10 Tweaks I’d Make in Minecraft’s ‘Update Aquatic’

With Minecraft 1.13’s Update Aquatic on
our shores, we’re seeing one of the biggest overhauls to the game in quite a few years. Some massive changes are taking place, mostly
focused on the oceans. There’s a lotta great content, but there’s
still some potential to make it even better, with a few tweaks, ideas and alterations. I’m SimplySarc and welcome! Let’s take a look at 10 tweaks and improvements
that could be made in Minecraft 1.13’s Update Aquatic. Ok, so to start out let’s tweak one of my
favourite features in this update. If you place down a banner, right click it
with a map, you can now add labels to your map in the form of a little flag icon. This is awesome, if you’re anything like
me and you love world building and lore, it can be really satisfying to mark places in
your world like oceans, cities and landmarks. As great as this is, I do think there’s
something extra that could be added to make it even better! The banner icons are alright, but they don’t
necessarily suit every situation. What would be cool is if they added more icon-types,
like creeper faces, pins, skulls and bones, ships, towers, portals, trees, swords, all
kinds! I reckon it’d really help to annotate what
kind of landmark your labeling, like a creeper face might indicate a dungeon. It could be pretty easy to implement as well,
maybe different banner motifs create different kinds of icons? Right, so the next thing we’re gonna talk
about is Minecraft’s newest weapon! The trident! I’m really glad to see they added this item
to the game, because we’ve never actually had a new weapon… Ever! I hope in the future we’ll see even more
fun new weapons to play with. Now the trident itself is quite cool, it’s
pretty dang strong and is great in the water. Nevertheless, I do think a slight misstep
has been made with the trident. My problem is how you actually get the trident. It pretty much just drops from the new drowned
mob. The issue is that this weapon is really strong! It’s basically a diamond axe mixed with
a bow, doesn’t even need ammo! The fact that this kind of item just drops
from a common mob feels unbalanced and kinda unceremonious for what it is. So I think getting the trident should work
differently. I saw this great suggestion from reddit user
Keeko100, and want to shine some more light on it. The ocean monuments is where the trident should
be found. It makes total sense, the monuments don’t
currently have a proper reward for conquering them, I mean sure, you get sponge, but that
feels a little lame. The monuments are not only ocean themed, but
they even use the same colour scheme as the trident. So how it’d work is the trident would be
shattered into 3 fragments. Where do you get these fragments? From elder guardians! Defeat all 3 in the monument and you’ll
have enough to combine them back into the full trident. It’s perfect, they’re both water themed,
they both heavily use the number 3, it’s frankly shocking the devs seem to have missed
this great opportunity! In Minecraft 1.13, the oceans have been changed
dramatically, not just in content, but also how the terrain generates. If you paddle around for a while, you’ll
soon enough find all kinds of new formations on the ocean bed. There was special effort to add some new underwater
cave generation in the update aquatic. Not only can you find underwater ravines,
but even a variation called a ‘thermal vent’, filled with magma that drags unsuspecting
travellers down into the depths. Plus, caves can also now spawn pre-filled
with water. This change adds some nice scenery, but it’s
as of yet failed to create any incentive to actually explore these new marine environments. There isn’t currently anything in these
caves worth the inconvenience of not being able to breathe underwater. It makes more sense to just stick to conventional
caves. In light of this, I figured something should
be done to make underwater caving a little more worthwhile. So another item that seems to just have been
lumped onto the drowned is the nautilus shell. This is an important new ingredient. I think a better way to implement the shell
is for it to generate as an actual block. Perhaps you could only find it attached to
the walls of deep sea caverns and ravines? This fleshes out the water caves a little
bit and creates an extra adventure to go on. A cool addition you probably heard about was
the new phantom mob. It was added by a vote at minecon and has
had much speculation. I even myself made a video going over how
it could work, which you should definitely check out, ‘cause it’s pretty wicked. The phantom, or ‘Mob B’ or ‘The Monster
of the Night sky, (it’s got a lotta names!) has went through a few iterations. The first take was terrible, looked really
rubbish, but the second and current form is actually really nice. The new texture artist JAPPA did a really
good job on it’s model and skin. So the phantom actually drops an item that
retroactively is now the repair item for elytra. I like this feature, the logic makes total
