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– Foggy goggles is one of the most annoying things about swimming. And there’s so many myths out there as to how to stop this happening. – Yeah, you may well have
heard of using saliva, buying special solutions,
or rinsing out in water, and so many more. But which ones really work? – Well, to test it out, we’ve
come down to a busy teen bath to find the best way to
keep your goggles clear. But before we get started, why does it happen in the first place? – Well I think it’s time we
did a bit of GTN does science. – So when the temperature of
your goggle lens is colder than the air that’s between
your eye and your goggle, basically moisture will form and then it condenses on the
lens causing the fogging. So goggle manufacturers have
addressed this with an anti-fog system, but it does run out after a while. – So let’s see if any of these methods prevent that condensation. (playful music) First up, keeping them dry. Now actually, a lot of goggles
come ready coated in an anti-fog, and I know
it’s a bit of a luxury, but for that reason, I’d
actually opt for a brand new set of goggles for a lot of my races just to prevent them
from fogging up mid race. And if they fit well,
shouldn’t actually be any water going in whilst you’re swimming. Now goggles do come in a
different degree of anti-fog, so do check that before you buy them. So today, I’m gonna try a
brand new set of goggles and completely dry. (upbeat music) As expected, a brand new set
of goggles, they were great. Now I was in quite a luxurious
position before to get an endless supply of
goggles through sponsors, but we’re not all in that position. Buying a new set of goggles
all the time is quite costly. So, looking after them and
keeping them dry is a really good option and will
prolong the anti-fog life. But that is easier said than done. You really do need to look after them. So for that reason, I’m gonna
give it a four out of five. – Using toothpaste is a
little bit left field, but I’ve actually read
rumours that it does work. So I’m gonna give it a try, and what’s the worst that can happen? Surely it’s gonna clean my goggles and at least they’ll be smelling nice. (playful music) Okay, it took a little bit
of time to get all of the toothpaste out from my
goggle lens, but afterwards, they smell really good and
the lens is really clear. The few legs that I’ve swam
now, I can see amazingly well. Although having spoken to a few people, it only lasts a couple of swims. And it’s also worth baring
in mind that any anti-fog that might have already
been in your goggles, the toothpaste will remove, ’cause it’s an abrasive-type paste. So with that in mind, I’m gonna
give it a three out of five. (upbeat rock music) – Next up, saliva. Now luckily, we don’t
see too many swimmers spitting on poolside, but are
they missing a trick here? It’s actually, unfortunately,
a bit of a habit I’ve fallen into, the idea being
that you create a film on the lens that prevents the fogging. And it’s actually something
I picked up off scuba divers. I saw them spitting in their goggles. So could we all learn something
from the scuba divers? (rock music) Okay, understandably, I
feel pretty uncomfortable spitting into my own goggles on poolside. I’m not sure there’s any
polite way of going about that. So actually, something that
I normally do is just lick the goggles and then
dip them in the water. And, gotta say, works really
well so I’m gonna give this a four out of five. – I’ve always dipped
my goggles in the pool before putting them on my head. I’ve never really thought
about why I did it, but it was a habit I picked up
as a child at swimming club. And then it became a bit
more of a superstition, so I’d have a bit of a
panic if I couldn’t get my goggles in the pool before racing. Now I want to know if this is all in vain. So I think it’s time I tried it out. (upbeat pop music) [Heather] Okay, there are
a couple of positives. Dropping them in the water,
it cleans out any dirt you might have in your goggles. And it just helps seal them round the eye. But, more than that, it
doesn’t really do very much ’cause they’re gonna get
wet in the water anyway. So I think it is pretty much
a superstition that I have and one I’m gonna find
really hard to break. But I’d recommend not
getting into that habit if you haven’t already. So I’m gonna give it a two out of five. – Next up, some soap. Now the idea with this is that over time, by using your goggles
and touching your lenses, you get grease onto the
lenses which contributes to the fogginess that you experience. So, you can use any kind of soap. You can use hand gel,
shampoo, shower gel, but, probably baby shampoo is gonna
be the kindest on your eyes if you do get it near them,
but please, try not to. Just use a tiny bit of
soap on each of the lenses, rub it around, and then rinse thoroughly. Let’s get busy going. (pop music) Well, my goggles are clean and I can see incredibly well to start off with. But how long it lasts, I’m not too sure. And like with the toothpaste,
I probably wouldn’t suggest doing this if you have fairly
new goggles with anti-fog in them already because the
shampoo or the shower gel will actually break down
this anti-fog coating. So for that reason, I’m gonna
give this a three out of five. – Anti-fog solution
sounds the most logical. But you don’t see it that
commonly in pro swimmers’ bags, so maybe that’s telling us something. And I want to know if
it’s just a marketing ploy or if it really does work. (upbeat pop music) Well this anti-fog spray seems to do what it says on the tin. If you have no anti-fog
left on your goggles, it replaces it temporarily. Having said that, you do
need to use it regularly, and it’s another thing you
gotta have in your kit bag, and something else you gotta go and buy. So with that in mind, I’m gonna
give it a four out of five. – Next up, a flame. Now it’s a little extreme, I agree, but apparently some
divers use a naked flame to prevent fogging in their goggles. Just make sure you allow
your goggles to cool down before you put them on
your face and be careful if there’s any rubber on your goggles. So stand back. Let’s give this a go. (pop music) Okay, this is what you
call an old wives’ tale. It doesn’t work. Just don’t try it. So for that reason, this
doesn’t even get a point, this gets a zero out of five. – Rinsing your goggles in
fresh water doesn’t sound like it’s gonna do anything different, really, dipping them in the pool. Well that’s what I’m gonna find out. (upbeat pop music) Well, right here, right now, it didn’t actually make any difference. It’s the same as dipping my
goggles in the pool water. Having said that, if you’re
swimming in salt water, you do need to rinse them afterwards to then get the dry crustiness. And also, if you are
using them in the pool, rinse them after, as the
chlorine will actually work away at the anti-fog. So in the long term, rinsing
in fresh water will prolong the life of your goggles. With that in mind, I’m gonna
give it a four out of five. – Well that was really
interesting and great fun. I particularly enjoyed
burning the goggles. – I saw you did. (laughing) – But, I’m not sure it was a great option. I think I’m gonna stick to the saliva. – Well I’m gonna let you keep
your saliva, and I’m gonna try the anti-fog solution
in the future, I think. And basically, you just need
to look after your goggles and the anti-fog will last much longer. And if you haven’t done so
already, subscribe to GTN by clicking on the globe. – And if you’d like to get
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how to swim faster with pro triathlete, Lucy
Charles, click down here. – And for some more tips from pros, there’s a great video on hacks just here.

