10 Ways To Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses

Tinh easy and cheap ways to remove the
scratches on your glasses for good if you’re anything like me you probably get
annoyed when your glasses are smudged your scratch no matter how well you take
care of your glasses sometimes it seems like smudges and scratches literally
appear out of nowhere how it’s possible I’m really not sure but I might be able
to help you solve some of those problems with this list of quick easy and most
importantly cheap ways to remove scratches from your glasses now keep
watching for easy ways to remove the scratches on your glasses before we
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join in on the fun number 10 baking soda and water mix one tablespoon of baking
soda with one teaspoon of water in a bowl and this will form a paste
wipe your glasses with a microfiber cloth and cover the lenses completely
with the baking soda paste once you’re done rinse them off number nine
baby shampoo dab some baby shampoo onto a microfiber cloth and rub it into the
scratches on your lenses the soap can also help protect your glasses from
nasty buildup number eight white vinegar if you have white vinegar in your home
mix it with a little bit of baking soda once you’ve mixed the vinegar and the
baking soda use the paste to buff out the scratches tried any of these yet
well keep watching as we count down the best ways to remove scratches on your
glasses for good and make sure you stick around until the end because we’ll tell
you how you can keep your glasses in great condition and avoid scratching
them or breaking them number seven dish soap and glass cleaner
dish soap doesn’t only work for dishes mix a few drops of dish soap with any
type of household glass cleaner to remove dirt stains and smudges from your
glasses number six rubbing alcohol try combining
rubbing alcohol with baking soda or microfiber rag and use the solution to
wipe off the scratches and marks from your glasses number five
soap and water this simple technique which remove scratches on your glasses
uses the good old basics soap and water as we all know if all else fails in life
we can always stick to the basics and give soap and water a try
number four brass polish got dirty scratched lenses brass polish can help
remove scratches that are too deep and can also help remove debris from your
lenses according to glass crafter you just need to make sure that the product
you’re using does not have acetone in it number three toothpaste that’s right
toothpaste isn’t just for clearing up those pesky pimples grab some regular
toothpaste be sure it’s not whitening toothpaste or any type of minty or
flavored toothpaste and a cotton ball wipe the cotton ball with the toothpaste
on your glasses until you start to see the scratch disappear once you’re done
rinse off the toothpaste with water and voila your glasses will be good as new
number two car wax believe it or not car wax can totally help clean your glasses
all you have to do is rub some car wax onto your lenses and gently wipe it with
a soft cloth this should help remove any shallow scratches and now for the
easiest way hit the most common-sense way really to remove scratches from your
glasses once and for all you’ll be surprised you can think of this sooner
number one scratch repair kit last but definitely not least buy
yourself a scratch repair kit you can buy a scratch repair kit from your eye
doctor most apartment stores or online via Amazon the best thing about most
scratch repair kits is that they’re pretty cheap they also last a long time
and can stick around for years meaning that you’ll never have to spend another
dime on kits or have to worry about another pair of scratch glasses for
years to come scratch repair kits help to temporarily
fill the scratches on your lenses so there you have it 10 easy and cheap ways
to remove the scratches on your glasses for good you can thank me later and now
that you know the 10 ways to remove scratches on your glasses here are some
tips and tricks on how to make sure you take care of your glasses rinse your
glasses before cleaning them always rinse off your glasses before you wipe
them or clean them this is something that most people don’t think about doing
but you should rinse off your glasses with water to ensure that you get them
as clean as you possibly can why well tiny dust or dirt particles can
easily settle on the lens of your glasses and if you wipe those tiny
particles around on a dry lens it can tend to be abrasive spray if you are in
desperate need to clean your glasses with a chemical you should never spray
them with a household cleaner like Windex this is because these types of
household cleaners contain ammonia which can tear off the coating that is on your
lens instead of using household cleaners you should use special sprays or
cleaners which are designed and made specifically for glasses you’ll thank me
later hair dry if you clean your glasses and
need them to dry the best way for you to let them dry is just to let them air dry
this will keep harmful materials from getting into your lenses if you can’t
put them down and let them dry then wipe your glasses down with a soft cloth that
is lint-free use the right cloth to clean your glasses when you are using a
cloth to clean your glasses you should never use paper towels
kins or tissues to clean or dry them these types of materials have textured
surfaces which can believe it or not actually scratch your lenses you should
also avoid using your shirt or any other piece of clothing this is because
clothing that is not 100% cotton contains fibers which can scratch your
glasses after excessive use clothing can also tend to have dirt on it which means
that when you try to clean your glasses with a piece of clothing the dirt will
transfer over to the lenses of your glasses store your glasses properly this
is something that most people have trouble doing and is one of the easiest
ways you can avoid damaging your glasses when you’re not wearing your glasses
store them away properly not only will this keep your glasses away from dust
and dirt but it will also protect them from getting scratched or broken all too
often people lose the case for their glasses and just put the glasses
anywhere some people throw them in a crowded purse on a table in the bathroom
basically anywhere this is not a good idea because this leaves them open to
the elements which can be quite risky if you want to protect your glasses and
avoid damaging them you should buy a good quality glasses case and always put
your glasses in the case when not using them if you don’t like big bulky cases
you can buy smaller sleeker ones there are all sorts of glasses available on
the market that you can choose from so there you have it 10 easy and cheap ways
to remove the scratches on your glasses for good as well as some pretty handy
tips and tricks for protecting and taking care of your glasses remember
these days glasses are pretty expensive and not only are they expensive but they
improve your vision and can also improve your overall quality of life so why risk
damaging them all you have to do is follow a few simple tips to take care of
your glasses it’s really not that hard all it takes is a little bit of extra
precaution and common-sense and in the event that you ever do get a scratch on
your pair of glasses and try out some of the tips in this
video you should be in the clear what are your go-to hacks for cleaning
your glasses let us know in the comment section below enjoyed this video hit the
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