30 EXTREMELY Satisfying Moments in Minecraft!

Now I been playing Minecraft for a very long time and over the years I’ve pointed out many things in my videos that I find incredibly satisfying this game’s just full of them So I thought today we could point out 30 of them now let’s start things off with an incredibly obvious one Haste 2 and Efficiency 5 I have mentioned this in a bunch of Hermit Craft episodes, and I mean, I could do this all day long I absolutely love mining out large areas because i could just do things like this, it never gets old Another one that is blatantly obvious is of course blowing up large quantities of TNT Now this is the first thing that I did when creative mode was introduced into Minecraft. I filled the world with TNT and Then did things like that There’s just something incredibly satisfying about watching TNT flying everywhere and blowing up the surrounding area and i have to say it’s nice that I’m playing on a good computer Because in the olden days. ha-ha it would just basically crash out. Anyway moving on from the really obvious getting yourself a fortune 1,000 pickaxe now I’ll put the command for this down the description, but just watch this, ha ha ha oh I’ve crashed the game a little bit Wow. All right outside of cheating there’s very little that’s more satisfying to me than being able to sleep first time without having to go through this. I mean I can’t remember the last time I went to bed without having to right-click on it endlessly. Now that is music to my ears that has to be one of my favorite sounds in the entire game The sound of water flowing over the top of Lava also holds a bit of a nostalgic value because I remember when I first discovered In the early days I showed it to my friends And they were convinced that I was one of the best minecraft players in the country Linking up a pair of Nether portals is often really quite difficult There’s a bunch of maths involved you have to do some dividing and some placing around and often you have other nether portals around that could cause issues so it’s always very satisfying when it works first time Finally seeing this happening after a bout of rain and thunder in Minecraft. I hate I hate the bad weather in Minecraft I mean I live in England for goodness sake I get enough rain as it is in real life I don’t need it on the computer as well. Making a ridiculous bow shot such as this one… I said such as this one… I meant just this one. I said like this. Maybe something like this, there we go! 😀 Yeah, it feels good. But sometimes it’s best to not carry a bow and try your best to return to sender Oh my word. That was so close right. We’ve got this. Oh, wow, Wow okay? That’s Yeah, that’s that’s not so satisfying now I don’t think anyone’s gonna argue with the fact that the elytras are some of the best items in the game And they’re the source of about 90% of my satisfaction But one thing that is extra satisfying is when you nail the firework launch first time I mean it took a lot of practice, a lot of training to get to this point, but I think around about now I’ve nailed it another thing that I personally really enjoy is Try my best to land on things that I really shouldn’t land on. I mean of what that was beautiful. Honestly, that was absolutely beautiful But that was something straight out of the textbook when it comes to the school of flight in Minecraft this one is fairly obvious but flying through gaps that you probably shouldn’t fly through using the elytra at high speeds! (panic noise) I just need to get better at this game Seriously a lot of the things that I’ve mentioned so far in this video that are meant to be satisfying have ended in me dying This videos not going so well. Okay, okay? This is the last one to do with the elitra right now, and I don’t *think* it should end with me dying But that is shooting something while flying man that is more fun than I expected it to be I mean I’ve never really done that before but this, I feel like a fighter pilot for those of you who are subscribed to my channel you’re probably sick and tired of this one But it doesn’t get much better than this does it I mean we’ve got TNT cannon (Massive exploision) we’ve got a dirt block 150 blocks away, boom It’s gone piece of TNT shot through all of this straight down the middle Destroying a block that far away. I mean. It’s probably one of my proudest moments in my entire youtube channel I’m going to be telling my kids about this, my grandkids even. Anyway scaling things back just a little bit having the perfect number of blocks required To finish up a project. just nailing it Absolutely nailing it it’s always a good feeling. When a redstone contraption that you’ve spent hours upon hours working on, finally works. Now this is my 22 piston extender, and I mean as you could see it’s pretty monstrous And I spent a lot of time working out the timings for it But eventually this gold block Makes its way all the way back to the end there and we’re gonna show it all happening I mean it is in itself quite satisfying to watch. I mean look at these Pistons (laugh) This is such a ridiculous build and utterly pointless as well totally and utterly pointless, but There we go fully retracted one of my proudest moments of playing Minecraft was preventing death due to the ender dragon By stopping myself from taking fall damage using a water bucket Let’s see if I can recreate this Now that was cool wasn’t it? I mean just when you time that perfectly it feels