sense, but it also gave me an idea. I thought it’d be cool if elytra had a few
unlockable skins that you earned through playing the game. Jeb showed interest in custom-made elytra
skins, but I reckon it’d be better if it were limited to a few well made designs. How I reckon it could work is, you’d have
to achieve some tricky advancement in your world and it’d then grant you a special
elytra skin to use. My example here is a phantom membrane skin,
but you could have others like ender dragon, chicken or parrot versions. Not only would these looks really cool, but
it’d give players a great nudge to participate in the new advancement system as well. Much to BillyK_’s delight, turtle’s were
finally added to Minecraft. I actually really like how they went about
adding this mob, largely for its unique breeding mechanic. Unlike other mobs, turtles don’t just pop
out a baby instantly, they have to migrate back to where they were born, lay a physical
egg in the world and then that egg needs to be protected for a few nights until it hatches. This is quite fun, but unfortunately it’s
not really to much avail. You can make both a novelty potion and also
a new piece of equippable armor, ‘the turtle shell’. The turtle shell is essentially a fancy helmet,
but it also has a special effect where if you’re above water, you’ll receive 10
seconds of a water breathing effect. Now this might sound pretty good, but in actuality
the turtle shell is quite redundant. We already have a mechanic in the game that
offers a very similar effect, the respiration enchantment. Actually gathering the ‘scutes’ to create
the shell is quite a lengthy process and when the respiration enchantment arguably does
the same, if not better job, you start to wonder if players will actually bother with
the task of crafting the shell. That’s why I think the turtle shell needs
something else to really get people to go after it. I gave it some thought and I think the turtle
shell should also offer a special defensive effect when worn. Not resistance, but it’d be pretty cool
if, say 10% of the time, the shell was able to completely absorb a blow. Not necessarily, fire or potion damage, but
it’d make sense that a turtle would be able to withstand melee and ranged attacks. So oceans have been changed a ton, but water
itself has gone through a dramatic overhaul as well. Years in the making, the block limit has finally
been removed. This means that new blocks and blockstates
can be added without worrying about hitting the cap. This change was vital for the new water, because
now non-solid block can become ‘waterlogged’, or in other words, you don’t get those ugly
air pockets when you place things like stairs and slabs underwater. Now underwater visibility has also been reworked,
you can see much more clearly in 1.13. Unfortunately there are still some shortcoming
with rendering, specifically with how water looks when observed from outside a body of
water. The opacity of water has actually been reduced,
but sadly when you look at something like an aquarium, the water is still far too murky
to really make out anything clearly. I think the way in which water renders through
glass and stained glass still needs reviewing, I love all the new varieties of fish, but
I would actually like to be able to see them! Another great feature in this update is the
new buried treasure mechanic. I personally really like how they’ve went
about implementing this idea, because unlike a lot of other ‘exploration’ content in
the game, buried treasure has a really nice discovery mechanism to it. You feed a dolphin, the dolphin leads you
to either a shipwreck or ruin, you’ve gotta make a sometimes very deep dive, maybe fight
off some undead, locate the map, then follow that to the big red ‘X’. It’s nothing too complex, but it’s great
to see more ‘adventuring’ aspects woven into the gameplay. Stuff like biomes, villages, mineshafts, temples
and end cities don’t have any of that, it’s just randomly walking around hoping to walk
into something. So it’s great to see. That said, I do have a small nitpick with
something. I’m not really a big fan of the design of
the ruins. Now the shipwrecks look great, but the ruins
really shine a light on not just why we need more block variety, but also why half-blocks
like stairs, slabs and even the long contested vertical slabs start being necessary. There’s some really poor structure design
in Minecraft, and I think it’s largely in part because Mojang can at times be a little
stingy with blocks, where they re-use common or generic blocks instead of introducing something
new. This is my problem with things like woodland
mansions and now ruins, from a resource collecting standpoint, they bring nothing to the table. So it’d be nice to see some more unique
new blocks for places like ruins, perhaps some variations of the crafted stones, maybe
with something like coral attached to them? Granite, sandstone, brick and even the random
bit of glazed terracotta, not only don’t look all that great, but aren’t particularly
