10 FUN AND iNEXPENSIVE SUMMER DATE iDEAS (ft Parker and Cameron)

(upbeat rock music) – [Bailey] Okay, show me
your 7-Eleven Slurpees! – [Cameron] I got cherry Dr. Pepper. – [Bailey] He’s got a traffic cone. So your date can pick out
an ugly outfit for you and you pick out an ugly
outfit for your date. – And these are women’s. – Women’s clothing, so … – Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey,
and today’s video is a vlog style video and
we are showing y’all us doing as many dates as we possibly can in one day. But we are going to do
them so that y’all kind of get an idea of some fun
dates that y’all can do like over the summer, and
they’re gonna be super easy and super cheap. So that’s what we’re doing today, and we have some special guests with us in the video as well. Parker is going to be joining me. – [Bailey] And my friend Cameron
is going to be joining me. – So we’re gonna be going
around doing as many of these dates as we possibly can and we’ll also be explaining in the car some other kinds of
dates that y’all can do just to give y’all some good date ideas. – Totally. Now, let’s go on to the dates. – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn
and Bailey and Cameron. We are going to do more of the super cheap and super easy dates because
we’re trying to get as many as possible in one day, but
we will be talking about other date ideas that
you can do in the car on our way to all of these adventures. So where are we headed right now? What’s our first one? – (singing) IHOP for breakfast. – We are going for a breakfast date! So this is something fun
you can do with anybody I mean like breakfast is just breakfast, you can eat it for
breakfast, lunch, or dinner and it’s delicious. So you can just go on a date,
get some breakfast food, and chat. And Parker will be joining
us in about 45 minutes because he had work this morning,
but he will be joining us. And yeah, let’s see how
many we can get done. – So we have made it to
IHOP and we are currently trying to pick out what we want to eat. Do you know what you want to eat yet? – Pancakes probably. – Yeah I’m trying to
decide if I’m hungry enough for like a massive meal, or
if I just want like pancakes. And we’re still waiting on Parker so, she’s dateless right now. – He still has a half an hour. – I got pressured into …
– [Bailey] Dared. – I got dared into drinking
two of these little containers of half and half. And they said I wouldn’t do
it, and because I’m a guy I have to prove them wrong, you know. (both girls laughing) – [Brooklyn and Bailey]
Go! Chug, chug, chug! – That’s not half bad. – [Bailey] Oh, ha ha ha.
– [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh. You’re so dumb. – Bailey was like ‘hey Cameron,
do you like hot sauce?’ and I was stupid enough to
give her an honest answer like ‘no I don’t really care
for it’ and she was like ‘I dare you’ and at that point I was like ‘Oh, here we go.’ (both girls laughing) Now hang on now, so do I
want Tabasco or do I want … – [Bailey] No no, you want this one. – I want the Cholula? Okay, yeah. That’s what I was thinking too actually. (both girls laughing) Yeah that’s really gross. – [Brooklyn] Meal has
come, we have conquered, it is time to go. – First date, pow! Breakfast date.
– I’d say it was a success. Best date I’ve ever been on. – Today is bring your
own cup day to 7-Eleven, so we’re doing that as a date. So we’re about to go home
and get the biggest cups we can find to take them to 7-Eleven. But, if you guys … I know it’s not bring your
own cup day to 7-Eleven day everyday, so … – [Bailey] Tragically.
– Tragically. So another date idea y’all
can do instead of this is of course getting ice cream. Who doesn’t wanna get ice cream? Frozen yogurt, you know
that kind of stuff, anything like just going to get desert, maybe you go to a cafe,
you have a favorite pastry or something you like to
get and go hang out there. – [Bailey] Did you just say pastry? – Yeah! ‘Cuz I went on a date and it was at a cafe and I got like a little Swedish pancake with like fruit and chocolate sauce and it was really good, so … I mean stuff like that. – [Cameron] I have a traffic
cone for my special cup. Bailey what are you taking? – I have a pot! – [Cameron] Brooklyn what are you taking? – I’m taking a vase! – Parker what are you taking? – A blender!
– A blender! – A blender, and you have … Hey Parker’s here guys! (voices drown out by cheering) So we’re about to get all of this underway it’s gonna be a really good old fun time, so here we go. (happy bouncy music) (laughing) – [Bailey] Parker! Oh
my gosh are you serious? – [Parker] We’re at about five cups. (girls laughing) (machine whirring) – [Bailey] Okay, show me
your 7-Eleven Slurpees! – [Cameron] I got cherry Dr. Pepper. – [Bailey] He’s got a traffic cone. – [Cameron] In my cone. – [Brooklyn] A vase.
