20 CREEPY Unknown Creatures Caught on Tape

Many ecosystems are still too dangerous for
us to fully map out and explore, and with unknown environments comes the possibility
of unknown creatures. Whether the footage on this list is real or
not is up to you to decide. Either way, be sure to let me know your thoughts
in the comments below. CHILLS #20. “The Bridge Walker”: A person in Ukraine
was filming a calm river one evening just in time to capture a humanoid-looking creature
cross underneath of a bridge using all fours. As the footage shows, something is grabbing
onto the underside of a bridge and silently making its way across. Exactly what the creatures is remains a debate
online to this day. Some people have pointed out that this could
be a human, but others have noticed how its legs and arms appear to be the exact same
length. It almost looks like it could be an animal,
but I’m not aware of any animal from this region that likes to hang upside down from
bridges. Besides, if someone had to go underneath a
bridge like that for whatever reason, then they would either hang from their arms or
else hug the bridge tightly while creeping across. This thing, on the other hand, just swings
across bottom like it’s no big deal. Human or not, this thing definitely has a
very bizarre center of gravity as it moves. 19. “Slenderman”: A British YouTuber is making
a video to show off how fast his new bike is. After a short video explanation, he takes
off down the road. A short while later, this happens. The figure in this video appears to be the
Slenderman, a long-limbed humanoid in a black suit who is often seen lingering in the background
of videos. It’s said that he primarily hunts children. Although he is probably made up, some say
that having enough people believe in him has now caused the myth to come to life, and if
this video is to be believed, then it’s child killer is alive and well. The biker returns to the camera a short while
later. He is breathing hard now from his short ride. Somehow he doesn’t even notice the Slenderman
slowly walking around in the background. Eventually a car stops to warn him about the
long-legged figure walking around in the field. Only then does he review the footage and spot
the creature, at which point he uploads the recording straight to YouTube. 18. “The Florida Sea Beast”: Gene Sowerwine
[“Jean” “Sour-wine”] has been fishing off the Florida coast for hours now and he’s
about to call it a day. He casts his line into the gently bobbing
blue waters one last time and starts to patiently reel it in. That’s when he sees it, something in the
ocean. He can’t see its whole body. Only brief glimpses. It looks giant – as in prehistoric size. Suddenly a snakelike head surfaces and goes
back under the water. But Gene can tell this is no snake. For one thing, this monster has a huge round
body and webbed fins. It’s easily over 14 feet long and looks
to weigh more than a ton. Gene is watching something incredible, but
he knows that he needs both video evidence and a witness for anyone to take this seriously,
so he goes back to the mainland and grabs his brother and a camera. They rush back to the same location and start
fishing again, hoping that the sea creature hadn’t moved on while they were away. As the footage shows, their sea monster most
certainly had not gone anywhere. As much as they have tried, experts and internet
critics alike cannot explain exactly what this footage is. Now, I’m not saying that it is 100 percent
real, but I’m also saying that I personally can’t tell if it’s fake either. This even made it onto an episode of Monster
Quest on the History Channel, and nobody could explain it on there either. Coincidentally, there are reports in the 1800s
of sailors seeing huge monsters around the waters of Jacksonville, Florida. These creatures had huge bodies and serpent-like
heads. They were quite aggressive and would chase
the boats for miles. Could this be video evidence of the sailors’
claims, hundreds of years later? 17. “The Alaskan Water Assassin”: There’s
a lot of questionable videos on the internet, but here’s one with a very legitimate source. This footage was taken by the Alaskan Bureau
of Land Management and posted on their Facebook page. Swimming in the chilly waters is what some
believe is a distant relative of the Loch Ness Monster. Others say that this creature wasn’t really
moving at all and that it was probably a floating piece of rope. Even if it was staying in place, a lot of
sea animals are known to remain stationary for long periods of time, so that doesn’t
necessarily mean that it’s not real. Only Mother Nature knows for sure, and she’s
not telling. 16. “The Cave Creature”: Most people agree
that this video is probably CGI, but there’s still a large portion of the internet that
believes it is authentic, so let’s take a closer look. It was supposedly taken somewhere in Colombia
in 2011. The first thing to indicate that this could
be fake is the dramatic music. Also, the sound effects don’t seem particularly
realistic. Still, the original sound seems to have been
