Hello, are you down there somewhere? The kids have a casting day that we literally
got when we were on the cruise and the kids have no clothes to wear for casting so there’s
specific things that you need to wear so we’ll just swing by target on the way back from
the cruise to pick up a couple shirts that have layered look. So for boys you always have to have a t-shirt
and then like a shirt on top and then Hunter’s fine with a t-shirt but after she tried it
on, we realized that she needs a little jacket or something to go with it..just for the casting
so we’re gonna swing by Target on the way to meeting our friends this morning to pick
that up so kinda adding one more thing to the list of things to do today. But at least the kids tried on the clothes
and they do fit which means actually they have something to wear to the casting today. So one thing Check. All right guys, let’s get going. Hunter’s already on her phone this morning. Let’s get up and get some breakfast. Good morning Kelly. Good morning sunshine. I don’t want to get up. I know honey. You guys slept a long time though, We went
to bed early last night, 9 o’clock. so almost ten hours, that’s great. You got almost ten hours of sleep. You must have really needed it. I know we were all really tired last night. Doing my hair, getting ready to go do the
casting. You like that certain spike going on too. don’t cha. Ya. i do. Yaaa. It’s already 10:09, we have an hour and then
we need to get on the road. This is our car, as you know we spend a tremendous
amount of time in our car..that’s why you see so much stuff here in our trunk. These are mommies casting clothes. And then a whole bunch of like Disney Parks
and stuff. This is our Parks bag and then some stuff
we got from the cruise and then Kelly’s toy insider’s toy to build out. which I can’t wait cause that thing looks
seriously cool. I already started. All right and then on the way down here, as
you know we had to stop and get some clothes for the casting and then they had a sale so
as you can see I went a little hog wild at Target. I have to show you these. Two weeks we are going to a cabin for Christmas
to see snow. We saw these at Target and Hunter went nuts. She’s like I need to get these Yeti feet. So now we have to pack everything quickly. Everything got crammed in real quick. Thank goodness we don’t have a Copper cause
he has no where to sit. But we are ready to go. The inside of the car as you can see since
we live in the car, it’s very lived in. We need to get it cleaned. We’ve been meaning to get our car cleaned
for about how many months now? Oh ya, maybe a year. But we are always traveling and going so it’s
kind tough to get our car cleaned. But we need to cause we have what do we have
here?french fries and I don’t know..Lucky Charms? Lucky Charms Ya so we need to get it cleaned
but our car is a Suburu..we love it, the car is amazing and Hunter named it. What did you name it? Luna, Luna because she’s got this beautiful
blue color..like the moon. So our car is Luna but we love the car. But as you can see it definitely needs to
be cleaned, we need to make time and get it cleaned one of these days. Good morning guys. So today at Jones Family Travels we’re going
to do something a little bit different. We’re gonna take you a little bit behind the
scenes with Jones Family Travels. .You guys see a very small snippet of our
daily life, you see maybe a few hours, broken down into twenty minute segments, you know
while we’re at the parks or while we’re on a cruise. Well there’s a lot more to our life than just
that twenty minutes that you’re seeing so we’re gonna kinda take you a little bit behind
the scenes about our life and what we do because as you know, it’s so much more than taking
you on our adventures. Tim and I own a business so, an online business,
so a lot of times behind the scenes we’re working, kids are home schooled so the kids
are always in the car or even when we’re at a hotel, doing school work. You guys don’t see that part of our lives,
but we’re gonna kinda try to bring you in a little bit into the behind the scenes of
Jones Family Travels and get to know us and our family a little bit better. So we’re about to hop on the road and our
first stop is going to Disney’s Holly wood Studios, we are going to meet a fellow blogger,
being Mommy with Style. She and her family are here at Walk Disney
World. We’re gonna meet them over at Disney’s Hollywood
Studios so as you can see, we’re always drawn to the Disney Parks or Universal Parks. This time we’re meeting a fellow blogger and
as I said the kids are home schooled which means we are working where ever we have the
opportunity. A lot of times the home schooling is in the
car because 90% of our life is in the car. Right now the kids are reading..Kelly what
are you reading? Ahhh that looks good, is that a good one? Kinda yes. You like it. and Hunter what are you reading
back there? This, you’re reading a blogger book, yup. But this is a story book. A story book? by Joey Graestfa. Hunter just finished a book on the cruise,
we picked this one up on the way home from the Harmony of the Seas so she could start
a new book but as you can see..yes it looks real good. As you can see we’re in the car, about to