– Blender. – [Bailey] And then I’ve got my pot. – Now we’re headed to geocache
slash hike slash kind of … What is it called? Explore-ish! That’d be a fun date. So we’re gonna do that right now. Now geocaching you see
you can get this app and you can pick out
where you wanna go … – [Bailey] So you can go like this. – [Brooklyn] And then you
can search around that area and find a little treasure. – Yes. – [Brooklyn] So we have found our place, it’s back here somewhere. And we’re going to find our treasure. Cameron is still drinking. So … (Bailey laughs) – [Bailey] We found these
before we left for the geocache and he thought that would make him, what? – Uh these are my x-ray vision goggles they’re designed so that
wherever I’m looking I can find geocaches better. – [Parker] Is that so?
– Yeah. I have another pair, do
you want them Parker? – [Brooklyn] Yes!
– [Parker] Please. – There you go. I always carry a spare,
y’know what I’m sayin? Can’t be too careful. – Oh wow, the world is so much more clear. – [Cameron] It’s crazy isn’t it? Yeah. – [Bailey] Oh yes. (techno music) – Ready to find our geocache. It’s telling us it’s over
in this direction so … Parker says it’s down there. – [Cameron] I have the
goggles on, let me look. – [Parker] Okay (mumbling). What do you see man? – [Cameron] Um … Look, echo. (Bailey laughs) – [Parker] I’m so dumb,
there’s a ribbon right here. – [Brooklyn] That’s probably what it is. – [Parker] Yeah, I was gonna
say that with the goggles I saw this. (suspenseful spy music
and electronic beeping) – We found the treasure! With
the help of the x-ray goggles. – Oh, the pencil’s broken! We can’t sign it, the pencil’s broken. That’s okay. – But we have the satisfaction of finding the treasure.
– We found it. – [Both] Everybody knows that we found it. – [Cameron] We should just
spit on it and it’ll count. – DNA!
– [Bailey] DNA. – So another fun date idea
to do is to just kind of … Well we’ve done this before,
like pick out a recipe that you want to cook and make it. We’re gonna make
sandwiches because, I mean, I’m not the greatest at cooking (laughs). And it’s lunch time so we’re really hungry and we wanna eat something so
we’re gonna make sandwiches and we’re gonna get some snacks together and I think we’re gonna
take it on a picnic. So we’re gonna count this as two dates, one making food with your date. You can make a really
fun meal like for dinner, maybe sit down and have
a nice dinner at home and watch a movie or something, or you can pack it up and
go on a picnic like we are so it’s kinda like two dates. So we’re gonna count it as two dates. – [Brooklyn] Look at
that and we’ve got … – [Parker] Packed,
wrapped, and ready to go. – [Brooklyn] A blanket,
so we’re heading out. – [Bailey] So another fantastic date idea is a picnic at a park, which we are doing. We have paper towels and more food. (Brooklyn laughs) Oh, cute. Really nice weather, we’re
enjoying it, it’s beautiful, it smells good, some kids
are running around back here, it’s like perfect. Another date idea you
could do is come to a park and play some games like we are. We are currently playing frisbee, and we’re about to play a game. Brooklyn and Parker
against me and Cameron. So we’re playing Ultimate
Frisbee, it’s me and Cameron against Brooklyn and Parker. Our goal’s over there,
theirs is right here. We are ready to dominate! We just won one round
against Brooke and Parker. – And I’m already exhausted. – And we’re already
like (breaths heavily). Like halfway through the
game we’re like T, time out! – Full time out, please. – So they’re over there pouting. I don’t know if you can see them. They’re like over there
pouting right there. So we’re gonna try and win another round. He’s gonna throw it. You ready? – [Cameron] Ready?
– Yes. (upbeat rock music) Alright! Let the games begin. (Bailey laughing) (Breathing heavily) We are basically dying over here. – I’m gonna get on your back. – [Bailey] They won once. But we won once. And we’re out of breath. When we are tired of running
we swing on the playground. – [Cameron] Halftime!
– [Bailey] Halftime! So we ended in a tie. – We won.
– [Bailey] Both teams won. – No, that’s not true. – [Bailey] Both teams won.
