10 Coolest Sci-Fi Drones (Must Watch)

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science fun and drones drones were invented mainly with the purpose of
doing tasks that are considered dangerous for human beings however
nowadays Jonze are being used for aerial photography recreational purposes
military applications agriculture activities surveillance product
deliveries and numerous other purposes in this video we will see ten of the
coolest drones in the market number 10 parrot hydrofoil parrots latest mini
drone comes with a combined float and fly option this drone is a combination
of a boat shaped object and hydrofoil detachable quadcopter which serves as
the steering wheel and engine for the drone the quadcopter can turn vertically
up which boosts the speed of the drone up to 6 km/h on water thanks to its fins
which can rise up to 2 inches allowing the jolted glide around the water much
easily the drone can be steered and controlled through a smartphone up to a
range of 80 feet as far as the battery power is concerned the drone can float
for seven minutes on water with all the above features combined the drone is
valued for a hundred and seventy nine dollars for those with a tight budget
you can purchase only the quadcopter for 99 dollars without the boat this drone
has a bigger battery life of 10 minutes and has a maximum speed of 11 miles per
hour it can also be used for entertainment recreational purposes or
as the toy to play with snap drone synapse is the world’s first
portable 4k flying drone available today in the market the problem with small
drones is that they compromise on video quality and the larger drones are just a
mess to carry around due to their weight snap fixes both problems by being
ultralight in terms of weight and tiny in size so it can fit and even the
smallest backpack it has a gimbal stabilized 4k camera 20
minutes flight time 34 miles per hour speed and a 1-hour recharge time even in
windy weather it can fly around 20 miles per hour another awesome feature is the
safety it offers by covering the wings of the drone in a frame so even if
someone accidentally hits the drone it won’t cause damage to them and the drone
will turn away quickly by one to two feet snap drone is also controllable
through smartphones it has GPS and geo aware image sensors trackers
accelerometers and much more allowing the best user photography and video
experience the cost of snap drone bundle is eight hundred ninety nine dollars number eight the photo kite the photo
kite is a drone which has a wire attached to it and the length of how far
the drone wants to go depends on how much you stretch the wire the photo kite
drone has intelligent sensors which will follow your movements and to move along
with you in the direction you are heading it gives everyone the power to
capture bird’s-eye footage as quickly and easily as possible it is the
lightest gopro karin quadcopter with a flight time of 15 minutes aiming to be
the easiest way to secure beautiful aerial footage the batteries are easily
replaceable and the device itself can be charged anywhere with just a USB the
cost of a photo kite drone is $299 number Seven’s parrot disco this jet shaped drone is probably one of
the fastest and high-speed drones in the market today with a top speed of 80 km/h
with features like auto takeoff auto land it always maintains the most
efficient speed and height for the drone to give you the best results
wide-angle full HD video impressive first-person view and with a 45-minute
flight time parrot disco drone efficiently uses the latest technology
to provide the users with the best reality results some other features
include Wi-Fi control sonic sensor vision camera on the bottom propeller
with brushless motor and 1080p video recording furthermore it has a range of
1.2 miles over Wi-Fi can be controlled with a smartphone device and has a 30
minutes battery charging time all of this can be yours for one thousand two
hundred and ninety nine dollars number six sprite the sprite drone is by
the company called ascent AeroSystems it has a six inch long airframe and is
especially designed for harsh environments and tough conditions this
drone is portable has collapsible rotor blades and optional landing gear made up
of polycarbonate and carbon fiber it also consists of motors rotor system
flight control actuators autopilot and signal receiver this Sprite drone is
heavier if you compare it with other drones weighing around 1.3 kilograms as
an empty box and with payloads it weighs four point eight kilograms the
flight time is around 40 minutes and it can reach a maximum speed of 50 miles
per hour or 80 kilometers per hour number five
Nihon goes to drone even ghost drone has a 4k camera with three axis gimbal
it supports microSD cards has circular polarized 5.8 gigahertz antenna and
propeller guards for protection of its propeller special goggles are also
provided to see and control its movement it has eight point five inch
self-tightening propellers and has a range of one kilometer for flight the
drone can be controlled by a smartphone and the manufacturer combined the
first-person virtual reality goggles and the gesture based smartphone control
together so everyone can enjoy the most immersive flying experience ever
this Jonas highly integrated processing power to
sensor backup and an upgraded global GPS system which combines to make the drone
more stable number forms sty feel ‘evil one Saifee drones are designed specifically
for security companies public safety and commercial and industrial users these
drones have hard bodies and can bear adverse weather conditions it’s
resistant to winds up to 40 miles per hour industrial and commercial users can
include product deliveries for e-commerce and online stores these
drones are big in size and have a long lasting battery life the drone can fly
up to 400 feet and for approximately 20 hours
it has a CM 100 camera with significant zoom option unlike any other drone
available in the market with up to 30 times in more zoom number 3x tape copter when you merge a helicopter and a tape
you get this drone called the X tank copter the design of this drone is a
mixture of a quadcopter and a tank allowing both ground and air movement
for this drone the switch between air and land mode can be easily made with
just a push of a button the drone camera produces 1280 by 720 pixel HD video with
150 to 200 meters live video transmission the drone is compatible and
controllable through smartphones this tank copter offers a large 4.3 inch
screen a 2.4 gigahertz transmitter with a range of a hundred meters a swift
transition between land and air mode 360-degree rotation movement and it can
fly high and fast number two sky Prowler sky Prowler is made up of a carbon-fiber
body it is a vertical takeoff and landing transformer drone which uses the
Switchblade transformation mechanism it has a 3d stabilized camera for better
view and a cargo drop door which can be used by ecommerce companies and stores
for the purpose of product deliveries like Amazon eBay and Alibaba sky Prowler
can be reconfigured to fly without wings by removing the wings allowing the drone
to enter small places much easily it also makes the drone much lighter in
terms of weight and allows the more battery and flight time with the wings
the drone can travel at a speed of 60 miles per hour or a hundred kilometers
per hour whereas without the wings the drone can travel at a speed of 30 miles
per hour or 50 kilometers per hour number one moon copter the selling point
for a loon copter drone is that it is the only drone in the market to fly
float and swim underwater as well dr. Osama the professor at Auckland
University who developed this drone got a million-dollar check and won the 2016
UAE drones competition for making this drone the best possible use of this
drone is for search and rescue pipelines inspection and treasure
hunting which can be a tedious task for humans and can also put human life in
danger the cool underwater operation function works as the drone stores the
water inside it and then sinks below when the drone is pulled back to the
surface it disperses the water stored so that it can fly again thanks for watching which drone did you
find the most impressive and why tell me the reason in the comment section below
feel free to subscribe and be my friend I’ll catch you guys in my next video

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