head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and a lot of their school work is right here in Luna. So a lot of work is done here. Now the kids do a lot more than just reading,
they do con academy they do Monarch, and a lot of that stuff is also done on their computer. Both of them, Kelly’s got his laptop right
here. Both of them have laptops, there’s Hunter’s
laptop that they can pull out and do school work. Again in the car, in the hotel room, on the
cruise ship. Where ever, even when we’re home, they can
pull out their laptops and work on school work. Can I do a fun facts? Sure, This sticker was actually from VidCon. This ticker right here this little heart is
from Vid Con and then this one’s just from Disney. Cool Now when it comes to school work, what
is your favorite thing that you do with school work? Art, you love art? And then also reading. HIstory too? reading and Art? Why do you like history? Because I like it because you learn more stuff
about what happened before you were alive. That’s cool and a lot of history you can experience
first hand in our travels right? What is your favorite Kelly? Science and reading. So science and reading are your favorites? As he gets back to reading..ha ha ha. We’re going the new back entrance or front
entrance, I’m not sure what you call it but this is the new entrance into Hollywood Studios,
bank entrance, it looks like it’s going to be, I don’t know what that is. I think it’s going to be….This is new. The entrance is..Oh my Gosh you should look
to your left. To your left this is part of the..This entrance
has always been here but they kinda shut it down for a little bit. Oh look, Christmas Decorations are up. We parked the car and now we are quickly trying
to get into Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kelly’s
Magic Band works. I don’t know if you guys remember the whole
hour and a half waiting at guest relations trying to get our Magic Bands fixed. I’m hoping Kelly’s works. They told me they were not sure that it would
actually work so we’re supposed to meet Me and Mommy with Style at 12:45. It’s 12:30. I am really really hoping that his Magic Band
works cause we’ll be on time if it doesn’t work, then we’re gonna be late. The Christmas Decorations are up. And there’s Kelly. Hello. You ok? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. it’s looking a lot like Disney..every where
we go It’s like Disney everywhere we go. Ok Kelly, big money, your key has to work. Kelly you first. C’mon buddy, C’mon Buddy, C’mon Buddy. go go go. A smile bud, put your finger here..please…please. Yes…All right let’s go. Looks like they’re filming something. yup. All right now we have to quickly get over
to Indiana Jones. Beauty and the Beast up through the green
gate. Just ignore me go on the sidewalk. Which is odd, I didn’t see a casting for anything
for this. Oh must be for Mickey’s Christmas Day Parade
taping. So that was pretty cool seeing a shoot over
there. We’re meeting people and we’re going to watch
Indiana Jones with them. Oh Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Look at that
Lizard..Is that a real lizard or a fake lizard? What do you think? Just chilling out. It looks like a fake one they put here. We’re meeting Mommy with Style..everybody..look
at all the kids. And then we have new friends that are bloggers. What’s your Channel? Arsd 23. And these guys are local too so check out
their channel, I’ll include a link below. Yea.. now we’re heading over there to the
line..Indiana Jones. Hunter said I had to volunteer so I’ve got
my hand up. They’re not going to pick me cause I’m in
the middle . all right the guy in the Hawaiian shirt is a plant. I think. Leave a comment if you think he is a plant
in the show. Brandy from Ohio. Brandy you are going to be our leading man
in the show. ahhhh ahhhh. The pose you got to hold it one more time. ahhhh . He dropped from the ceiling somewhere. Background action. And cut, very nice, gr eat job everybody. All right, you guys thought he was a plant. you are correct..They just pulled him out,
he was a plant. You might be too big for what I had in mind
here, let’s err on the side of caution. Jackie, can i borrow you for a second, earlier
you did good. need a fight demonstration, a couple punches,
maybe a kick if you’re comfortable with that. Hi where you from..Ohio.. Stand here nice and still ..Taking a punch
is just as important as throwing one. I’m sorry, are you ok? Smack. OH..What are you doing? Sir, Sir. no no no bad idea..and apologize. I’m so sorry, not to me to him. Gentle. Stunt man Jason Wood. Hunter has a new friend. ha ha ha. She’s so cute. Look at them all holding hands I love that. All right done with Indiana Jones and it was
fun to meet everybody. I’ve included all the links below so you can
visit all these amazing family vloggers and now we are off to the Sea World Casting. We have to make some stops, we have to grab
something to eat cause at this point it is now two o’clock and we have not had lunch
so we need to go grab some lunch and then we have to go grab a shirt for Hunter and
then get to the casting. Whew I’m exhausted already and it’s not even
half way through the day. So we found out they’re taping the Christmas