lost long ago, so maybe this is authentic footage that has been heavily edited over
the years. Anyway, the cave explorer flashes his light
on something that appears to be sleeping on the cave floor. I have to admit that these are some pretty
convincing special effects if this is fake, especially for six years ago. The lighting looks very good. The camera angles looked stage, but then again,
it is possible that they were shooting some sort of home movie when they accidentally
came across this cave creature. Whoever filmed this doesn’t seem to be coming
forward, so we’ll likely never know if it’s real or fake for sure. 15. “The Albino Sasquatch”: This footage was
taken in 2011. A man is wandering the woods in Pennsylvania
[“Pencil-vein-ya”] when his flashlight chances upon one of the most popular humanoids
of all time. This sasquatch is devoid of pigment and doesn’t
put up much of a fight, instead taking off as soon as the flashlight beam hits its face. Notice not only how fast it runs, but also
how silently it moves. Somehow it was able to watch the cameraman
from less than 10 feet and get away with hardly any noise. 14. “Humanculus [Hew-mon-cue-luss”]”: The
humanculus is rumored to be an artificial type of creature that was first discovered
sometime during the Medieval Ages by way of alchemy. The recipe for this legend has since been
lost, but some YouTubers have claimed to have rediscovered a way after doing some tinkering
in their kitchen. The process used to create a humanculus is
kind of gross. You can look it up if you want, but all I
will say is that it involves fertilizing a chicken egg using a syringe. Next you seal the egg off in a plastic container
and keep the it warm by wrapping it up in a cloth. For some reason, you also have keep the area
very dark. Perhaps this has something to do with witchcraft. No one can touch or disturb the egg in the
slightest. You can’t even look at it. If you do, you will kill the humanculus before
it can hatch. After enough time has passed, about 10 days
or so, you remove the egg from its container. The egg appears to have developed some sort
of infection, but this could also be some normal part of the process. The YouTuber cracks open the disgusting egg,
and this is what he finds laying inside . . . The tiny creature has no discernable features
except some long tendrils attached to a shriveled up central body. It looks like a chewed up white piece of gum,
except it moves. Apparently they are no smarter than a jellyfish. Maybe the ones from Medieval times were more
advanced. There’s videos out there that tries to prove
that the humanculus experiment is fake, but then again, maybe they didn’t do it right. Maybe they didn’t wait long enough or else
made some noise. The process is very reportedly very delicate
and can take at least a couple tries to master. 13. “The Russian Yeti”: A Russian police officer
is roaming the snowy countryside when he comes in close contact with a creature that has
never since been identified. The officer is traveling at a low rate of
speed when suddenly something huge dashes across his headlights. The strange figure is only visible for a moment,
then it’s gone. Many YouTubers suspect this to be a Russian
yeti. Others are sure that it’s a man in a suit
or even someone who is completely naked (though this theory is hard to believe because a person
in Russia would probably freeze to death if they stood outside naked for very long). Look closely and you’ll see that whatever
it is, it’s moving quite fast. It only takes the thing about 5 or 6 steps
to fully get away, and I should mention that the snow banks on both sides of the tracks
appear to be very deep. An average-sized person should be struggling
way more to get over them. Zoom in and you’ll see what looks to be
white fur hanging off of its body. Also it looks to be hunched over and its arms
almost touch the ground. If this is a costume, it’s very convincing. 12. “The Lizard Bird”: This happened somewhere
in Monterrey [“Mon-terry”], Mexico and was witnessed by dozens of people. It was so bizarre that it even made the local
news. Flying high in the sky was some sort of aggressive
creature the townsfolk had never seen before. It looked like some sort of hawk, but when
it go closer, they could see that this was something else completely. Local wildlife officials were able to eventually
wrestle it into captivity, but not without a fight. This is exactly what they saw. The creature looks like a bird, but it has
no beak. Instead, its mouth opens up like some sort
of frog or lizard’s. Could this be some sort of reptilian bird
hybrid? 11. “The Icelandic Sea Monster”: A man in
Iceland seems to have video evidence of a possible local creature that is not unlike
the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. Like so many others who witness unknown creatures,
this person was innocently filming the native scenery when something unexpected happened
to come across the camera. In this case, what appears to be a 20 to 30
foot long sea serpent winds along the icy waters, barely poking above the surface. As some people have pointed out, this could
