24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM UNDERWATER!! πŸ“¦πŸš” Underwater Box Fort Building & More!

previously on Papaji security cameras
hold on I may be able to access the security cameras should give us a pretty
good idea to our location and patching us through now it looks like a
surveillance feed of workers there they’re building the city we’re
underwater hundreds of miles underwater in a
underwater city how can I escape from this place I’m getting home I’m gonna
get out of this hundred water prison all right had this master correct from
the turtle I hacked into it looks like this prison is an isolated clown town
that’s why it was under renovation it was well just being built so if I’m
gonna escape from here I need to make my way to the main compound which means
traveling from this isolated prison to the rest of the underwater city which
also means going about a hundred yards underwater hundreds of miles under the
sea with no scuba gear weight with scuba gear there’s tons of stuff in here
it looks like that’s the airlock pinball consuming they never expected me to try
and swim hundreds of feet under the water which means if I can formulate
some form of scuba gear should be able to go through the airlock and swim to
the main city use their airlock and hopefully find an escape to make it to
the surface okay first things first I’m gonna need a respirator I’m gonna
have to be able to breathe underwater for a few minutes all right well we have
ourselves a diving mask this will come in handy thank goodness they have
emergency systems in here now if I can break this up with some oxygen I should
be good in terms of breathing look what we have here hands we have a compressor
fuck you can press enough air into this water ball I should be able to breathe
out of it it’s need uh tube tubing perfect okay hope that wasn’t important
but whatever this tube was used for it’s now gonna be my breathing apparatus
looks like some leftover duct tape as well
it’s gonna attach the hole here and duct tape over it a few extra to make sure
this thing holds I don’t want to be running out of oxygen when we’re out
there now I know you’re probably thinking Papa Jake this is crazy you’re
using a water bottle with compressed air the tube you found on the ceiling and an
old respirator mask to breathe hundreds of miles under the water well you go
from one chamber to another hand you’re right it is crazy
who’s about a 50% chance of work make that 10 what hey you gotta live a little
bit and it’s the only way out of here okay with this rigged up it should hold
now to attach this to the bottle but first I’ve got to pressurize this using
the air compressor they came in handy when blowing up the dinghy I should be
able to pressurize it here goes nothing three-two-one got it oh there we go all right
this is an extremely pressurized capsule this should give me enough air
approximately five maybe ten minutes just like soon because you know when
you’re making a makeshift scuba mask safety is our number-one priority also
escaping from this prison is my number one priority but with that little bit of
work we have ourselves there we go our makeshift scuba mask enough oxygen here
to last me 10 minutes breathable air system here with a nice visor so I can
look around snorkel if I ever need it hang now we’d see a way to get about a
hundred yards in five minutes and I think that’s where that’s coming in
handy looks like it’s a portable CD no it’s not a battery okay let’s see it
we’re dealing with here okay let’s see if I get this thing working no come on
come on come on it’s not working there’s no power there’s no way I’m getting
across with just my oxygen tank it’s swimming I gotta get this thing up and
running I mean baby Jerry rigged it somehow let me see what we’re working
with here under the hood oh great no battery well it’s better than a
broken motor all right if we can find this thing of battery we can get it
working looks like everything’s auxilary powered in here but just maybe there
could be something in here first off let’s open up the airlock that
should open up the other side hands come off this side now that we no longer need
this let’s take out its battery ok that’s disconnected
which means this should be safe to touch and we got ourselves a battery all right
slide it in like so perfect now we’ll just need to plug it in got it got a
spark all right we’re locked things plugged in
ready to go all right made a hole made breathable scuba tank
an underwater CD how’d you say I think we’re getting
pretty lucky hopefully there’s no sharks all right let’s get set up attach it and
here and Celie all right it works now to open up the airlock and get out of here
all right let’s get my mask up before I open this up like I said this compound
is isolated from the rest of the city so I don’t know what’s gonna happen when we
go out there in fact I don’t know what to expect 100 feet underwater though
we’re looking at it being pitch-black I also don’t know what kind of animals or
horse lurk out there but if I can make it across to the other airlock I should
be able to sneak in doesn’t look like they have any security cameras in here
and they and I really don’t think they expected me to make it this far so
doesn’t look like anyone’s coming after us transportation all right
looks like this is the airlock as far as I can tell there should be an exit down
below our OB is working mask is on all right it looks like I’ve got enough
oxygen in here to last me a little bit I also found this flashlight here so
should help me see underwater here’s the latch to get out all right here we go
and there we go got it perfect Wow all right that’s dark okay all right I
can do this as long as I can find the other airlock I’ll be okay I pulled up a
lot of time but I should be able to make it look the supplies I have alright just
gonna get my ROV in first and they should be able to dive in part of the
scrub the ROV and get it in the water bring my flashlight as well once I’m out
of this airlock I don’t know if the door shuts behind me so I have to be sure I’m
quick hopefully there’s no sharks down here all right well and I can’t see anything down here I was
only gonna be a few feet but definitely see it’s gotta be something what was that this was something moving
around me could be shorts pants anything okay I mean
well serious fixes welcome I will now prepare your initiation wait
what welcome to an airlock terminal 43 see the thirty second installment of the
underwater city really so my new life with what does happen oh hey right here
I cut my hair well dry what’s going on here I’m pleased to announce that I will
be going over your introductory tutorial to your new life under the city what do
you mean what what’s happening hello can can you hear me someone there yes I can
hear you loud and clear

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