$300 ROKA Maverick Comp 2 vs $925 ROKA Maverick X | Best Triathlon Wetsuit

– Morning, Trainiacs. Very fun, exciting day this morning, because doing the first river
open water swim of the year. Now, this here is the river
that Pat, Jacque, and I swam 37 kilometers in from
the south end of the city all the way to the north end of the city, but I’ll link to that video
right at the end of this video, but today, we’re gonna have a little chat about the ROKA Maverick Comp II. This is ROKA’s entry level wetsuit, it’s a third of the
price of the Maverick X. Apparently, large part of
it, just as good, we’ll see. Talk about that. (upbeat music) (hip hop music) Oh man, that was nice. With the current, I was going an average of 114 per hundred meters. Think I just did 3000
meters, ended up being like 35 minutes ’cause the
current was helping so much, but this, I like this way
more than I thought I would. Whoa, more on that in a
second, for now, funny story. So, how I end up doing
that swim is I park here, which is up here, down current, and then I take a bike all
the way around a point, then I lock up the bike there, and then I swim with the
current back to this place, take my car, go rescue my
bike, and then head home. What I did today, however,
was not that smart. I forgot that I need to
leave my car key here so that I could get back to my bike. So I get out of the water I’m like, “Hmm, hmm, hmm, what do I do?” Fortunately, there’s a canoe club here and I walked in, I was like, “Hey, I know I’m in a speedo and all, but can you guys drive me to my bike?” And the guy was just
like, “Heard about you swimming in this last year,
yeah, I’ll set you up.” (laughing) Alright, ROKA Comp wetsuit,
alright, Trainiacs, let’s talk ROKA Maverick Comp
II versus the ROKA Maverick X. This is the absolute tippy
top of the line wetsuit that ROKA makes, it’s the most expensive, it’s what they market to be the fastest. This is the entry level wetsuit that ROKA makes that they say is the fastest entry level
wetsuit in the world. Of course they’re gonna say that, but what I wanted to do, and
part of these partnerships that I’m creating for Team Trainiac is to be able to try this stuff out and let you know what I’d recommend, which one should you get, what
is the best value for you? Is is tippy top of the line,
should you go and spend a bunch of money, is it money well spent? Or are a lot of people better off with something that’s more entry level? Are you gonna get a
better value out of this? So let’s talk about the
similarities for starters. I would actually say that these wetsuits are probably more similar
than they are different. They both have graduated buoyancy between the legs and the chest. That means that the legs are
more buoyant than the chest, because we have air in
our chest we don’t need as much buoyancy and that extra buoyancy with thicker leg neoprene
actually levels out our bodies. Next, the inner liner inside that makes it more or less comfortable is
basically the exact same, I didn’t notice any difference. Same with the neck panel, they’re both entirely separate neck panels,
so you’ve got a fair bit of give around there and it’s
not rubbing and constricting. Both have the same arms up construction. That means that the pattern that they use to put these together is actually laid up with arms overhead, so it’s made to be nice and fluid as you’re taking
a stroke on both of these, and they both have the same
center line technology, so that’s a strip that is about three and a half inches
thick going down the center that’s thicker than the
panels that are on the side, and that gives you a nice
straight line down the middle, and allows you to rotate
from side to side easily. And they both have the same
SCS nano covering on the suit. I really can’t tell what that is. It still just looks like
neoprene, but apparently, it’s so that the water beads
off of it a little bit quicker and you slide through the water easier. Now, here’s where we start getting just a little bit different. They’re both designed, and
this is what ROKA came up with early on when they came out
with the ROKA Maverick Pro, they’re stiff in the lower
torso, but in different ways. So the Comp here is just a stiffer suit. You put it on and it doesn’t
feel nearly as fluid. You can’t move as easily,
you can’t do arm circles nearly as easily, so that
alone keeps you nice and stiff in the core, and for,
say amateur swimmers, age group swimmers,
basically the vast majority of triathletes who don’t come
from a swimming background, it’s gonna stop you from
wiggling like this alone without really any additional features. This ROKA Maverick X, it’s
called the X because on the back, in the core, all throughout
the paneling here, there’s a bunch of stiff panels
that are stitched in there that keep it nice and tight,
and I think that it needs that, because it has to make up for the fact that it’s extremely flexible. The average triathlete
needs some restriction, because we are fairly wiggly, so this, being a flexible wetsuit
almost has to add in that exoskeleton, I think it’s called. Now, differences, the
forearm panels have like, little tiny, thin, almost
like swim skin material on the more expensive Maverick X. There are no forearm panels
in the Maverick Comp. The leg panels, basically the same, but they just seem to be
a little bit stretchier in the Maverick X, a little
bit easier to kick off, but it’s not like the Comp was difficult to take off this morning at all. Actually, now that I
look at it, it seems like there’s a little bit more meat
that we can take off there. Walking around in the Maverick X feels very light and very fluid. Walking around in the Comp
feels a little bit clunkier. That said, some of the fastest
swimming I’ve ever done in open water was this
morning in the Maverick Comp, and I think that that’s because I am like, the average age group triathlete swimmer, that I don’t have a swim background, so I need that little bit of stability, and is the added flexibility of this really getting me that much benefit? Well, apparently, in a lot
of testing with wetsuits, there are a lot of age group triathletes that will do better in
a more entry level suit, because it has more stiffness. Now, here’s the biggest difference, the Maverick X is 925 dollars US. The Maverick Comp, 350 dollars US. In addition to that,
because this is so flexible, it’s not nearly as durable. For example, I’ve gone
for four swims in this and it’s already unusable. I had a total blowout, fortunately
right at my love handle, so that looked really good,
coming out here in the back, and I’m sure they’d warranty
that had I paid for it, but out of a more expensive suit, I’ve had them last anywhere
from one and a half to two years all the way down to four to like 10 swims for the more expensive wetsuits, whereas the more entry level wetsuits will probably last you four, five, potentially even six years. So, you do the math on
that, and the lifetime cost of the Maverick X is
potentially five times as much as the Maverick Comp,
and is the Maverick X that much faster for
the average triathlete? Probably not. What I would recommend is if money isn’t an object whatsoever,
you can get this for racing, keep it around and treat
it very, very delicately. Bring it out a little big so
that you know how it feels, and then use it for race
day, kinda like disc wheels or something like that, but do
most of your training in this so that it stays more durable and it lasts a heck of a lot longer than this. So there you go, Maverick
X versus Maverick Comp, I like both, probably gonna be doing a heck of a lot more training in this than I ever thought I was going
to even just 24 hours ago. There you go, Trainiacs. If you aren’t already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below, and if you are subscribed,
hmm, comment with your favorite wetsuit right now. Later.

