50 Ways to Die in Minecraft (Aquatic Edition)

– Alright, time to check out
this new channeling effect on my trident, right? Let’s have a look. So, if I throw it up, and
then if it hits something, it should summon some lightning. (lightning cracking) (dramatic music) Well according to the map, the
treasure should be right here. I’ve mined out this
entire place, but, yeah. I guess the only place left
it could be is up here. (quirky music) Okay, I need to collect blue ice. Even though it’s pretty
much the same as packed ice, I need blue ice and not packed ice. (growling) Wait, what’s that sound? Uh-oh I’ve finally done it. I have the potion of the turtle master. Let’s put this baby to use. (magical whirring) (pop) I must’ve miscalculated. Man, I am so hungry. I could eat just about anything right now. Let’s see what food I’ve got in the chest. (dramatic music) Alright, so if I just keep
going in this direction we should find the treasure in no time. It’s an absolutely foolproof plan. (Goofy yell) I wonder what happens if you
punch a dolphin in the face. Let’s see just how good this
riptide enchantment really is. (whistle) (splat) Alright, so this time if I stay up here, the polar bears won’t be able to get me and I can just dig down
through this iceberg and get all the ice that I need. I’ve got- (whistle) Why is there a hole here? And, there we go. It is finally finished,
my anvil transporter. So, if I just put my anvil in here, it’s gonna hover up and down there and then this system should send it around and it should land on this X right here. So, all that’s left to do here is to to press this button and test it. (quirky music) Hey, it actually works! What were the chances of me finding this random map lying on the ground which leads straight to secret treasure? Look, it says it right there. I mean, it’s amazing, isn’t it? Y’know, I mean, it’s just about here. I’m gonna be reaching it soon. But, it’s beyond my wildest dreams. I think, right about here. Look, guys, there’s a chest here as well. What’s in it? Why is it just full of dirt? (boom) So, apparently if you hit some villagers with a bolt of lightning, it
should turn ’em into a witch. Let’s see if it happens. I don’t think I really
thought this through. Alright, this time I’ve definitely
got the ingredients right for the potion of the turtle master. I am indestructible. Look at me, okay? I can go ahead and take out all these guys without hurtin’ me. That’s right, guys. Let’s get in the fight, see? You’re doin’ no damage to me, okay? I take you all on, okay? You guys don’t stand a chance. You are all goin’ down here. Look at these, they’re
droppin’ like flies. How long does this last for? Wait, one second left? Oh dear. Well, I’m finally gonna do it. I’m gonna blast off into
the sky in this TNT cannon and land in this tiny
little cup of water, okay? I’m gonna be the world’s
first person to do this. So, let’s go ahead and go into here. We press this button and it’s gonna blast me off into the sky. (boom) (whistle) (splat) Well, look at that. It’s a desert temple. Now, this is just what I need. I might actually be able
to find some diamond in it. Well, good thing I landed
in this tank of pufferfish. Uh-oh. There we go, my secret
under-water nether pool is now completely finished, okay? I wonder where it leads
to on the other side. Okay, maybe I didn’t think this through. Now, according to my calculations, with this potion of slow falling, I should be able to jump from here all the way over to there. So, we’re gonna go ahead and test this. Alright, here we go. So, let’s go and I think I’m gonna make it. Look at that! We’re gonna make it with time to spare. (splat) I was so close! These underwater rooms look perfect, okay? And look at this, we have got ourselves a
chest in here as well. Let’s see what is in it. We have got ourselves- Oh, it’s empty. Look, guys, we can work this out! Please, show mercy! You know what would look really good in this woodland mansion? If I went ahead and changed all these logs to be stripped ones instead. Look how cool that looks. (quirky music) Ah, there’s no better feeling
than riding your horse. Cruisin’ along, wind in your hair. I do believe we can glide
through the water as well and still ride ya. Look at this, we’re just, uh, we’re just cruisin’ along and exploring the ocean
depths as well now. (horse neighs) Wait, what do you mean you can’t swim? Y’know, I’m not sure I
have enough inventory space to pick up this gold. I’ll tell you what, I’ll
just move that out for now. I’ll go ahead and mine up this bit of gold and then what I’ll do is
I’ll just clear out some some space in my inventory. Then we should be able to pick
up the gold and everything. I’ve got a lot of junk, so
I’ll let go of that one. I didn’t let my water breather go, did I? Wait, what’s it doing up there? No, no come back here. If I put these nautilus
shells around the outside and then put this in the middle, I have now got myself the conduit. Hmm, I feel like something
should go wrong right about now. Y’know, I completely forgot about getting the prismarine
to activate my conduit. Y’know this coral would look
beautiful in my living room. Let’s mine a bunch of this. I’ll get some of this red one as well. Wait, what are you doing? (boom) Well, the weather’s perfect. There’s no way anything
could go wrong this time with the riptide trident. So, I’m gonna go ahead and fly through. Because it’s raining, I can
keep reusing it in the air, and I’ll just never die. Uh-oh. (whistle) (splat) And, here it is. My kelp house. Didn’t think I’d find
use for all that kelp, but this is perfect. Alright, the next person
to break into my base is gonna be blasted, wait- Steven, what are you
doin’ out of your tank? Okay, this is bad. (boom) I finally found ’em. The pumpkins. Now, you have to carve a
