3 tips to keep your goggles in place during the swim dive

One of the most common questions we get is
how do you make sure your goggles don’t fall off during a dive? Well here are three tips that can help. Your goggles fall off because they create
resistance with the water and it pushes them back. so… The first thing and perhaps the most obvious
is to tighten the strap. I only do this in swimming competitions, because
it can be uncomfortable to have your goggles so tight during practice for that long. But in a swim meet or a set with a dive you
can have them a little bit tighter since it doesn’t last that long. Sometimes the water pulls your goggles from
the bands, because they create a little more drag. To fix this put your goggles on before you
put your swim cap. The swim cap will create a smoother surface
and the strap will remain in place. If you put your chin down by your chest and
have a tight streamline, there will be less turbulence. Your hands will cut the water for the rest
of your body and it will be a smoother dive overall. Now you can swim faster and your goggles won’t
fall off. However, let me remind you that even Michael
Phelps’s goggles can malfunction. In the 2008 olympics on his way to 8 gold
medals, his goggles didn’t fell off but they got filled with water. So he couldn’t see, but he would never let
a piece of plastic get in his way. He swam the 200 butterfly in a world record,
because he had memorized the race by heart, he knew exactly how many kicks and stroke
he had to do, so he did it. The lesson here is that if you put in the
effort no piece of equipment can stop you. However, there are some pieces of equipment
that can help you a little. Skills N Talents swim caps! Check out our designs and order yours wherever
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