– We won. – [Bailey] Now we are on to the next date. – Everyone’s a winner. – While we are driving to our next date we’re gonna talk about
some other date ideas that we’re not showing today, but you guys could
totally do that are fun. – Umm, you could go to a
minor league baseball game. Those are always fun. – Yeah, we go to minor league
baseball games all the time ‘cuz they’re just like
fun and they’re cheap. – We go to Six Flags or an amusement park. – Yeah, like an amusement park. – That’s two. – Golfing, like top golf and mini golf, bowling is super fun. – [Bailey] Ice skating, rollerskating. – Yeah, ice skating, rollerskating, we do scavenger hunts all the time, so like we’ll go to different stores. Or like, oh my gosh, we love doing this, we’ll go to stores and
we’ll try to pick out the ugliest outfits for each other and then they have to try them on and it’s so much fun. – [Bailey] So your date can
pick out an ugly outfit for you and you can pick out an
ugly outfit for your date. Let’s go. So we are picking out the
boys’ outfits and show us what you got so far. This combo. Yes. For Parker. So I have to find one for Cameron. – And these are women’s. – Woman’s clothing, so. – So for Bailey I found
this really cute white skirt with vertical blue stripes
and this blue shirt right here with a pink cardigan to go over it. And I’m just looking
for a nice pair of pants to go under the skirt. – So we’re gonna start
off with this lovely blouse top thing and we’re
gonna slide it under this. And then I mean, if you
get even colder you can put like one of these on right here. – [Cameron] Okay, there you go. – And then the pants
will be right here … – [Cameron] That’s gonna be really good. – Wow, all I’m looking for is a belt and maybe a little skirt. – [Cameron] Yeah. Maybe some jewelry to spice
it up a little bit, y’know? – [Parker] True. (upbeat dance music) – [Bailey] So this is why we
do this, ‘cuz it’s so funny. – [Cameron] Do I look cute though? We’re back in our normal clothes now. – Minus the hats, we liked them so much we’re gonna buy them, right? – Yeah, I think so. They might just say hey
you guys look so good we’re just gonna give those to you. We don’t know.
– That’s true. So now the twins are
changing and honestly, I know this is supposed to be a game, but I think they’re gonna
look really good personally. Like this might just be the
next big thing. Like seriously. – Like we said, fashion
in the next 15 years. – It’s true, it’s true. – This is to come, like
innovation right here. – Let’s just see how they look
whenever they get out, okay? – Innovation. – [Cameron] Okay, one, two, three! – [Parker] This is fashion forward, like next 20 years right here. – [Cameron] Oh, yes. Yes. Hey show us your pants Bailey, come on. Yes! If you had to vote on
a scale from 1 to 10, how pretty do you feel right now? – I feel an 11. – [Cameron] An 11? That
is a broad statement. Brooklyn what about you? – [Brooklyn] I feel a perfect 10. – [Cameron] A perfect 10? Well like Parker and I have been saying, we honestly think that this
might be the next big thing. – [Parker] This is like red carpet, like what’s the next red carpet? ‘Cuz I think that could be this. – I think we all looked fantastic. – I kinda wanna go back and get my outfit, I’m not gonna lie. You guys right now. – See it’s a really fun date to do because you can laugh and have fun and also like take pictures. – And it’s free! – It’s free, you don’t
have to pay anything. It’s really fun. So, that was a success. Alright so, another thing you
can do is play board games. We’ll see who wins this one. – [Parker] Collects 10,000. – [Bailey] So, halfway
through, how’s everyone doin? – I am a doctor with a mansion. – I am an entertainer
with a penthouse suite. (everyone laughs) – [Bailey] You used to be a policeman. – Yeah, I don’t like being a
policeman, it’s not very fun. – I am a lawyer and I live
in a luxury mountain retreat. – [Bailey] And I a vegenarian … – [Cameron] A vegenarian? – [Bailey] A veterinarian
and a modern Victorian house. – Let’s just count up our
money here to see who wins. – [Bailey] I definitely lost. – [Parker] Oh no. What do you think? (Bailey laughs) I’m gonna guess who won. So not going to college
and becoming an entertainer having no family or no
kids is gonna get you the victory in life. – Oh look at Cameron, he’s a
police officer, he’s so goofy, ha ha, yeah and then I win, how bout it? – Yeah, this is life lessons guys. – Yeah. – Listen okay, follow your
dreams and don’t go to college is what I’m trying to tell you. – [Everyone] No! – I’m kidding this is a board … I’m not gonna base my life
off of a board game you guys. (everyone laughs) Mom, I played life one day and I won okay? I can do this alright, I promise! (everyone laughs) – Another date idea you
could do is swimming, depending on the weather of course, but it’s nice and warm in
Texas so you can go swimming for a date, so we’re gonna go swim. – [Bailey] Alright y’all. (loud splash) Oh, fancy! (laughing) – [Parker] How’s the water? – [Bailey] It feels good! – [Parker] It’s warm right? – [Cameron] Two thumbs up.
– [Bailey] Yeah, totally. – [Parker] I bet. Oh, what a throw. (both yelling) We did it! A plus! – [Bailey] And then when
you get cold from swimming or tired of swimming you
can lay out in the sun. Woohoo! – Thank you guys so much
for watching our video! If you wanna subscribe
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video, and also some other awesome date ideas that y’all have. Thank you guys so much for watching, and we’ll see you next week. Bye! (music slowly fades out)

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