pumpkin when you find it, and add a face to it. So, there we go, you’ve got a face. Alright, this guy’s got a face. This one’s stuck in the ground. Let’s put a face on him. (splat) Time to test out my
blue ice rollercoaster, which is apparently
faster than regular ice. Let’s go ahead and drop my boat down. Let’s see just how fast we can go. (whoosh) (splat) Look at this, it’s a command block. I’m pretty sure these are
super rare in Minecraft. You hardly ever find them. Floating water? Very mysterious. Well, I wonder what happens
if we press this button. Oh, it just puts me inside. Very funny, and wait. I can’t get out. Y’know what the best thing
about finding a village is? Raiding the blacksmith, and this one has a
blacksmith that I can raid. I hope you don’t mind, sir, but I’m just going to go
ahead and steal your stuff. (splat) (dark giggling) Here we go. It’s happening. I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally got some turtle eggs. Don’t worry little guys, with me you’ll be completely safe. I really need to repair my elytra. Look at that, they’ve
barely got any health left. Unfortunately, you can
no longer use leather to repair them. You need a phantom membrane. I guess that makes all this
leather completely useless. So, yeah, I have no phantom membranes. I’m just gonna have to risk
it and hope they don’t break. (splat) It’s finally finished. My secret underwater base. There’s no way that anybody
or anything can get in here. You know what the best part is? This is where I’m hiding
all of my diamond. (boom) Alright, so the polar
bears are under there. So, if I go underneath the water, then they won’t be able to get me; and I can mine ice from down here. Oh man, it is pretty cold down here. Let me just. Time to test out this new
trident on these fish, okay? Alright, guys, you’re goin’ down. Look at that, I got him. Oh, oh I need to go to
the bottom of the ocean to get that now. Ah, got it. (drowning sounds) Oh, man. I am so so tired. I haven’t slept in three days. (heavy breathing) What’s that noise? (sleepy music) I really need to find something to eat. I’m so so hungry. Maybe there’s gonna be some
food on this shipwreck. Let’s see if there’s any chests. Yeah, a chest down here. What’s in it? Only poisonous potatoes. Well, I guess if that’s all I can have, it’ll have to do, okay? Let’s go now and munch on this. I finally found them, all the diamonds I
could possibly dream of. Although, I don’t have much air left, but if I’m quick, I’m sure I
can mine up a few diamonds. We’ll just mine this one. Oh, and this one as well, okay. There’s still time. I’ve got plenty of time. Alright, there’s still
a little bit of time. Okay, I’m gonna keep going. Oh man, there’s just
so many of these guys. I don’t think I’m gonna
be able to escape them. Unless, ah, if I go under water. They’ll never be able to get
me because they can’t swim. Uh-oh. I forgot about that. Well, Jeremy, this is the Nether. Now some would say this is a stupid idea, to take my turtle to the Nether, but look at him! He’s having a great time. He’s exploring. He’s never been happier. Don’t look at me like that, Jeremy. No, we’re not goin’ home yet. Yeah, you go and have a look around. Now, I know the last time
I went to a shipwreck, it didn’t end so well, but this time it’s gonna
be different, okay? I’m gonna get diamonds,
emeralds, all sorts of treasure y’know, beyond your
wildest dreams, alright? And no poisonous potatoes, I promise. It should be down here,
if we just nip and, oh, um, you guys must be the crew. (thud) Hmm, so this door here
says it leads to diamonds. That one said death. So, I guess if I go through
here, I’ll get diamonds. Oh, no you don’t. I’m not falling for that, alright? Clearly this one actually
leads to diamonds, and that one’s to death. It’s just a trap. You agree, don’t ya pig? Right, we’ll go through the death one and we’ll get diamonds. (whistle) Y’know, maybe I overthought this. My goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many squids in my life. Right, let’s go and get
some of these guys, okay? Let’s get you. There we go, alright. Let’s hit you. Alright, oh. Man, there’s ink everywhere. I can’t see a thing down here. My goodness. Man, I’m blinded. I can’t see where I’m going. Well, what a day today’s been. I’ve got absolutely loads done. Now, it’s definitely
getting to bedtime isn’t it. Has that leaky tap gone on? Yeah, look at this. I need to get the plumber in to fix this. Maybe I can just press
this, and it’ll turn off. Let’s just jump into bed. It might be a bit wet,
but I’ll sleep anyway. (coughing) Wow, this coral reef is amazing! Look at all the beautiful
plants and stuff. Wow, this is cool. I’m gonna have to take
some of this home with me. Is this a ravine over here as well? How cool is this? Wait, what’s pulling me down? Wait, wait, I can’t swim up. I’m trying to swim up. Why, what is going on? Wait, I’m stuck. What’s down here? Well, it looks like I’m sleepin’
with the fishes tonight. Alright, dolphin, time to find out who is the fastest
swimmer, once and for all. First one to the end of this tunnel will be the winner, okay? So, we’re gonna go in three, two, one, go. Okay, and look at this. I’ve taken the lead. (whistle) (splat) What a beautiful day it is today! Perfect for a spot of fishing. So, that’s what I’m gonna go ahead and do. (suspenseful music) Oh, look at that. It’s a random chest in the desert. Okay, I wonder what’s in here. (angelic choir) Challenge accepted. – [Narrarator] Two hours later. – [SB737] Oh man, I don’t feel so good. I think I ate too many fish. Just kidding. That’s not possible. (boom) Y’know, I can’t understand why I’ve never used an underwater
mine cart track before. It’s just such a better way to travel. So, there you have it guys. That was my 50 ways to die in Minecraft. There’s only 49 deaths, wait. Oh yeah, what happened to death number 50? I think I completely forgot about it. (whistling) Uh-oh. (quirky music)

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