17 Aquatic Sea Creatures Dinosaur Toys Giant Surprise Box Jurassic World, Jurassic Park Unboxing

well I’m gonna keep watching as we unbox
inset of all these awesome creatures dinosaur related from Jurassic world
Jurassic Park Safari Animal Planet Safari limited it’s great to see you
again today I have a box full of aquatic creatures and monsters including the
Mosasaurus from Jurassic world so here I 17 Aquatic Sea Creatures Dinosaur Toys Giant Surprise Box Jurassic World, Jurassic Park Unboxing
Jurassic Park Animal Planet Safari limited Wow let’s go ahead and check
them out okay guys are underwater park is all set up for our giant sea
creatures Wow we have the sunken pirate ship waiting for them and our guys I do
apologize this seat week seems a little rush that had to I’m making you guys
videos of like all my collections because I am preparing for the New York
Toy Fair Mattel did invite me to review all their Jurassic world 2 toys from the
fallen Kingdom so I’ll be making awesome videos of those in February so you’ll be
able to see them probably first here on my channel so stay tuned okay so our
first one is a tiger shark from Animal Planet
okay so our first one is Animal Planet sharp this guy has the fighting feature
you push him here he is a tiger shark really nice big looking cool Mosasaurus bro Jurassic world okay
and my next one is the next two actually are the coolest of my collection I have
two Mosasaurus ins that were made by an artist in Thailand so super detail all
acrylic individually made teeth everything is hand painted and totally
awesome check out the detail on this guy and they come with a really cool water
base if you want to see the pool unboxing and I got quite a few battles
with this guy go to the end of this video and check out my Jurassic world
playlist or go to my channel I have a bunch of playlists over a thousand
videos of drastic world Jurassic Park Animal Planet King Kong
Godzilla so they are awesome Mosasaurus dress Mosasaurus Jurassic world okay our next
one is the Mosasaurus from Jurassic world this guy is totally awesome
if you guys have been looking for this guy I apologize because who’s super
expensive to buy it’s getting this sets going for about $170 it’s really cool it
has a strike feature here if you hit it it opens off you see it through some
wound inside the flippers move has had an action feature here where if you pull
down the flipper here this guy would open and close his mouth like this and
you pull the flipper but it broke inside so I have not been able to find another
one so I’m disappointed in that but it is a really cool set it comes with like
a submarine and everything in it so you can compare this guy to my custom-made
ones great white shark and then we have an animal plan a great
white shark push this guy’s fin and he opens and closes his mouth chomping down so really cool nice big teeth
lots of wounds all over like I said in any of these you want to see unboxed go
ahead to my channel and check out my playlist over 1,000 videos get killer
whale then we have the killer whale lot of you
guys know this guy as Shamu if you guys have been SeaWorld
so if you push his fin here he does open close his mouth really cool looking
teeth this was made by Animal Planet really good detail you could see like
wounds and scrapes all over he’s got his blowhole on top because he is a whale
so whales do have that big blowhole on top elasmosaurus Animal Planet the
Animal Planet his action feature is if you push the
button on top here he does dip his head he could turn his head in two different
positions all the way around so you could Devin dipping his head sort of
like that but it’s cooler you do it forward because this guy could grab
stuff in his teeth and shop there so I got some cool action videos on this guy
really cool nice big flippers big body here is the button for the action
feature so really cool elasmosaurus giant Gator Animal Planet and then a
really nice big Animal Planet Gator you could see the size of this guy this is a
remote-control Gator so when you are when you’re driving him his tail whips
back and forth like that and his legs move up and down so it looks like she’s
actually running or if you have it on a blue surface like he’s swimming through
the water I don’t have the remote right now so I can’t show you but if you go
and put in WD toys Animal Planet alligator this one should be the first
one that pops up nice big teeth really cool detail anglerfish Animal Planet this is the big huge one if you’ve seen
a finding Dory or the first Finding Nemo movie where it’s totally dark and then
they just see a light and then they come up and then the light lights up this
huge guy with his big evil wicked looking teeth so healers fish and other
creatures in with the light and then jump it’s all over it’s a really cool
huge big fish these parts of him here are see-through so if you look at it
with light behind it you can see right through so this guy’s awesome
Mosasaurus Jurassic world Jurassic world plush Mosasaurus saw this
guy is really cute super soft be huge yellow-eyed but he does not look very
fierce on this guy look soft and cuddly Karasu kiss Safari and then we have a safari limited cap
brazuca guy is cool he’s almost like part dinosaur park gator he’s got like a
gator body almost like a dinosaur type head and legs so uh so far II limited
does a great job with the models think most of them don’t have any type of
interactivity you can’t close or open the mouth so most of them but it’s
really cool ah detailed looking dinosaur toys giant Pike bro then we have an
animal planet by those guys action features if you push down on this pin
here he opens and closes his mouth as you can see he’s really nice big
detailed looking fish this comes with the Animal Planet submarine sets I did a
full review and action sequence with death Bulls essaouira is chomper dressing
world a little jumper Mosasaurus from jurassic world these are the guys with
oversized heads for their bodies their head is almost as big as their body his
action feature is if you push a spin here he moves his tail and he opens and
closes as well so as you could tell I really like Moses or tylosaurus support safari limited
tylosaurus you can see once again this guy is big he’s got like tiger stripes
on him really cool walking eyes and teeth like I said Safari limited does a
great job with their models most of them like I said earlier are not interactive
but if you want to play with these guys or set up some type of a model they work
great alligator and then another animal playing a gator he’s got an action
button here you push it he chomps his mouth open and close so you could have
this guy but fish is just swimming by super cool arm his legs move and and kronosaurus Safari limited and then
finally we have a Safari limited Kronus this guy is huge super nice heavy
durable creature really cool off his bow you could stick your finger in there
pretty good amount but it does stop about here the rest of this is a super
detailed heavy cool-looking creature okay guys so now it’s time to set up our
awesome underground dinosaur zoo okay first we are going to set up or
gonna be the two mosasaurs one on either side of the ship here and then we’re
gonna set up the elasmosaurus right back there we have to set the big ones in the
back first so we have room for all of them
the great white shark is gonna be right here on the ship and then we have our
other Mosasaurus which will be right above this one almost like this one once and then our angler fish is gonna go
over there our plush Mosasaurus could go in the back over there and then we have
one killer whale which here and we also have our tylosaurus
right over there the other killer whale is gonna go with
that one there our pike could go here on the ship also
right next to over there our big Gator is gonna go right we have our tiger
shark and our smaller Gator over here and with kronosaurus back there
we need room still for the tylosaurus and this tiny little Mosasaurus okay
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