12 Mysterious Underwater Creatures Caught on Tape

The National Ocean Service estimates that
we have only managed to explore five percent of the ocean. With this statistic in mind, it isn’t hard
to believe some of the creatures on this list really could exist. After all, who knows what is lurking amongst
the undiscovered ninety-five percent. 12. This video was supposedly taken by a robotic
camera while surveying an old oil tanker. A school of fish briefly swims in front of
the camera and suddenly one of the fish gets nailed by a spear in front of the camera. Something fast swims by to collect the fish
shortly after. Many people believe that this video demonstrates
the possibility of some kind of advanced sea creature who uses tools to hunt. After all, there’s no reason for a person
to be this far underwater hunting with a spear, and whatever moves in front of the camera
is too fast to be a person. Of course, the obvious answer is CGI, but
I would still like to get your thoughts. 11. This video, taken over 3,700 feet underwater,
begins with a mysterious symbol gliding across the bottom of the ocean floor. This is obviously strange enough, but things
get even weirder after it suddenly transforms. It’s some sort of shapeshifting blob with
shimmering lights on its head, and apparently, it’s coming in for a closer look. Whatever this thing is, it seems to be quite
curious as it studies the camera for a bit, its lights blinking away all the while. Someone in the comments section says that
this is a ctenophore, though others insist that it’s clearly the wrong color along
with other discrepancies. 10. A YouTuber named Conall Melarkey is boating
in Northern Ireland when a creature partially emerges from the water and easily keeps pace. Conall and his friends watch in amazement
as the fast-moving creature passes them and then fully submerges back into the water without
a trace. I could be wrong, but it looks like this could
be the top of the creature’s head, in which case I can’t even imagine how large the
rest of the monster must have been. Then again, it could have just been the shell
of an exceptionally large turtle, or even something not alive at all. 9. One summer morning in 2016 Florida residents
woke up to find a toxic sludge had invaded their clear blue coastal waters. The clumpy blue-green algae was bad enough
to cause the governor to declare a state of emergency across four counties. The foul-smelling algae could cause skin and
stomach irritation on contact. It also caused burning eyes, gave headaches
and other forms of sickness just from inhaling its putrid fumes. No one is sure exactly why this happened,
though everything from climate change to fertilizer runoff has been blamed. The mystery has not been fully resolved and
toxic algae blooms continue to crop up in various places throughout the state of Florida. 8. This bizarre sea creature was discovered in
March of 2018 in Florida near Saint Simons Island. It’s about 5 feet long and appears to have
a turtlelike head at the end of a serpentine body. This discovery occurred in March of 2018. The most recent article I could find said
that scientists still have not been able to conclude if this was a hoax or not, which
makes me even more interested. 7. The ningen is supposed to be a large aquatic
humanoid that was originally discovered by Japanese whale researchers in the Arctic. This video, allegedly taken from the Japanese
Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, appears to strongly corroborate the legend. The slow-moving camera creeps past what appears
to be a rounded humanoid creature with two large white eyes. Look closely and you can even see a playful
smile across the sea creature’s face in what some have called a knowing look. Everything from a whale to a rock has been
proposed, though nothing has been verified. Let me know if you think this video is evidence
of a humanlike creature lurking somewhere in the icy waters below. 6. These mysterious wormlike creatures were allegedly
discovered by some dockworkers in Germany. According to this video’s description, the
bizarre creatures were immediately taken to a nearby institution of ocean research but
never properly identified. Let me know if you think this is the creature’s
mouth here. If so, it looks big enough to swallow an arm. This video was taken some time in 2011, but
I couldn’t find any follow-up information. If you know anything else about this video,
then please let me know if it’s real and if this creature was ever identified. 5. Check out what a YouTuber named Aquachigger
found growing on the bottom of a river in Williamsport, Maryland. It’s a riverbed full of bright green gelatinous
plant life that strangely sways and shimmers. AquaChigger believes he may have found some
kind of a brightly-colored underwater alien colony. While I’m not so sure about that, I certainly
do think that it is a strange find. Let me know if you have seen anything like
it before and if so, what it could be. 4. Two fishermen from New York are on Lake Champlain
when they notice a large object is causing a disturbance in the water behind them. Soon a large creature comes close to the surface
but never emerges. The fishermen say that this is only a small
portion of a much larger creature. The lake gets around 20 sightings per year
and this footage was even verified by two former FBI agents. Still, with that said, there just isn’t
enough video evidence to fully convince me, so I’ll let you draw a conclusion for yourself. 3. Thomas Wall: This is the reaction of a YouTuber named Thomas
Wall after he and a friend encounter this strange round mass in the water. They are somewhere in Goderich, Ontario. A person in the video’s comment section
claims to recognize the location and says that it’s near a local nuclear powerplant. I couldn’t find any more information about
this, so I’d like to know if there is a powerplant nearby and if this could be the
result of nuclear pollution. Either way, I do see what Thomas is talking
about when he says air bubbles form at the center of the circle. Let me know if you think this is a living
creature or just some sort of naturally-occurring optical illusion. 2. This alienlike creature perplexed everyone
when the footage was released to the public sometime in 2008. Shell Company says they caught it on video
hanging around one of their oil platforms about 200 miles from Houston, Texas. It was eventually identified as a long-legged
sea creature called the Magnapinna squid, but even to this day, many videos still insist
that this is evidence of alien life. As such, I just wanted to include this squid
on the list to put the rumor to rest. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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we upload every Thursday. 1. This footage was supposedly taken from a submarine
lurking somewhere in the Greenland Sea. The crew is so fascinated with a school of
fish overhead that they fail to see a much rarer creature directly behind them. A large webbed hand that is roughly five times
larger than any human’s slaps the glass before pushing away. It’s almost as if the humanoid creature
was toying with the submarine crew and wanted to make its presence known. However, one thing bothers me about this video. If everyone is so interested in the school
of fish passing above them, then why is the cameraman focusing on his crewmate’s reaction
instead of the fish? This video could very well be scripted and
CGI, although it also wouldn’t surprise me if it really was legitimate. Only the submarine crew knows for sure.

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