75 and 90 gallon Aquatic Pets Update | Six Months | Reshuffle of Filtration Media

1st of the month/1st of the New Year update

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  • Brilliant idea and thanks for the tip,  I have been thinking about switching from a canister filter to box due to low bioload on a couple of my tanks,  I will definitely keep this idea in mind.

  • nice tank! but why do you have your water so low?

  • try pond gurus…Bio Home Media..for next to no Nitrate! I can vouch for it ..superb!

  • You could do the same as you're doing with those sponges just by putting a sponge-filter on the end of the intake, all by cutting nothing-more than a piece of non-braided poly-vinyl hose that'll fit over the elbow & inside the sponge's riser-tube. That would also you to leave room in the basket for other media of your choice.

  • Nobody ever mentions that you sometimes have to cut the black trim on your tank. I didn’t get a HOB for years because it wouldn’t fit my glass tanks. It only accrued to me a few months to cut the trim and now they fit. I did mine with a 4 inch electric grinder. How did you cut yours?

  • To evenly cut sponges dip them in water then freeze for a few hours

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