Day Parade/slash show, right now so that’s what’s going on right here. We had to try to squeeze out . We had to squeeze
through the gift shop. Grabbed a quick slushy and water cause it’s
so hot. I think that’s kinda Christmasy ..see it’s
got a straw that’s green, slush is red. That’s so cool, going down. I know Then I got a coke and look it’s got
Christmas stuff on it. Hollywood Studios is going Christmas. This could be a little bit of a problem for
our casting. Your teeth are red. They are? Yes. Your teeth are red and your tongue, we’re
going to have to stop and get a toothbrush. When we pick up your shirt. Let me see that tongue. Oh my gosh, can I see, can I see? Awesome that’ll work. all right now that’ll work for what you need. Our quick stop at Target was successful, we
got Hunter her little vest and we got little snacks for the kids..so I’m excited that we
got something healthy than just grabbing food at the theme parks. Turkey sandwich. turkey sandwich awesome. I’m not going to be able to eat the whole
thing. I don’t think you will be able to eat the
whole thing so half now and half later? That’s where our casting is in a school actually. That’s where the casting is today. We are on time yea..we stopped by Publix and
we’re just gonna hang out in the parking lot, finish eating our lunch, and it’s almost like
linner at this point. It’s like 3:44 so almost like dinner time
soon..so it’s a very late lunch so we’re gonna eat real quick and then we’re gonna change
and unfortunately that’s part of the life, we don’t have time to drive home and get changed
and get ready..umm. literally, we’re just going to change in the car. Umm Kelly is just going to put on his new
shirt, Hunter’s going to put on her new shirt and we’re just gonna eat and hang out in the
car for a little bit and get changed and then get to our casting..which is really close
by so we’re doing good. We’re doing good, we’re doing good. Brush Hunter’s hair in the car real quick. Kelly’s all dolled up just did his hair, got
his casting outfit on, that fit ya? Got your casting outfit on..Are you ready
to go? Yea Yea. Are you excited..do you like Sea World? Yea..ha ha ha. My teeth hurt now. Why do they hurt..because I’ve been smiling
so much, it was’nt forced smiling, it was fun smiling. Oh that’s what I like to hear. So what did you have to do? We were looking at roller coasters and then
we were looking at some animals and then we were looking at umm a show. So like we oh my gosh and then it down part
and oh there’s screaming. I can’t wait and then the next part was the
animals, they were like oh my gosh and ummm it was one of the people that we were with
said maybe we can take it with us..what would happen if we it would go missing and I’m like
we could put it in a cooler. Like they were wondering how we would take
it with us. They said we could put it is a cooler and
we were like ya. That’s a good idea. And then when we were doing the show, it’s
so pretty..And then like songs came on and stuff so we were like I love this song. And then there was a different show that we’re
gonna look and we’re like and there was a show and we’re like let’s go over th ere so
one person was just about to say it and the other person run up and he’s like nope.op.
nevermind. Wow. So all that and it was fun. But then like when we were getting ready and
stuff, one of the people said I don’t bite only much only on Sunday’s and today’s Sunday. Oh my goodness. and you ran into some friends
too that you haven’t seen for awhile. which is cool. Casting sounds like it was amazing..the kids
had a really good time. It is five o’clock and we are going to head
home and Mommy has a bunch of work to do so I’m going to get home and create some videos
and do some work work and then get up early tomorrow and then do it all over again. Now this is a little behind the scenes of
the Jones Family Travels but you know what everyday is completely different. we’re gonna get up tomorrow and tomorrow is
going to be completely different than every other day that we’ve taken. That’s part of our life. Our life is an adventure, nothing is the same,
it’s not like you wake up you go to school, you go to work. That’s not our life but this is what we love. You know we live in a smaller house, lower
means so we can travel, cause to us the experiences, that’s life. and that’s to us, that’s our dream. We are always talking about Keep on Dreaming. Our dream is to have these adventures with
our family. To have these experiences with our family. So that’s why we do what we do because we
want to experience these things. And we want these kids to have opportunities
to do acting if they want to act, we want to have the experience of meeting our friends
at the Disney Park if we want to do that. That’s our life and that’s our dream as a
family. Tim and myself and the kids. So you got to see a little bit behind the
scenes of the Jones Family Travels and a little bit more about us. I really hope you liked the video, enjoyed
the experience and time with us. Give us a thumbs up if you like the video,
You guys get our there and follow your dreams. Keep on Dreaming and we’ll see you tomorrow. Bye..Love you all.Keep on Dreaming. Sorry Hunter that was yours. Love you all.

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