interesting to find either. So, I’ve kinda talked smack a little bit
on the new drowned mob, I don’t think they should drop either tridents or nautilus shells. And I must admit, after seeing the weird ‘Mob
A’ at minecon, it’s a little disappointing the hostile mob we got was just yet another
zombie variant, feels a little too safe. That said, the design looks pretty cool and
from a gameplay perspective, it’s good that oceans are no longer these safe havens with
absolutely no danger to them. Although, I think the drowned needs something
extra to them to really cement them as something new and distinct from regular zombies. So what I reckon would be pretty cool is if
the drowned, as their name implies, actually tried to drown you. The way I picture it working is, if you’re
inside a boat, the drowned will leave you alone (except from trying to harpoon you obviously). But if you’re out swimming in open water,
the drowned should silently creep up beneath you and drag you under the surface. Until you manage to whack them, they’ll
keep dragging you deeper, putting you in more and more danger. Not only would this be terrifying, but it’d
make the oceans truly a place to be wary of. A feature you’ll soon notice if you hang
around thermal vents, is that magma blocks beneath water will create a bubbling vortex
that pulls entities underwater. There’s actually a secret extra feature
that’s a little more hidden, where soul sand will create the complete opposite effect,
propelling you or nearly any entity back up to the surface. These are both pretty fun to play around with
and you can make some pretty goofy stuff with ‘em, like elevators and launchers. I reckon what would be even more fun though
is if there were a third type of bubble stream, a horizontal stream. Now admittedly, this doesn’t make much sense,
because bubbles don’t actually travel sideways, but I think it has some pretty whacky potential
either way. The emitter block would need to be something
rotatable, so I think perhaps coral fans could work quite nicely, as they can be placed on
all sides of a block. This would make coral reefs absolute chaos,
which I personally think would be quite funny, but it might have a bit of a performance impact
too, so maybe if dead coral fans were ported over from bedrock, these could emit the bubbles
instead, requiring player interaction. Maybe the type of coral changes how long or
how much force the fan emits? So among all of these changes and suggestions,
I do actually have a pretty major bone to pick with this update. There’s a feature I think has been executed
quite poorly and I reckon needs a large rethink; it’s the conduit. Now, I totally get why the conduit was added
to the game and much of its functionality is downright essential. Mojang have made a real push to legitimize
underwater building in Minecraft 1.13, obviously we’ve always been able to build there, but
big changes were necessary to make it enjoyable, with visibility, water & block rendering,
atmosphere, etc… So naturally, you need some mechanic that
eliminates inconveniences like not being able to breathe or mine quickly. The conduit offers this, but I still can’t
help but feel it’s totally unnecessary. It’s not very often we get new ‘machines’
or ‘devices’, things like enchantment tables and brewing stands were only added
because they were completely necessary to deliver their respective gameplay elements. Mojang often give the vibe of not being wasteful
with features. But to me the conduit feels like this random
off-shoot of a beacon, that’s only got this one specific, niche purpose. It’s like adding a new aquatic crafting
table, that only crafts 5 items. I feel like practically all the functionality
of the conduit could have easily just been inserted into the beacon. There’s an argument where perhaps they wanted
underwater building to be accessible sooner than beacons become available or that they
wanted that part of the game to be tied to the aquatic experience. That’s fair enough, but the conduit even
still feels underdeveloped and purposeless for the rest of the game. The part of the conduit that I think stands
out is the idea of it as a ‘base core’, this structure you build in the centre of
your home that offers protections and defenses. You can already see this in how the conduit
lights up the surrounding area and damages nearby mobs, but they both need much more
fleshing out. The range of them is pretty insignificant. To be honest, I don’t think the conduit
should even be restricted to the water, I think it could make sense for any type of
base. I actually made a video a while ago about
‘How to improve beacons’, and much of those ideas could in fact be applied to the
conduit instead. Check it out and tell me what you think. But that’s pretty much it, I’d love to
know your thoughts, what do you think about the update aquatic and is there anything you’d
like to see tweaked about the new content? But anywho, I’ve been SimplySarc and cheers
once again for watching.

