70% of Venice Submerged Under Floods

Venice is the capital of Italy’s Veneto region. This is a very famous place. Because there are beautiful canals and scenaries. An interesting fact about this place is that there are no road. People roam around via canals. Which is why it is known as the floating city and city of canals. On Sunday 17th November 2019 there was a flood in Venice. 70% of the city was flooded. In a week there were three major incidents. Stores, museums and tourism activities were all shut. The main tide that caused the flood was 5 ft in height. In 1966 there were dangerous floods. Since then, these were the 2nd worst floods in Venice. This happened because the high tide flooded the canal to a height of 194 cm. Many lost their homes and expensive artwork such as paintings, sculptures, etc worth more than $ 6 million were destroyed. After the floods people questioned authorities about the MOSE Project. The project focusses on managing the flooding of the canal. The project focusses on stabilising water levels in the canals. € 5 billion were invested in the project but for the 16 years no work has been done. It was supposed to be ready by 2011 but for 16 years there has been no construction. The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that people in Italy are suffering due to the floods. Venice is beautiful tourist spot. Due to floods all this has ended, tourists has stopped and the economy is in trouble.

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