💧Underwater DANCING💃

– We are coming out
today to the store to buy school uniforms for some
refugee children in our area. (relaxed guitar music) (splashing ) (upbeat music) All right, well, I feel
like my house blew up. It’s just messy everywhere, everywhere. – And even on the table. – In other news, I have a big goal today, and that goal is to cook dinner. – [Caleb] Mom! All week, somehow, I’ve
not been cooking dinner. We’ve been eating, but
it’s basically like, “Oh, here’s a peanut butter sandwich. “Here’s a cheese crisp. “Let’s grab a pizza.” And we haven’t had just
a nice sit-down meal. And some weeks, I do awesome at that, and we eat great every night. And this week, it just hasn’t happened. So it’s the morning time, and
I figure I got to figure out what I’m making tonight
because if I don’t, there’s no chance we’re going to eat in. Alright, so we came out to
swim lessons this morning. And the kids are so excited because dad’s here with
the underwater camera. – I want to swim. – [Jeremy] Okay. And come on, Cub! – [Woman] Whoa! – [Jeremy] Good job! – He’s going does a little wiggle. – [Woman] Okay, go. – Good job. I did it, I did it. – [Jeremy] Ready, go! (splashing) (upbeat guitar music) (splashing) (air bubbles) – Two, three! (splashing) (“Waltz of the Flowers” by
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) (splashing) (splashing) – [Isaac] Two, three. (gentle guitar music) – Yeah! – I did it. – Yeah! (gentle guitar music) – Kendra had a meeting this afternoon, and so she asked me to help out with the kids with their school for today. She wanted me to do something with math, so Isaac and I, what did
we work on with math? – Batting averages, how to
calculate a batting average. – Yeah, so I just gave him a
bunch of different scenarios, and he calculated batting averages. And now we’re going to do kind of a science experiment, art project. – Yeah. – Can I have one cup of water, please? – [Jeremy] Yes, you can. So you put in some water. The kids are putting in food coloring. – [Caleb] I’m going to get a spoon for me. – [Jeremy] Okay, guys, put in the oil. – It’s a bubble. – It’s on the top. – [Jeremy] Why does it do that? – Because it’s more dense,
the bottom’s more dense. – [Caleb] Can I have some? – [Jeremy] Yeah, so this is about density. Now what do you think will happen, Caleb, if we add salt into it? – I don’t know. – [Jeremy] What do you think? Will the salt lay on top of the oil? – Yeah!
– No, it would lay on the bottom with– – [Isaac] It will go to the very bottom. – Whoa! – It’s coming up! – It’s coming up! – [Jeremy] Okay, let’s see what happens if you put some food coloring in. Now watch, is it going to go down in? – [Children] Yeah – [Jeremy] Now see what happens if you put some more salt in, Caleb. – [Children] Whoa! – That’s so cool! – [Caleb] There– – [Isaac] Whoa! – [Caleb] See this? It’s going to get pitch black. – Yeah, cool. – So I just called Jeremy to talk to him about our plans for the night, and then I was realizing what a lazy person I am sometimes because he’s home. He’s actually in Caleb’s room with Caleb doing something with Caleb right now, and I was sitting here like “What should we do?”, and I was like, I’ll just
call him, and that’s so lame. Anyway, have you guys ever done that? Have you ever called someone when they’re actually really close by? Let me know so that I feel better that I’m not the only
lazy person in the world. (water running) – [Kendra] Laura? (slurping) So I just discovered
Laura in the bathroom. She’s got quite the bubbles going on. What are you doing? (clapping) – I’m washing my hands – [Kendra] I can see that
you’re washing your hands. You’ve got lots of bubbles. Hey, can we try to keep
the bubbles in the sink? Put the bubbles in the sink. Let’s get a towel,
we’ll clean it up, okay? – I’ll clean my hands off. – [Kendra] Wipe it off. So today has not gone according to plans. The day has just gone away from us. It’s been so busy– Oh, Dad? (laughing) Did I just call you on
accident? (laughing) I’m so sorry, I’m actually
vlogging right now, and I was holding my camera in my hand, and apparently I accidentally dialed you. I’m sorry Dad. – Can I show you how I shoot this? (toy clicks) – [Kendra] What!? Why do you tuck in your shirts? – Because then it makes it looks nicer. – [Kendra] Oh, it makes it look nicer? Well, you look fantastic. Alright, what are you
going to wear on your feet? – Nothing – [Kendra] Nothing? We’re going to the store, dude. You’ve gotta have something on your feet. – Why? – [Kendra] That’s one
of the rules of stores. – Why? – [Kendra] It’s one of the rules. They put it on their door. They say you have to
have a shirt on and shoes to come in here. – Why a shirt? – [Kendra] So you’re not naked. – Do they say pants? – [Kendra] I don’t think they
usually say the word pants. – Then you can have no pants on – [Kendra] No, we’re not going to do that. So we’re walking into a store, and I look over and I notice that Laura has a big stain on her shirt, but she also next to it had a sticker, and so I pick up the sticker, and I put it on top of the stain. – It was a piece of a cookie that she had drooled all
over herself, so mom-hack! – Yeah, mom-hack for stains. Just keep a sticker in the
car, and you’ll be fine. We are coming out today to the
store to buy school uniforms for some refugee children in our area. There’s been a lot of refugees coming to the Kansas City area recently, and my heart just goes out to them. Here they’re coming to a
new country with nothing and to think of the
experiences and the struggles and challenges that they’ve been through. I’m just really grateful for
some small way to reach out and to try to lift that burden. So we’re going to be
getting school uniforms for them and donating them, and then we’re also going
to be buying some books to donate to them as well. Alright you guys, you
each get to pick one book. – Oh my goodness, that’s so pretty! – [Kendra] Is that so pretty? (check out register beeping) – [Cashier] Thank you – You’re welcome – [Cashier] Okay, now you can do it. (credit card slides) (card reader beeps) (credit card slides) (card reader beeps) – [Jeremy] Alright, let me blow on it. Okay, now try it. – [Kendra] Nope, the other way. (credit card slides) (card reader beeps) – [Kendra] You did it! – [Elise] That was a magic trick! – [Jeremy] It’s because I blew on it. (gentle guitar music) – Think that’ll work? – I got this one – [Jeremy] Did you find some socks? – I find some socks! – So it’s been really
good to talk to the kids about what it would it would
be like to be a refugee, to have to leave your home
to go to a new country, how scary, how difficult,
how hard that would be. I’m just grateful that
we have some friends that found out a way
that there was something that we could do to help out. – I think these ones might
be a little bit small. Let’s get the next size up. Alright, so we picked up the clothes that we want to donate
to the refugee children, and I also got this! Look at that! – Tomorrow Laura’s gonna be potty trained. – It’s so exciting. Anyway, it’s going to be
a big day at our house for the potty princess tomorrow. – I can’t wait. – [Kendra] Why are you excited about it? – [Jeremy] Do you want
to clean up the floor everywhere where she pees? We’ll let you do that, okay? – No. – [Kendra] Why are you
excited about it, Elise? – It’s just I want her to be happy. – [Kendra] You want her to be happy? She’s gonna be excited about it. Alright. (gentle music) There we go! (gentle music) – Goodnight, J-house out. – Goodnight, J-house out.

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