13 Videos You Shouldn’t Watch On Full Screen

Watching these videos on full screen is a
major test of courage, so if you want to hang out in the comments section instead, I really
don’t blame you. 13. Formerly known as the Biltmore Hotel, the
Graduate Providence in Rhode Island is said to be one of the most haunted hotels on earth. It was financed by Leisse Weisskopf, a man
who openly practiced black magic and wanted to use to the building as a way to spread
occult knowledge to the public. Now a YouTuber named Jack Stephens is sure
that there is something in the room with him at 2AM, so he records down the hall for a
sign. His suspicions are soon confirmed. With absolutely no editing cuts at all, Jack
opens the door and turns on the lights. It’s an extremely small bathroom with practically
nowhere to hide and no time for someone to quickly leave without getting past him first. Considering there’s hardly even enough room
for someone to stand on the other side of the door to begin with, it was probably paranormal. 12. A logging worker cuts through this large tree
when it splinters up the middle and divides into two falling halves. He first tries to roll out of the way and
then sprints away as falling debris covers the ground. He stops and the only thing left running is
his chainsaw, still stuck in the center of the trunk. 11. A school bus stops to pick up a student on
a quiet morning in Bartow County, Georgia. The driver in front of them waits like they
are supposed to but that doesn’t mean the student is necessarily safe. She barely steps into the street when a truck
passes from behind at a moderate rate of speed without any regard for traffic laws. The student, who is looking down at her feet,
probably would have gotten smashed if not for the quick horn, which makes her look up
and take a few quick steps out of harm’s way. The poor student looks absolutely terrified
as she gets onto the bus and the blue truck drives off like nothing happened. The driver was later taken into custody and
charged with a wide array of violations, which is reassuring, but more than anything, I’m
just glad that everyone was alright. 10. When you live in the middle of nowhere, anyone
coming to your door is a cause for alarm. But when they approach your house wearing
this mask and with their hands tucked into their sleeves so as to not leave fingerprints,
you know you’re in extra deep trouble. A woman in Mason County, Washington watches
this tall man stomp down her driveway towards her security camera moments before disconnecting
the live feed. She screams as loud as she can for her boyfriend,
which is probably what caused this person to give up their plan and run away. I have little doubt that this stranger was
going to try and enter their home. And based on what he was wearing, this person
obviously gets a thrill out of scaring others and wanted to strike as much terror into his
targets as possible. Hopefully he was just going to take some items
and leave them alone, but he very well may have had some sick plans for whoever was inside. 9. A camera pans across a white room filled with
antique furniture and creepy collectibles, which is already bad enough, but when it stops
at a tall old mirror, they seem surprised to find a childlike silhouette filling out
the frame. As they are studying the child in their shaky
gaze, a pair of identical orbs float above her head as two pinpoints of light become
barely visible, almost like she is turning her head slightly. I guess this shadow child could simply be
a large doll. However, even if this was the case, as far
as I’m aware, only the eyes of the living can reflect light like that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a lifeless
doll should never have glowing eyes. The person recording sees the eyes and tears
up the steps in a hurry. They would later refer to the event only as
the girl with sparkling eyes in the dark. 8. It’s hard to say whether this video is an
optical illusion or something way worse. A White House official is walking next to
former President Barrack Obama when their reflection does not appear in the window next
to them. Barrack himself has a reflection, but this
other person seems to lack one. This does look really weird at first, but
it could just be the camera angle causing their reflections to overlap, kind of like
when someone stands beside you and shares the same shadow. Or, maybe his reflection was visible in another
window off-camera. Still, I can see why this video would raise
some questions. 7. A village in Sri Lanka is surprised by these
wispy white creatures that seem to have invaded local plant life. The takeover looks to be confined to vegetation
for now, but no one is sure what this new species could mean for the ecosystem or the
world at large. They just seem to have simply appeared one
day and they apparently aren’t going away anytime soon. The creatures are closely clustered together
and seem to try their best to avoid touch, as shown here. When you zoom in all the way you can see they
have a head and bug-like legs at the top, but the bottom looks like no insect I have
ever seen. 6. This rare Russian creature is being called
everything from a mole to a troll. The phone quality is too poor to make out
much more than a tiny humanoid hand and a small face. Whatever this is, it doesn’t behave much
like a mole, which I doubt would stay above ground with two humans so close. Anyway, try to translate this conversation
if you can and let me know if they ever say what kind of creature this is. At the 15-second mark you see its hand more
clearly and it does look like it could have a well-developed thumb, which would exclude
it from belonging to most species. With that said, I think it could perhaps be
a baby possum, which do have opposable thumbs, and sometimes like to burrow underground. I could be wrong though, and even after almost
100 thousand views, nobody seems to have come up with a concrete answer. 5. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado
is thought to be very haunted and was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. A YouTuber named Ricky Rock requests the most
haunted room, 418, and records himself sleeping. Sounds of movement originate from within the
room. Then, at around 3AM, he claims a spirit entered
his body. This is the exact moment it happened. He sits up and stares directly at the camera
with a blank expression. I guess he could still be half-asleep, but
many believe that he is under the control of a spirit. And that’s when some presence apparently
made him speak in tongues. Watch this part and tell me if it sounds like
something paranormal or someone having a bad dream. The comment section of this video seems to
be evenly split between fake and real, so let me know what you think based on what I
was able to show. 4. A man is filming this old Medieval building
on the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia when he notices the curtains of a balcony window
are peeled back slightly to reveal a small greyish object peeking out from the bottom. Zoom in and it almost looks like a tiny face
or else the top of someone’s head who is very short, perhaps a small child. It could be a reflection of the palm tree
swaying in the wind, or it could be a trapped spirit staring haplessly [“hap-less-lee”]
at a world to which it no longer belongs. 3. This strange spider has some kind of large
growth running along the length of its entire underbelly. It’s hard to tell if this flat growth-like
structure is meant to be there or if this is a mutation. It does look like it could help them float
on water, so maybe this is a species I’m not aware of. Stranger still is how the spider appears to
be able to survive underwater and perhaps even prefers an aquatic environment to a dry
one. Let me know if you have any more information
about this insect. Also, I feel like the uploader says something
important here, so please translate if possible. 2. A YouTuber named N1GHT 2H4DE stands at the
top of his steps after hearing noises coming from deep within his basement. Every time he says something, orbs seem to
follow. He tries to keep his calm as he makes a request
of the ghost to confirm it’s real and there with him. Watch as the orbs seem to go up the steps
when asked. And when he goes down the steps, one of his
dogs seems hesitant to follow. They, too, seem to notice the abundant number
of white circular orbs that now dance all around. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. It’s four in the morning when a YouTuber
named Living Rosa gets a strange urge to check on the wellbeing of her toddler. She turns on the baby monitor only to find
this white light mysteriously floating directly above her child’s head. She has no idea what this light could be from. The room is completely dark so there should
be nothing to cast such an oblong, shifting reflection to begin with. Living Rosa quickly goes into the kid’s
room and even though the white light is still visible on camera, she sees nothing in person. She wipes the lens with her hand and the white
light briefly turns into a black shape and then retreats, never to be seen again. Was this a spirit hovering over the child
or a glitch with the baby monitor? You tell me, because I can’t tell for sure.

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