very good Changing the random tick speed of the game or always leads to good thing so it set that to 1000 Let’s grab ourselves a grass block And let’s watch It’s like an infection spreading All that is so cool That is so so cool crops growing is just as fun to watch as well I mean look how fast this sugar cane up and down the wither can’t actually destroy it fast enough Speaking of this actually any form of wither powered farm, Is a pretty satisfying thing I mean look at this I think it’s fair to say that Any change of the random tick speed rule, is going to be fun to watch This is a world of saplings that I’ve just created and Wow these trees are really spreading. That is… I Wonder how densely, I wonder how dense the Forest is going to get in there are all of the saplings going to grow. We’re just going to have Are we just gonna have a big block of oak in the center? This is crazy and also quite scary. Okay, I guess I got a little bit carried away once again. We’re going to scale things back just a tiny bit here because Watching sand fall onto a torch I mean once again. I remember when I discovered this technique and There’s just nothing better Look at that oh I could watch that all day long that could be my screensaver If someone could make a sand falling on a torch screensaver on an infinite loop then that would really do me and 3 2 1 boom Water being removed and then watching the water Just merge back and just cover up the hole as if it’s some kind of like Deadpool style injury recovery Yeah, that’s a good thing to watch ok. You know what I’m gonna do it again Let’s do it. Here we have tons upon tons of mobs and here I have a sweeping edge 3 smite 5 sword ooh Just the noise of all of them dying all at once I Mean his little friend He’s go away but you know what I’m not into killing kids. this piston door this piston door has to be included in the list I mean you can’t say that that’s just not a pleasure to watch drop it down and Bounce it back up It’s perfect. watching fully automatic and relatively efficient farms functioning is always going to be something that I personally love now There’s two good things going on here. We’ve got TNT exploding cobblestone That’s being generated over there And we also have a really cool kind of sinkhole action where we get to watch all of the cobblestone fall down through the center And pour into my absolutely enormous storage system Big storage systems are also pretty satisfying There’s a lot of satisfying stuff in Minecraft isn’t there now who remembers when this was discovered the fact that you can sprint and jump up and down very fast on ice streams and travel at high speed, I mean With the vibrating of the screen where you’re jumping up and down so much it almost feels like you’ve enabled warp drive And you’re just gonna travel off into space oh Those are the days Speaking of jumping up and down repeatedly you all know that I’m a big advocate of the old elitra jumps This is pretty much, how I get around on the hermit craft server. I do nothing but jump up and down while running I don’t know why I don’t know if it makes me go any faster But I just think it’s I just think it’s fun to do i mean look at this We’re just kind of bouncing up and down sometimes you get things like that happening that always feels good Yeah this is the way to run. You know I find it hard to believe that there’s anything more satisfying than starting up a New survival world in Minecraft that feeling of alright, I’m gonna do this I’m gonna kick things into gear I’ve got all these crazy plans for bases that I’m probably never going to complete, but I’m excited for them because right now I’m starting out, and I have nothing and I’m gonna have to punch trees gather cobblestone get diamonds and everything like that I mean that is I kind of missed that feeling it’s been a while making very risky ender pearls now. I want to make it extremely clear that this is Yeah, that was that was too risky for me That’s not, that’s how not to do it, but if you did do it, I’m sure it would feel great I’m the sole person that tends to carry tons upon tons of junk in their inventory that they don’t generally need But sometimes it works out in my favor for example right now. I’m working on this house I’m in survival mode, and I fancy having some fence posts on this porch area And I mean I randomly just have a bunch of them in my inventory this has happened a lot on the hermit craft server And finally I would argue that the most satisfying thing that you can do in Minecraft is to throw stacks upon stacks of diamond blocks into Lava, so here we are on the hermit craft server. I’ve gathered up all of my diamonds and in they go there we go ha ha ha I’m sure that’s gonna stress some of you out, but anyway that just about wraps everything up If there’s anything that you think I missed in this video then please let me know down in the comment section I’d love to hear all of the things that you personally enjoy, but anyway if you have enjoyed be sure What’s hit that like button, and if you really loved it and make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys this has been bumbo cactoni, and I’m out I’ll see ya later Oh and check out the last film on the filming channel look on the end screen Outro song. Subtitles by Nelo390, edited by WildestPenguin because you mispelled elytra alot. Hey mumbo, bumbo, and dumbo 🙂 (if you’re watching the subtitles) (#Bumbo) -Penguin

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