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At 21 months old Tom is a true water baby he knows to say calm, float and reach for safety. But learning took time and tears his mother Rachel enrolled him in Sydney’s toughest swim survival course “Every time I see it my heart skips a beat, but then he always comes up”. Mother, Rachel In Richard Beasley pool goggles and floaties are forbidden he says their comforts kids won’t have if they accidentally fall. “It’s difficult for a parent to push their child out of the comfort zone so we’re able to do that” An alarming number of children are dying in our pool and waterways. A Royal Life Saving Report shows 271 people drowned in Australia last financial year. 26 of them were aged 0-4, that’s thirty percent rise from the year before. “Given the water safety communities are working towards the 50% reduction in drowning by the in year 2020, unfortunately this years result is heading in the wrong direction”. The report found swimming pools continue to be the leading location for drowning among young children accounting for 88% of deaths, tragically in every case there was also a lack of parental supervision. Water as shallow as 30 centimeters can be deadly. 7 News

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