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  • What if in the next update weapons are introduced like a long spear, crossbows, and new blocks and a new generated structures like a fort with villagers and a villagers that would be classified as warriors with golems.

  • "this doesnt make much sense because bubbles dont actually travel side ways" and heat forces water UP so why does the magma force the player down

  • I've noticed xisuma saying "aquaetic" too. Is this a British thing?

  • Wow, people really didn’t know how immensely rare tridents would be.

  • 1. Actually make dolphins rideable

  • "Drowned" implies that THEY drowned, not that they're trying to drown you, that's on purpose

  • Hey is it considered overpowered to have a villager that trades a mending book for 12 emeralds and lives in my base?

  • mojang needs to hire you asap

  • it would be cool if the trident was obtained by beating all 3 elder guardians, as you said, but it would also be cool to be able to craft the handle from prismarine shards, and get the 3 prongs from the elders

  • That trident idea is undeniably good holy shit. The only thing I see stopping this from changing is… the drowned mobs… now what do they do?

    Edit: Ok damn that’s also a good idea

  • liked all except 2

  • It would be cool if there where sharks and stuff and storms that could destroy your boat

  • Wait you can add banners and labels to maps??? I didn't even know that

  • Actually, the elytra skins gave me a random idea. I thought it’d give something else to do other than “defeat x, build y, new world.” And what else is coming to terraria that gives a new objective? A bestiary. So maybe make a bestiary if your own, a little dictionary of mobs and fill in the more of the mob you killed.

  • You should make a mod


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNwi8gPengY

  • Breeding phantoms should have been a thing

  • lizards, lots and lots of lizards

  • See, tridents don’t just drop from any drowned, they drop from the rare ones holding them with a very small chance

  • Yes!!!!

  • There should be ocean currents where turtles swim just like Finding Nemo



  • There isn't a single episode that does have hermitcraft comments on it

  • Couldn't they just add nautiluses to the game, which would be rare, but they would drop shells and maybe other things?

  • I disagree on the Tridents, mostly because Bedrock is so limited on ways to have efficient mob farms, and tridents really help. To have them be so rare would break a lot of contraptions.

  • 11:10 Sarc: its not very often we get new workstations..

  • A horizontal bubbles?
    So basically a current.

  • YO I had NO clue about the banner landmarks thing, finally I have a use for my giant useless map on the wall

  • The water streams could actually be a subbiome of oceans that is formed like rivers but has flowing water

  • I want sharks in Minecraft


  • What about for the nautilus block, they generate in a really deep part of the map. Like, so deep, that the bedrock layer has to be moved lower, and you start entering the negatives on the Y-coordinate. And down there, there’s either the nautilus block, or the nautilus mob. Referencing that nautilus live in really deep, dark parts of the ocean.

  • i critisize the 9 tweak because it look weird

  • they should have used the phantom model for a stingray or something seeing as the update was supposed to be aquatic and a flying mod is the complete opposite

  • 11 months?! Damn I’m old.

  • Elytra is a pretty endgame item, I think it would be better if you could get skins for armor and elytra.

  • 5:20 yeah but what about respiration 3 aqua affinity on a turtle shell?

  • There where weapons before The Trident

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  • I don't think the conduit should be used on land too i mean it is made from the heart of the sea

  • I think that like finding shipwrecks you should be able to find wrecked villages and in them you can find maps leading to dungeons IDK just a thought.

  • what if the elytra skin will change into the phantom the more you repair it with the phantom thingy

  • "Its like adding an additional type of crafting table that only crafts like 5 items"*1.14*o   o   f

  • 2:52
    don't bully sven

  • There should truly have been some type of submarine maybe a metal boat with a window all around you kinda like the sea moth in Subnautica

  • If the conduit can give us players water breathing. Why can't it do the same thing for other mobs. Save The Parrot

  • And you can missed a great opportunity to make it suggestion 3

  • The Heart of the Sea should drop from elder guardians. It makes perfect sense. The Nether Star drops from the wither, and, well, it’s literally a heart, so…

  • "The conduit is totally unnecessary … it's like adding a new crafting table that only crafts 5 items"

    Basically 1.14 summed up in a nutshell. Mojang really is abandoning the simplicity the game one had.

  • 2:14 buddy, that’s four fragments…

  • Do what I do.

    Add respiration to the turtle shell

  • mentions about thermal vents
    Me: I know one victim

  • So the drowned should be more like mob a

  • Death should spawn a zombie

  • "We don't often get new machines and crafting stations"

    1.14 : are you challenging me?

