5 Crazy Things SeaWorld Ambassadors Have Removed From America’s Waterways

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda and my passion is the water The project that I’m going to be
participating on is with Living Lands and Waters I will be boarding a flight
and going from— to Cincinnati, Ohio to board a house barge and travel down
the rivers— the Mississippi River, cleaning up trash.
This is one of my big passions for saving wildlife and keeping these river systems and waterways clean so I just jumped at
the opportunity and was extremely excited to be able have been given the
opportunity The most important thing is honestly just
sustainable product consumption in addition with getting involved in the
community and possibly going out cleaning up a beach with just you and your
friends make it fun. Have a hangout, make it a birthday party and just enjoy the
time together cleaning up trash you’re gonna be making
a huge impact on the environment but also possibly having a lot of fun doing
it as well Follow me on my journey, I’m really
excited to live on a housebarge and help to clean our waterways and
teach you guys more about it inspire you so you want to act and do similar things
as well.

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