be a piece of floating sea garbage, or even a fishing net, but others insist that its
sidewinding movement is undeniably snakelike. It looks very predatory. If it was a piece of debris, it would move
with the current. However, this one seems to zig zag against
it at times. 10. “The Humanoid Zoo”: This footage was taken
by a American tourist who was visiting Romania [“Row-main-knee-ah”]. He’s just walking around a local zoo on
his own, checking out the sights when he hears about a new attraction that is unlike any
of the others. He is ushered into a dark farmhouse along
with some other curious observers. Almost immediately the tone of the video changes
from skeptical to serious. It’s hard to say exactly how, but something
just feels wrong all of the sudden. You can hear the villagers talking among themselves
excitedly as they push past. Farm animals are making noises as the American
makes his way deeper inside. This section is very dark now and even though
the Romanians are speaking in a different language, you can tell that people are sounding
worried and concerned as they come closer and closer to the main attraction. Finally, the American tourist sees it for
himself. Sitting across from them on a straw floor
is what appears to be a white humanoid creature with black eyes and a wide gap for a mouth. It makes a series of tortured gurgling sounds
and then charges towards its cage as the video quickly ends. It’s hard to tell if this is a real creature
or a man in a suit because the lighting is very dim. At the same time, Romania is a very rural
country, and anything could be lurking in the woods. Maybe someone really did capture this thing
and drag it back to society to be gawked at by paying crowds. If this is real, then the poor humanoid sounds
like it’s been severely mistreated and probably needs help. 9. “Monster Crossing”: This highway footage
comes from Britain and is about ten years old. It looks like just another normal night until
an unknown creature comes scampering across four lanes of traffic in less than 5 seconds. It almost looks like a deer or a dog at first,
but a closer look shows you that its legs bend inwards at an odd angle. Its front and back legs nearly touch as it
runs, almost like a cheetah – but such an animal, of course, is impossible to see in
a place like Britain. The YouTube community seems to be split on
this one. Some people insist that it’s CGI, but others
say that the footage is authentic, even when zoomed and slowed down. The monster appears to jump over the median
at the right time and narrowly avoids getting hit by the car. No other cameras have managed to pick it up
since. Or, if they did, then the footage was never
released to the public. 8. “It Came From Area 51”: A group of friends
are poking around just outside of the legal limits of Area 51 when they make a strange
discovery. At first the creature appears to blend in
with the scenery, but look closely and you can make out a long head and a curly tail. The creature stands up and appears to turn
towards them. It must have a very good sense of hearing
because its body language suggests that it has been startled by them. Suddenly it disappears in a thin ray of bright
white light, never to be seen again. If aliens can escape this easily, it’s no
wonder why they have rarely been filmed. Another explanation for this video, of course,
is the possibility of CGI. 7. “The Forest Creeper”: A group of men in
Brazil are swimming in a local watering hole on a warm day. One of them gets out of the water and is about
to jump in when the cameraman suddenly spots something standing behind them. Pay attention to the dark hole on the left. The creature peeks out at them and then ducks
away before the man can turn around. As they are curiously looking into the forest,
the creature jumps across and runs away. This is no ordinary forest animal. Zoom in close and you can barely see a small
set of humanlike legs. It looks to be almost as scared as everybody
else as it retreats deeper into the forest. The quality of this video is poor, but the
cell phone cameras aren’t the greatest in the Brazilian countryside. It could be real or just special effects. 6. “Le Alien”: This footage is believed to
have been shot somewhere in France. It starts out with a UFO sitting on the hillside
that quickly flies away. The next shot shows it hovering in the air,
and then we are shown this footage of what appears to be a group of aliens conversing
on the ground. It looks like they are talking about whatever
it is aliens talk about as they casually observe their surroundings. Maybe they were talking about technical difficulties
with their ship, or else maybe they were simply stretching their legs between planets. It doesn’t look like they are aware that
they are being recorded. The UFO again takes off and disappears in
a beam of light. 5. “Mystery Corpse”: It’s large, round,
and dead – but what is it? This unknown creature washed ashore the beaches
of New York sometime around 2012. A lot of people are saying that it is a washed-up
