10 Things you might not know about Update Aquatic 1.5.3! – Minecraft PE

what is it guys all material today I am back with another video and what is it guys all my texts here today I am back with another video and what is it guys all my texts here today I am back with another video and this minecraft trikes what you do in the game so this twit says update aquatic players you’ve already placed five billion coral blocks under water place five million more and you will donate $100,000 to the Nature Conservancy so what we can get from this to it is that minecraft tracks what we were doing in Minecraft but this is not used in a bad manner so what I mean by that is that it doesn’t steal your personal information in what not humans ability I think that’s how I pronounce her last name I said it’s done it so we can do things like find out what makes the game trash so they can fix the game so yeah that’s the one thing you might not know about the one point for aquatic updates this is a second one the phantom membrane can be used for the electron wings repair the phantom isn’t implementing the game yet that’s a dolphin to dingus but when the phantom is implementing the game then you can use the fantasy membrane to fix the electro wings so this is a Tara wanna so if you’re swimming in the ocean then it’s kind of slow right but if you’re streaming a dolphin then it’s a little bit faster than swimming alone so dolphins basically makes you swim a little bit faster the first one is a pumpkinette so as you guys can see this is the new item s that is added in one point for aquatic updates so if you want to get the old pumpkin and then you can carve it like this and it carves undecided touched like this and once you carve it you can get the pumpkin seed by doing so so this is a new way of getting the compensator the fifth one is the bone meal so if you use a bone meal in the water then this happens yeah so stuffs and things grow and same thing happens even if you place it down like this and if you touch the seagrass twice then it’s gonna crawl to Lhasa the sixth one is about dolphins Agana the Dolphins sounds are actually real dolphins sounds and he or she recorded the dolphin sound and it was implemented in the game so the Dolphins sound is not made up it is an actual dolphin sound this is a seventh runner so you guys probably know the waters color change depending on what biome you are in ER so if you place the water inside the nether I’m in the ender then it becomes purple so you guys can see the endermans eyes and other things are purple so I think the purple is the color that represents the ender the seventh one is about the chest so if you want to place down a chest right next to another chest then it becomes one big chest but if we crouch then it still becomes one big chest but if you’re using the Java Edition then it will work like this so this will must definitely come to the minecraft pad or conditioner – yeah so this is the eight wanna there’s a furnace so this is the eight wanna you can cook food and other stuffs with a dried kelp block like this while you cannot put the dried kelp in there so that’s kind of weird last one is about the tropical fish so Helens I believe once said there are about 3,000 different variety of tropical fish in Minecraft one point for our quick updates so yeah yeah does it for today guys and see you guys in the next video [Music]

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