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  • Maverick x rocks !

  • I had the comp, got it on Black Friday!! For less then 300$ great customer service!! They let u try it, use it for a while and u can just change it, for another size

  • I picked up the previous model of the full sleeve Comp II for $200 on 4th of July sale last summer, and it has been awesome so far! The old model doesn't have the Arms Up design, but it still is very forgiving in the shoulder when fitted properly.

  • 2:50 great transition

  • I have the mavic comp sleeveless and it's by far my favorite! I'll give a full sleeve version a go next year

  • I am still using the Orca Equip, that I got a few years ago, though with injuries and illnesses, I haven't used it very much over the last couple of years and not at all this year. 🙁

  • Only used the XTerra Vector. Our Tri Club has a partnership with them so I’ll probably continue buying their wetsuits just to support our club sponsorship. But now you made me want to get a ROKA comp as all my swim gear is ROKA. I love the Viper Pro with sleeves 👍🏻

  • can u please comment on the size? ur height and ur size how it fits u?

  • I just got my first wetsuit and its a Roka COMP entry level. Had one test swim and wow I feel like a sword fish! Nothing to compare it to mind you but it sure feels awesome and once I get an open water race done in it – I'll be able to compare times vs pool times (roughly) Great video Taren!

  • Maverick Comp II is a great wetsuit plus I got it when it was on sale for $180!

  • Thanks for the review, Taren. Do you have someone spot, or chase you, when you're swimming on the river? Maybe I'm overly cautious, but when I swim in open water, my wife almost always follows me in a kayak.

  • Zoot wikiwiki. Unbelievably comfortable in the arms & shoulders.
    Edit: Roka is not yet Canadian friendly, imo (no Canadian retailer) so I've never seen/tried one up close. The cost/exchange/shipping is far too steep to shop south of the border, imo.

  • Love love love my BlueSeventy Fusion. She be a sweet ride

  • Hey Taren! Any suggestions as to a good wetsuit for good swimmers? I really noticed all the buoyancy just like slowing me down and stuff.

  • I bought a ROKA Maverick Elite II (the step up from the Comp II) on Black Friday. Great deal and a great suit (I think it was sub $400 CAD shipped). I can't imagine ever needing more wetsuit than I have.