raccoon, but some experts are saying no way. First of all, this creature looks like it
has a beak-like jawbone, which raccoons obviously do not. The limbs are too short for a racoon, and
the skull is shaped way differently. Keep in mind this is not my opinion, this
is the opinion of Rebecca Alexis Turner, a person who has been working with possums,
raccoons, and other forms of wildlife for years. So again, if it’s not a raccoon or an possum,
then what could it be? Who knows. Hopefully you’ll never have a live one charge
at you and find out. 4. “The Kitchen Goblin”: A mother in Argentina
[“Ardge-gin-tina”] caught this strange sighting on tape while watching her son, Benjamin,
play in the kitchen. The toddler is babbling away happily when
suddenly a tiny creature runs across the kitchen floor. It starts out running around the corner and
quickly disappears under the dresser. The mother says that this goblin stank horribly
as it ran outside to their garden. She often hears Benjamin talking by himself
in his room, but now she believes that he may have been communicating with the goblins. She thought the creature was a mouse at first,
but after she saw that it was running on only two legs, she didn’t know what to think
of it. Apparently she claims to have captured the
goblins on tape no less than five times, though this is the only video footage that has surfaced. 3. The English Mermaid”: Otherwise known as
“aquatic humanoids”, mermaids have been long suspected of existing deep beneath the
seas, though no credible video evidence has ever surfaced. Paul Jones was walking along the beach in
Great Yarmouth [“Yar-myth”] when he made this brutal discovery. A half-decayed mermaid laid rotting in the
wet sand right before his very eyes. It had the scaly body of a fish right up to
the mid-torso, at which point the upper body of the creature suddenly changed into that
of a human. It was just like the legends had always said. The video and photographs clearly shows that
the washed-up creature has humanlike arms, which it probably used to paddle through the
water while being propelled by a giant tailfin. The center of the mermaid corpse appears to
have been hollowed out, probably eaten by a large predator. It’s face is mostly rotten but a grim expression
gives the impression that it could have died in agony. If you look closely, you can still see both
of the mermaid’s unblinking eyes staring back at you. 2. “The Dog Hunter”: This video starts out
as a normal shot of what looks like a restaurant in another country. The footage is pretty high quality. Nothing looks out of the ordinary, right? Well, pay close attention to the small dog
as it passes through the frame. You’ll probably see something walking closely
behind. If you didn’t see it, watch the footage
again in slow motion. You’ll see the dog walk out from behind
the motorcycle. It’s just sniffing around, minding its own
business, when suddenly a transparent apparition comes stomping out from behind. Okay, what the heck is that? It looks like a demon or a reptile from another
dimension walking on two legs. It’s following the dog closely, almost like
it wants the dog for its next meal. Nobody else seems to have seen the creature,
but its electromagnetic frequencies appear to have been captured on tape. Skeptics are quick to say that this is just
the dog’s reflection, but if that were true, then shouldn’t the reflection should look
similar to the original animal? This creature, on the other hand, has a long
tail, two legs, and what almost looks like T-Rex arms. I guess it kind of looks like the dog, but
at the same time, doesn’t there also look like there’s some major differences to you? Before we get to number 1, if you’ve ever
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and feel free to send me a DM if you have a questions or suggestions. If you’d like to see more of these videos
in the future, then hit that subscribe button because I upload a new scary video every Thursday. 1. “The Oddling”: This video was taken in
Nuevo Laredo [“New-wave-oh” “Lahr-rhed-oh”], Mexico sometime in 2015. The person filming had been hearing loud disturbances
all around his house and grabbed a camera before running outside. He is trying to track the source of the movement. It sounds almost like a squeaky trampoline. Nervous birds are chattering loudly nearby. The cameraman zooms in on some of his backyard
plants, but whatever is making the noise isn’t hiding there. Suddenly a series of loud bangs come from
directly above. He swings the camera around, and this is what
he finds. What would you do in this situation? Maybe you’d scream, run for cover, or even
grab a weapon. This cameraman stands frozen in place, however,
too shocked to make a sound. Suddenly the humanoid creature scrambles over
the roof and makes a hasty escape. The person runs into his house and gets away. Both of them appeared to be equally afraid
of each other. If this long skinny creature is not CGI, then
what could it possibly be? Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because I upload a new
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