So this is our pool. As you can see Tim threw all the patio furniture
down at the bottom of the pool when we left, as you can see that is the best way to keep
it from flying all over the place. But look at all the leaves and tree parts. It is a mess. Look at all of the Palm Fronds. Our backyard, this is our backyard. Palm Fronds. Stuff everywhere. Craziness. This is where all the trees fell in our yard
so we have several that Tim has already started to cut up but it literally took down the neighbors
fence. And the whole fence is kinda leaning now so
we’re gonna have to get that replaced for them. But look at this, all these trees down but
you know what, if this is the worst that happens for us, I will take it. Because right down the road there was a lot
more flooding. We have friends that had you know feet of
water in their house. So this is the worst that happens to us, I
will take it. Craziness. We’re driving into Jax Beach and look at all,
all this was obviously under water. Look at all that! And
this is probably already partially cleaned up. What is that big pole? What is that thing there? They were doing, ironically, they were doing
beach dune replenishment. Oh hoho, that’s what that is is the big garret
for the beach dune replenishment. Oh geez. All the dunes are out here where we’re driving
over them right now. That’s craziness. Sand on the road. Ya, all this was underwater. This whole entire road was underwater. That’s pretty funny. Nope we didn’t flood, good for you guys. hahaha Looks like their fence came down though. There’s Pokemon Park our favorite little park. All closed. Guess you can’t get Pokemon tonight Kelly. Oh, you can walk up there. We just can’t park there. I don’t think you can park anywhere. Look how busy it still is. It is busy as normal. Everyone’s playing Pokemon. That’s true, every single parking is closed. Ooo Yes, Joe’s, what is it? Oh my gosh look at that pile. What’s this place called? Joe’s Crab Shack. Ya that’s it. Actually, if you saw the news, this was kinda
the viral footage that was going around. This was like complete water like a river. This is that area. There’s parts of the pier in that pile. Is that part of the pier? ahhh. The Pier. So look at this blue stuff. This is all new I guess. I don’t know if it’s temporary but it’s usually
not here. Looks like there’s still some sand dunes here. Oh ..and there’s the pier. The pier used to go way farther out from that. And it stopped at a wide area. One of them flew off and landed up on the
beach. Oh you’re kidding. Some guy sent a picture to the news. They were sitting on it. He was sitting on it on the beach. Beach access something.Look at all the trash
and stuff too. Oh, you know what this all is? what? This is all sea oats. See it. What is this? Are we dancin at the beach? Parcourse. Parcourse at the beach? Ya. This is usually all concrete and look at it,
it’s all sand. All that sand used to be part of the beach. That sand used to be part of the beach, you
think that’s what they swept up so far. Ya, they just piled it all up. Gosh, They have gotten it out of the road
and the parking lot. You can see look, where the cars were parked
you can see how deep the sand was. Oh ya. See that. Oh ya look at that one car. Ya, that’s how deep the sand was. Craziness. It’s like the snow in the north. That’s where all that sand came from. Yup all this used to be under the bridge,
it’s all the way across to the other side and now it got cut through. It used to go all the way to over there. Now it’s over there. Now it’s over there, that is so sad. Ya, I’m thinkin that is probably not safe. Caution buried electric line below. Ohh stay away from there. Thanks for coming along with us as we head
home and see our house know that Hurricane Matthew affected a lot of people and is still
affecting a lot of families and we’re thinking about you guys. Thanks for joining us today and we’ll see
you guys tomorrow. Bye. Love you all.

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