13 Most Intelligent Animals In The World!

this is 13 Most intelligent animals in the
world! number 13, octopus
This amazing creature could pussibly be one of the smartest in the deep blue sea. The octopus is known for their slimy suction
cup like testicles, and large alien head shaped body attached. Their intelligence has been tested in a few
ways. There once was research done by having two
separate humans interact with one. The difference was the first human was a much
more positive and inviting presence, as the second human acted much more negative and
rude to the octopus. It showed results, and it would stay away
from the more rude human, and actually interact with the happy person. The Octopus is known for having
its own personality, along with finding its way through mazes and puzzles of different
kinds. If you want to make a octopus laugh, just
give it ten-tickles! number 12, whales
whales are among the most intelligent species in the world, specifically the ocean. Whales have brains that can reach up to 10
kg! whoa! they have also been seen to reach ages up to 200 years
old. When they communicate, they use an advanced
sonar system that we could never replicate or understand
completely. These wondrous creations are very group friendly
when it comes to other whales, and have been known to complete tasks and take care of any
issues that arise. Are you keeping up? I know this surplus of information can be
quite over whale-ming sometimes. number 11, goats
I know goats may seem a little on the slower side of the food chain, but dont let their
clueless faces deceive your judgement. these silly billys have
close to 320 degrees of vision, giving them the ability to see through your soul. These cute little goats have the ability to
scale mountain angles that defy gravity. There has been tests done to prove their awareness
to possible tasks, by taking food and creating a puzzle for the tested goats to solve. in order to get to their food, they had to
pull on a string leading to the opening of the door with food behind it. The goats mission was ultimately
accomplished to our surprise. With these kind of skills, we can expect to
see these fine animals in the next episode of america’s goat talent! number 10, horses
These majestic animals have been by our sides as far as we can look back into history. Most horses can live up to 30 years of age,
giving them plenty of time to learn and adapt to their surroundings. Their intelligence has proven to be remarkable,
with trained horses having the ability to race and run
obstacle courses and solve puzzles. They have their own individual personalities,
and have no problem showing love and compassion towards their humans. They use their tails, ears, nose and eyes
nose and eyes… to show expression when communicating with another person or animal. Do you know there is a
breed of horse that only comes out after the sun goes down called Nightmares? number 9, owls
Owls are one of the most mysterious creatures around. Not only can they rotate their heads almost
300 degrees, they have pin point accuracy with their
vision and hearing. The owl has been known for its intelligence
and wisdom like characteristics. There are definitely smarter birds in the
world then the owl, but that doesn’t discredit their amazing
abilities. They are also known to hunt themselves or
other breeds like them, with extreme hunting skills
to kill, and if possible, like to swallow their prey in one single bite. Owls can travel over large amounts of land
or water without exhaustion with unmatched endurance. You wont see them shopping on black Friday,
as it will be a free for owl! number 8, dolphins
I dont think its a wonder of how intelligence our aquatic dolphin friends are. They are smarter then humans in some ways
already, with sonar communication skills that echo throughout the sea. These are exceptionally playful species, and
can be some of the most social water mammals alive. There was a scientific
test done with mirrors and dolphins, to see if they were self aware of their reflection
actually being them. The tests included putting markings on the
dolphin, and having them look at a mirror. If they thought it was another dolphin, like
most mammals would, it could get scared or even angry. If it recognized
itself, it would try to remove the markings on its own body. Its a weird but effective way to study their
awareness and intelligence. Dolphins also have been
trained to do tricks and all sorts of different activities by humans, although some could
argue that its against nature to captivate these beautiful creations
just to train and use them for entertainment. I seen a dolphin come home late one time,
and her mom, flip out! number 7, Chimpanzees
Chimpanzees are one of the smartest mammals to live this earth. They are known to have almost identical DNA
to us humans, with a 98% match. Just 2% of our
DNA is what separates us from being a chimp. Now thats something to think about! Chimpanzees have a remarkable ability to do
things much like humans, with a large range of abilities and situations they
can easily adapt to. There was a test done with chimps and humans
to show some of their capabilities. This test
involved a series of numbers and letters, which were shown to the chimps and humans. They were then asked to remember the numbers
and letters to point them out a second time. Chimps and humans were close to the same speed
when it came to pointing the number or letters they once seen before. This shows how chimps
can separate certain numbers or letters from being the same, and its ability to remember
them. our chimpy friend have a photographic memory
just like some of us humans. The study also revealed that their favorite
cookies are chocolate chimps! number 6, elephants
Elephants are extraordinarily smart. This majestic species can be found in Africa
roaming the lands free for the most part, besides the hunting of them which
is looked down upon by many. Elephants have shown their abilities over
time, helping villages and people, and communicating with humans in many ways in many
different languages. They express love to their fellow elephants
by rubbing onto each other, with obvious feelings and emotion for one another. If you have
ever seen an elephant in person, you already know how interactive and responsive they can
be with everyone and their surroundings. You can definitely get a
sense of their intelligence and independent personalities for each elephant. Watching over more then one elephant at a
time would be quite the tusk! number 5, sheep
Sheep are known to be a lot smarter then they look.. a lot smart. They have one of the best memories, along
with a near 300 degree vision with their little beedy eyes. Sheep can be quite mysterious, with many questionable
traits. Did you know a sheep cant stand up if its
on its back? Sheep wool also grows on
them forever, giving endless amounts of material for any farmer. They have also been seen practicing dance
when alone, specifically baaa-lerina! number 4, Sea Lions
Everyone loves sea lions. They’re amazing and super duper cute! These water lions are extremely social, and
have intensified hearing, and telescopic vision. They can learn almost anything you would want
to train them to do, with many human like abilities, kinda. Sea lions can be seen all over the world,
and in many live entertainment shows to present their
capabilities to interact with us humans. This intelligent and beautiful mammal gets
my seal, of approval! number 3, dogs
Theres no doubt that dogs are intelligent animals. Dogs have been by humans side for as long
as you can look back in time. Dogs are capable of many talents,
with tricks and responding to commands. They say dogs compare to a 2 year old, which
doesn’t sound the smartest, but for an animal thats pretty incredible. Dogs can show love beyond comprehension, with
smiles that last a life time, and just an extreme cuteness about how innocent and loving
they can be towards their owners. Nothing compares to the love of your dog! If your dog seems sad at times, then maybe
he just had a ruff.. week. number 2, pigs
These little piggies are much smarter then they smell. Pigs can be compared to a 2 to 3 year old
human as far as their intelligence goes. Pigs can be owned
as a pet just like a dog, and lately you see pet pigs popping up everywhere. The miniature pigs
are more for inside a house, as the regular piggies can get excessively larger. Having dinner with your pet pig can be quite
frustrating, as they are known to hog all the food! number 1, bees
Bees are quite impressive with there complex intelligence and design. Bees are more then just honey guards, as they
have abilities that would stun you. These
busy bees stay up 24/7 working. In the honey bee community there is only 1
queen bee, and all worker bees are female as well. Bees communicate to each other as
if they were one whole unit on the same quest to honey creation. Bees are far more important to us humans then
you might think, as its said that over 1/3 of
our crops we eat are due to the pollination that bees provide the plants. When I get my bee friend to cut my hair, I
always ask for the buzz cut! what animal do you believe is the smartest
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