  • What if killing any mob gave you a new elytra skin? For winged mobs the wings, sea mobs the fins, and others just features they have but others don’t. What if mooshroms had 3D mushrooms because they are rarer?

  • No homo but ur voice makes me wet

  • 0:42 my home in the tutorial turtle beach! You must be a mind reader

  • i once found a buried treasure map for the same treasure infound it in

  • I usually use the underwater ravines and caves as an easy way to get diamonds. Since you can breathe in the bubbles the magma blocks create, its pretty easy to go into one of those ravines and find diamonds

  • It would be cool if there were under water villages were the are fish villagers or mermaid type people you can trade with

  • I would also like to see more bosses. It’s only been the Wither and the Enderdragon. They need to add more bosses. Maybe there is a boss for each different biome and you need to find it’s temple.

  • I've complained about water caves before! It makes perfect sense for there to be like, 3x as much lapis in an underwater cave, because lapis in the realworld is often found underwater. And with this, I feel like every single biome should have a preference for minerals. Masas have gold, extreme hills have emeralds, oceans should have lapis, savannas should have redstone (specifically around savanna villages. Red gems like rubies are often found in tropical climates like Thailand, and dust is formed around places with lots of people because of dead skin cells. Therefore; redstone should be especially popular in savannas and even moreso in savanna villages), and finally, Hell should have iron! The nether NEEDS an update, and needs new ores. The nether has caves but it doesn't have any incentive to go into them. The nether should commonly generate iron! It makes so much sense! Iron, nickle, and other metals are found deep beneath the earth, in the core! The nether is just like the core, and would be amazing if it was, say, 2x or 3x as common in the nether as it is in the overworld. It could even have a new texture to fit the nether!
    And as for diamond, I don't think there should be anywhere where MORE diamonds spawn, because I feel like that's a bit op, but maybe there should be biomes prone to have less diamonds spawning. I think it makes a lot of sense. There are about 35 countries where diamonds form in the real world. And they all are very varied climates. My idea is that diamonds should be less common, or not spawn at all, in the ocean. Because diamonds are extremely unlikely to form in the ocean.
    I hope this makes sense ahah.

  • 2:47 poor Sven

  • We not gonna talk about how good his thumbnails are

  • Nobody:
    Australians Swimming: 8:34

  • I like Conduits. I live almost completely underwater on a small survival server I play (besides a few ships for storage, etc. Need to place signs on chests to lock them from other players which looks shitty underwater.) It's pretty peacful and nice given I can warp to a shop to buy things I can't find in the ocean like wood. Drowned spawn a whole lot less then you'd expect and when they do it's almost always only one of them so there's no reason to light your base since Conduits give you underwater night vision as well.
    Also, wouldn't giving Conduits the ability to work on land defeat the whole purpose of Beacons? If not, wouldn't that defeat the whole point of Conduits? Conduits are their own things. They're not Beacons.

  • Its like haveing a underwater table that can only craft certen things

    Village and pillege update: hold my bear

  • Tweaking hoe

  • for the elytra skins, they should be craftable and have different effects
    for a phantom one, simple, 8 phantom membrane
    it could give you a higher durability elytra and a teleport skill in air that would make you lose some durability but would send you higher (like really high)

  • There are nautilus shell blocks?

  • Your ideas are really good. GOLD! love them. Pray that MOJANG will listen.

  • i really like the elytra idea

  • That trident idea is amazing omg. The staff part of the trident can be in the top room of the temple in a rock or something. Kinda like the sword in the stone, and it could be an item that you can use to put swords, axes, tridents, hoes, and shovels in to display them. What would be really cool is if you can only pull the trident out of the stone only after you get the three pieces to put on the top of it. That could be a toggleable thing with the tridents, if you wanna display your items and don't want to have to collect pieces. This, of course, could also be the case with swords, hoes, shovels, and pickaxes as said before, the ability to collect the three pieces before being able to pull it out being a toggleable thing. Once you put the item in, you have the option to get three of the pieces. If you choose to, you can take the pieces to be held by a mob of your choice that will only drop the pieces once defeated. You also would have the option to put them in chests and item frames if you want more methods for the player to have to go through to option them. That would be really cool for adventure maps too! Hopefully this is added in the future, because it's a really cool idea that would allow for LOTS of creativity.

