That’s the way to wake up. Way to take the air out of your air mattress. I don’t like these. Another early morning as we make out road
trip home. Got our stuff packed, doing a quick walk around
dance of our train car. Since we were only here for one quick night,
I think we got most everything. I’m really funny, for as often as we travel,
I kind get the linen’s ready for the housekeeping. I put all the linens on the bed, put all the
towels on the floor. Eh, just a habit of mine. All right, are you ready to go? Hand this to you. I am super tired because one evil person decided
to unleash the air of my air mattress. What happened was some evil person, cough
cough, undid my air mattress that i was sleeping on and then I moved to a different bed and
slept with mom a little bit. A train? oh ya it’s over there. That’s why they give you ear plugs cause it’s
an actual working train station right next door huh? This early in the morning, it does look a
little creepy. Even though it’s supposed to be a nice nun
traveling. You are like here this morning. ha ha ha Oh that’s funny. Daddy should be out at the car getting the
car ready. Getting the car ready. And it’s a balmy 55 degrees this morning. What do you think about that Hunter? It’s a balmy 55 degrees this morning. It’s nice and warm this morning. That’s the train station right on the other
side. Do you feel like you’re at King’s Cross in
Diagon Alley at all? I do though. I am super excited because we’re in Kentucky
and it’s 64 degrees outside. Yes, finally warm to wear flip flops and shorts. So excited to get home because I miss Copper
and I miss the ice skating rink, even though I ice skated before we left. I miss my family and…upwards to Georgia. I get it, mom is going to surprise us because
we have one more stop til we…til we go to Florida. We’re gonna stop and get lunch, where would
you like to go? You never see this kid excited except when
it comes to Arby’s. I don’t know what it is with Arby’s this kid..their
roast beef is good. This kid just loves Arby’s . Yes we’re going
to Arby’s for lunch just for you. We just got out of North Carolina and we passed
the river that I went white water rafting on when I was on one of the Boy Scout summer
camps. this summer camp. So it’s nice to remember those memories. We’re pulling in to Clayton and look there’s
Goats and they even call this place Goats on the roof. Cause that’s where they are. Oh my gosh, this is a riot. Open Daily til 5:30. Awesome. It closes January 3rd so we just barely made
it. Look at the goats actually on the roof. The goats can actually go to the billboard. I think the goats are hiding. Can we speak to them? Goat food, There you go. Let’s go get some goat food. The goat eating your hair? All right let’s go get some goat food. So that’s the goat food in an ice cream cup. Yum, are you gonna eat it? No, It’s for the goat. They see us…hey goat, hey goat, don’t make
me baaaaeg. Don’t make me feel Baaaad. Like gimme some food, I know you got it.I
want to feed them. I know you got it. What are those? Do I
just give it to them. Ya. Ya, just over here. Look at his little …here you go. Oh, you meany. Oh you meany. Hey buddy , hey you need some food. Oh ha ha ha he’s very close, look at him,
hey. He’s an adult man. Here put it close so he can get it. funny. Gonna make him mad. I was gonna say, he’s gonna jump right over. Here you go. Look at him, he’s going to climb right over. You’re kind feisty aren’t you. He’s like get away from my food. Look at him..oh you big meany. Big meany pushing em around. Ok, walk over there feed that little one. Poor little ones, getting beat up, you’re
a big meany. Hunter found the baby. Ahhh, little baby one. Oh here comes the big guy. Here you go. Come here. ha ha ha Come get it. Look at his little tail. Ha ha ha. yah…scream…ha ha ha Wow Daddy
got you good. ha ha ha That’s what I call screamin like
a little girl. ha ha ha ha ha Oh ho. Then we found this goat feeder contraption
that you put your food in. This is one of I think three, there is one
here and on over there. So it’s sends there food up..just to test
it out. Up we go. Ya, you can feed them..put it up and the goats
that are up there get food. That is so funny. Look at the little suspension bridge for them. We are here. Scream, I think I know what it is. I think I know what it is. That is our teepee for the night. The red one, this one right here, ya..what
do you think? h ah..Hunter is not too sure about this. I think we’re gonna get wet though. You think we’re gonna get wet? How do you even get in? Right here. Undo these. Oh my word. What? Thank you. Wow…What do you think? There’s an electrical plug..yes. There’s an electric plug.yes. So this is glamping so we have heat, we have
lights, bunk beds for the kids. What is this..ooooo. Guest book. A guest book. Ya for everyone whose visited. Cool. Bed I thought they had a TV for some reason
but maybe not in this one. Maybe no TV. But no WIFI. What are we gonna do..no WIFI. Whoaa. Op I just got dripped on. That’s not good. It’s raining and I just go dripped on. Sometimes it’ll drip on…we may be sleeping
in the car tonight. ha ha ha. No Isn’t this crazy though, it’s an actual
tent or an actual tent..an actual teepee. You have bigger and lots more room. Is that rocking chair just a chair, that’s
just a chair. All right who gets top and who gets bottom? I get top, I get bottom. But how do you..oh that was easy. We’re actually right next to a playground
though. I like this right here, Oh ya. I haven’t done this in a while. That would be kinda fun. No I don’t think we have any plans for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s our last day on the road trip home..yea.. And here’s a whole bunch of other teepees. I think we’re here by ourself though. I don’t see any other cars so I think we’re
the only ones in this section tonight. This place has a ropes ourse and ziplines
and disc golf and a bunch of other stuff. Pretty cool Definitely something different
we’ve never done before. So we’re winding down, ya we’re gonna go to
bed so give us a like subscribe so I’ll see you guys later..yaa..Love you all. Have a goatastic day…

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