used to them not only in the pool but also at home and swim in the bathroom, and generally without water just how to design on your face by a little bit getting used to taking pictures of her show your baby these photos Family members try on these glasses. so that she understands that nothing in them no dangerous Used to wear them well It used to be younger, they are more accessible in this kind of training Therefore, almost all kids pass these moments, and a year it will be another multi-epic As a rule, they all show moments of your character and then what they can reach and influence the situation, they use That is what it means – They exponentially shoot them, strike And even swim with red eyes. because all these kids are already good divers Mom leads to mental disorder But we must allow this liberty to the child, then they will understand with their experience that wearing glasses is better! Eyes do not hurt! But it needs to go the way of red eyes. Girls, hello! Tell me if you need glasses in the pool are not needed? Your comments Neil won his glasses at home, and asked me to take a swim, because without glasses training does not work Does he not like without glasses, or does mom think so? He likes without glasses and he learned to shoot them but nevertheless we are not diving now, but he is in them now and Timothy with glasses. Yes, he does not like them, but they are more comfortable to swim in, so he agrees Agree? Do not like? As a rule, pictures when glasses do not like it is always a disturbance you have it all quiet, sincere .. This is yes! The child may not immediately like it, but it is a useful thing. May be you go to the sea? .. About the SEA A lot of children and their mothers, getting used to the glasses, holidays and trips to the sea begin what to do at sea with glasses In principle, sea water is very correct water, and not necessary fear her in swimming without glasses Yes, but it seems to me that the sea can be different salinity, so to speak. And maybe a little hot. Suppose the water of the Black Sea is adequate for swimming Not yet go to the Black) Of course, you need to look at yourself in the first place. The marker is the parent – you can dive yourself and feel how this water affects the eyes and understand how this water will affect the baby Because the baby is difficult to comment on their feelings from the water There are psychosis when a child gets so used to glasses, already in does not want to enter the water Kinks they have nothing On the beach, they are not needed at all. If he dives for a long time, and mom puts glasses on him, it looks ridiculous If swimming trunks can be different, for babies they should perform an insurance function. To avoid trouble for others then the glasses must be correct, and comfortable and convenient The cheapest do not fit These swimmers are famous, we can say They make any program, so they have as it should be and all professional swimming inventory present Now consider how to wear them comfortably. In the pool to the kid Moms have learned and wear glasses with one hand but it is a very difficult path I advise if there are such steps in the water put the baby on your hips Neela is already a year old, he is already independent; it is so more convenient for the little one put legs apart, pull your ass closer to yourself then we have two free hands and can be seen as glasses placed on the face of a child Correct if there is a need and quickly take off) And very quickly take off!)

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