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waterslides, everyone loves them regardless of age or orientation or even if you’re a celebrity most people go to have some fun with friends and some go to lounge around on the tubes, other’s go for the *cough* view and some people really love the intensity and thrill of it well hold on tight because this list is for you number five, this water slide is called Jumeirah Scierah at the wild wadi water park in dubai this is a dual person slide with a 104 foot, 32 meter drop with a trap door that you can see right about here a reviewer stated, I was lucky to come out alive with some scratches and grazing on my back let’s check it out that looks like fun, doesn’t it, number four this is summit plummet at disney’s blizzard beach in Buena Vista Florida, The top of this slide spans 12 floors which is about 120 feet high or 36.6 meters, the height makes this the third tallest and fastest freefall slide in the world to drop rockets you down at 60 miles per hour or nearly hundred kilometers an hour let’s check it out, talk about a wedgie number three, this is Insano, it’s near Fortaleza in brazil at Beach Park of the world’s tallest waterslide according to the Guinness Book of World Records standing at about a harder than 35 psi or 41 metres you also fly down the slide about 65 miles per hour or ordered four corners are one writer commented you slide down to basically fly because the fall is too steep so you’re in midair for most of it it definitely deserves its name let’s check it out number two this is l2 from the thermal model aquapark in Austria the first double looping slide in the world it’s only about 80 feet tall but the double loops make it intense it also has the instant drops trapdoor platform that makes it more exhilarating let’s check it out number one in Kansas there’s a water slide that stands at a hundred and sixty eight feet or 51 meters tall it’s called the route which means insane in german it’s located at the schlitterbahn waterpark in Kansas City this is a rass ride for three people that are held down by 50 steps it turns out there was much questioning of the safety of such a harness system many people have reported that the straps have been too easily coming off in the summer of 2016 a ten-year-old boy was tragically decapitated and two other girls with him were injured as well i would imagine that it would probably be dismantled or heavily changed before it opens again check it out for yourself [Music] wow that was not you agree with our list let us know in the comments below thanks for watching our video everyone make sure to like or dislike the video below and subscribe to our channel thank you so much for your support you can also find us on patreon or in social media at our twitter or facebook account thanks for watching everyone catch you in the next one

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