3D Backgrounds for Aquariums

Hello friends,
Welcome back. You can make 3D background from Styrofoam,
cements and aquarium safe paints. But such homemade 3D backgrounds are very
difficult to make and it also makes water cloudy and require several water changes to
get a clean setup, you also need to buy costly aquarium safe paints. Well you can make it if you want to nobody
is stopping you. Now here I will show you custom made 3D backgrounds
and they are very realistic too. So I bought some 3D aquarium background and
I am going to try it out. I got this from amazon and they are not custom
cut but comes in fixed size and shape. If you need custom cut 3D background I will
tell you a website where you can order custom shape and size of 3D background for your aquarium. So stick along I will tell you about it. So this is the 3D background I ordered from
amazon it is not custom cut but came with fixed length and width. Now it is fitting in with my discus aquarium
but not exactly. Let me try with small aquarium here I have
to cut it out I think. So let’s try this with this aquarium. I will stick this to background and see what
happens weather it stay there or will it come out. Back side is not flat so there are chances
of water and dirt coming here and make water more dirty and unpleasant unless there is
sufficient bacteria to break things down. No need to take chances. So if I glue all around the edges then water
might not come to this area. So let’s try it out. First of all I will apply glue just beside
the edges Now stick it to the aquarium background After 24 hours
This is the aquarium looks like after sticking the 3D background, pretty attractive and realistic. Doesn’t it. Let me put the sand also Now it is looking stunning already . Time
to add water and fish Let me add my betta fish. This aquarium 3D background is looking good
and I didn’t had to mess with Styrofoam cut outs, paints or anything else. So what you guys think about the 3D background
and setup, comment it in the comment section below. Earlier I told you that you can get custom
build 3D aquarium backgrounds as far as I know there is no 3D aquarium background builder
in India. You can order fixed length 3D backgrounds
from amazon check the links in video description if you are willing to buy. But they are not custom for you aquariums. If you need custom made 3D backgrounds for
your aquariums you can check the website aquadecorbackgrounds.com 3D background links are in video description. There are many models of 3D background they
are bit pricy but they are very realistic and if you are living out of US the shipping
cost will be extra. On their website there is price calculator
so you give your country, length and width of your aquarium
and all other details and the website will show you the estimated price. You can also check their video gallery and
get to know their product better. I strongly recommend Aqua Décor 3D background
if you have the budget and money to accommodate one in your aquarium. So that’s it for this video I hope you found
it useful. If you have any suggestions or recommendations
about this video or upcoming video drop it down in the comment section below. Like, share and subscribe my channel to see
upcoming videos. You can also check my merchandise store for
cool T-shirts. Until next video and bye and take care and
thanks for watching.

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