125 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium Drip System – Never Do Water Changes DIY

This is my 125 gallon aquarium housing mostly American Cichlids. I have Severums in here, beautiful Geophagus Surinamensis, Uaru, a bunch Electric Blue Acaras, which are a pretty decent size. Look at that beautiful guy Mono Sebre I think it’s called. Mono Sebae something like that. Tanks a little dirty I just fed them. I just want to show how I have my drip system set up so I don’t have to do water changes. Tapped into the pipes in this closet here. Got a hot and a cold coming in to a filtration system I split it off, this is to the 125 gallon tank. I have another one that I’m gonna set up soon for my other 125 gallon. 20 psi pressure regulator so it doesn’t blow this thing off. This tube goes all the way around into the back of the wall and then comes out behind the wall, right to here. I have it set to drip ten gallons a day. Roughly ten gallons a day. I have an overflow that goes under the tank into an air conditioner condensation removal pump and this goes into my deep sink. That’s it.

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