  • He's over here complaining about the conduit, bruh, wait till 1.14

  • At 10:49 this dude says mo*Y*ang instead of mo*J*ang


  • They should focus updates on stuff like dungeons and add more ways to add interesting structures with challenges and good loot, and focus on maybe adding more crops and more food recipes. Nothing too game changing because we have mods, but just generally stuff to make it more interesting to explore etc

  • 4:31 maybe they could make an elytra that has wings that actually move so you could glide like the normal elytra but even fly up a little to reach places, they could reduce its durability to compensate.

  • For the horizontal bubbles they could just use ocean currents instead

  • Moyang



  • Turtle shell can be combined with Respiration.

  • Maybe the more that you repair your elytra, the more it'll look like a phantom wing

  • You Can Put Respiration Enchantment On The Turtle Shell!

  • I agree with a good amount of this but the conduit I totally disagree with. More range could great but besides that I love it and how it works.

  • 9:04 I disagree cuz one they are already dangerous like one time I was playing with my friend and we had 2 boats I was on one and he was on one before we hopped in the boats i told him we can use one boat but he was soo dumb that he took his dog with him there was no keepinventory or anything like that and we had soo much good stuff and if we died all the stuff will be gone soo we were in 2 different boats and I didn't have a pet soo a drowned hopped in my boat in the middle of the sea and I was freaking out cuz he was hitting me and I didn't know what was hitting me then we found a lil island soo my friend killed his dog and I hopped in my friend's boat and I screamed at him irl ._.

  • Drowned's can get in your boat and attack you, basically jacking your boat

  • I think that rather then having a new block make horizontal bubble streams soul sand should push OUT in all directions and magma should pull IN

  • At 7:38 you say that they should make new blocks for new features but at 11:24 you say that they should have just used the beacon as a conduit

  • Maybe an Aqua-Enderman witch teleports underwater and can swim very fast, also it can grab the player on land and teleport him underwater to fight the player!

  • It's said that they didn't add these

  • they really should add a "scavenger hunt" where in a special map you can find 5 or more pieces for a great weapon better than diamons sword and has a lotta durability.

  • The sideways water stuff I think should be added but blend in with the water more so just not as many bubbles so it would be a water current and you could also find groups of sea turtles traveling through them because sea turtles will usually use water currents to travel long distances and from them using it they know which currents are safe and which aren't so they should add that and add if you feed a sea turtle some kelp or seagrass they will bring you to a current so you can too travel long distance but underwater

  • Axe's are my favorite weapon, but I actually haven't had a chance to try the trident yet.

    Awesome trident idea though.

  • For number 3, it would be better if the Nautilus was an actual mob. Since it has a pretty hard shell, you could only kill it and or collect it's shell with a pickaxe

  • How about the ability to make a turtle shell chest, that worked like a shulker box, so you didnt have to go to the end

  • ok, new idea, a full set of turtle armour

  • All your ideas are cool and make sense other then that conduits are useless. Water breathing potions allow you to explore the ocean without fear of drowning, respiration is for longer time under water, but none of them are convenient for a water base, because for potions you need to repeatedly chug one every few minutes and they aren’t very easy to get, respiration is only for extended water breathing times, but conduit allows you to have your own underwater base that you can explore and live in without having to have a bunch of annoying air pockets and stations where you can get air, and allow you to mine blocks as if you were above water, though this is little obsolete because of the aqua affinity enchantment, and also have a little helpful edition in that it will try to kill all monsters within its sight, and ya, it could have a farther attack ability, but I don’t care that much. You could just have the beacon be able to apply the same effect, but, the point of the beacon is it acts like a, well, beacon so that if your close to a place that you need to be, it will show you were it is by the huge light pillar, and beacons if used with some type of material in it, will contentiously apply a certain potion effect. The conduit on the other hand is used so you can have a area that you can swim around with out having to worry about drowning, and yes, conduit just applies a status effect, and you could just add that to the beacon, but the status effect is just so that you know your in the radius of a conduit. Also on the topic of above water conduits, conduits are meant to be a under water thing, and if there should be something that automatically defends from other mobs or even player that’s not a mob itself, I think it should be added as something else, because as I already said, conduit is a underwater thing and was meant for allowing you not to have to worry about drowning or have to chug bottles of water breathing potion in your underwater place/base, not for defending, the defending thing is just a small bonus.

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