  • Great video! What do you know about the Elite II wetsuit vs. the Comp, major differences?

  • Thank you soooooo much. Waited so long for such (this) video! Thanks a lot! Helped me enormous!! Thanks! Great video

  • BEST wetsuit review I've seen. I fell into the belief that the more expensive wetsuits are better (this doesn't just apply to Roka). Coming from a no-swim-background, this was very much not true. I'm a 1:30 per 100m swimmer but my position/balance still needs years more work. Entry/mid-level wetsuits correct that almost perfectly, whereas the nicer ones left me with very little benefit.

  • I recently 'upgraded' and bought a used demo 2XU V1 for a mere $100 at the expo of my last race. The added flexibilty in the shoulders was a game changer for me! Price certainly doesn't always indicate what is best for you. Find what works. Another great example of that in this video Taren!

  • would love to get the Maverick Comp 2 but it is and has been sold out forever…..ugh.

  • @triathlontaren just picked-up a wetsuit as I’m moving back to the states from Hawaii. My question is, when I start swimming I feel water coming in through the back of the neck and down my back is this common?

  • I have an Orca Sonar at the moment which I got last year when starting Triathlon. It is serving me very well and no tears or pulls as of yet. Seeing that you have teamed up with ROKA I may consider a Comp II as a potential upgrade at the end of the year. Interesting as always. Thanks Taren.

  • Out of curiosity, is it normal for a triathon wetsuit to be so tigh on my belly, almost preventing me from breathing correctly? Did a sprint last year with a mandatory wetsuit and I think I had such a hard time breathing … went out of water feeling dizzy

  • Worth it to spend more on the Maverick Elite 2 than the comp?

  • an old QR sleeveless I found for $25- so favorite vs only one ever? both! 😉 its my first year ha ha

  • Hope Roka hooked you up for free ….if not lets go chat to them with my Russian friend ..jokesss

  • Hey taken u don’t have a promo code for a discount with Roka? U should b gettin hooked up

  • I bought my comp II last year (without the arms up tech) My shoulders get pretty tired in the swim with it on. I come from a swimming background and I have heard that people with a swimming background prefer sleeveless for this reason. So my debate is Maverick Pro Sleeveless or Maverick X. Thoughts, comments, experience?

  • Thats a massive blowout. Has Roka been in contact with you about it? No way I would want to pay $200-$300 per swim

  • What size do you have vs your height and weight? Thanks

  • Hey Taren, I got the Maverick X and it is a dream to swim in but…I have had 2 warranty claims in less than a summer season. Roka is Awesome when it comes to standing behind their products which is so important when spending this much cash. I have to say that I feel the X taping causes the blowouts plus the taping came away after a few swims. So what I would like to know…does the Pro have the same fragility as the X? I'm a strong swimmer and probably don't need the extra support. Maybe getting away from the X if you are a good swimmer might be the way to go. Does anyone know if this is the case? I must say the X is a great looking suit but I need a suit that is going to last, maybe the Pro is the way forward.

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  • Thanks Taren! I've been watching your videos ever since I signed up for the 2019 Nice Ironman about 1 year ago. Been looking around for wetsuits and the ROKA Maverick Comp 2 caught my eye. Once I noticed you posted a review on this puppy, I was stoked and had to listen to your opinion and happy that I did! It's arriving in 2 days! Woohoo!

  • May have just packed up my Maverick X and sent it back to Roka and ordered a Comp II because of this review, whoops!

  • Don’t have one because I live in Hawaii 🙂

  • Thank you for the honest review
    I will get it a try shortly

  • Fantastic review. I appreciate the all of it but the price breakdown considering time makes this priceless (see what I did there?)! Subscribed.

  • Thanks for the great review. I just pulled the trigger on a Maverick Comp II sleeveless!

  • Thank you for the excellent and detailed review, Taren. Do you recommend sizing up or down for ROKA Comp? I'm at the top end of a small (5'1", 115 lbs) but usually am down a few more lbs by mid July when I start my A races.

  • The Large fits really well. Looks great.>>> nub.best/74is I am 175lbs, 5.11, good quality suit for the price. I have a similar Oneill wetsuit ( size M) which has over 200 dives under its belt and is 22 years old, still hanging together – my son is wearing it now (as it shrunk or I grew)..

  • Do triathlon suits make you float? Or do you still sink like a speedo

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