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  • What is your top tip to prevent foggy goggles? Share them with us in the comments below 👇

  • I find it helps to put my goggles in the pool on a poll bouy or lane rope for a few minutes before i get in so the googles are the same temperture as the water. Keep up the great work.

  • Mark looked like he was cooking heroin when he had that lighter to his goggles… Probably not a good look at the side of the pool

  • baby shampoo should get 5/5 🙂

  • I swim 5~6 days a week. When I am finish, I wipe out all the moisture, and before put them on blow warm wind with hair dryer to blow out all the moisture 5~10 seconds. This works best.

  • No.1 – they WILL fog up, so learn to deal with it. In the pool it shouldn't be any problem (and I kind of like the idea of swimming in my own world having only a black blurred line to guide me). But in OW…
    No.2 – when the anti-fog wears off, I use baby shampoo to a) clean all the grease, and b) leave a thin coat that will prevent fogging for a couple of days (just apply a little bit, and rins off with fresh watter making sure you leave as little as you can. It works just the same way as repalce anti-fog spray (I've tried them), is much cheaper and you can take the scent of your baby daughter with you for motivation. Do this specially the day before as OW swim, practice or race.

  • the anti fogging solution never really worked for me. I even degreased my goggles in my ultrasonic cleaner(the anti fog coating is alrdy worn off, so it's okay) and then applied it, yes the goggle don't fog too bad, but instead bigger drops of water start to form, so i can see somehow. It also didn't work on my sunglasses. Funny thing, when i asked the shop owner"Does this actually work?" And he honestly answered"Well, you should use it more as a cleaning solution, rather than anti fog soltion"

  • I am an open water swimmer & have found that even with new googles (I've tried many makes) that the anti-fog in them lasts only a few swims. Thats even following manufacturers care instructions. Its probably due to the water being a lot colder than in a pool. I have found that after my swim I put a drop of soap/shampoo in them when I have a shower & they never fog up

  • I think you need to do a video on how to avoid getting "leaks" or build up of water in goggles (usually one side only)

  • Spit in the Googles is by far the best. Should get 5 out of 5.

  • Useless video. Sad 🙁

  • Anti fog spray all the way.

  • Well i use Anti-fogg stray & more of adding some shaving cream hr before the session… wish you guys luck.

  • U should use Olive oil for it gives  a coating in your goggles

  • The hack with the flame only works with scuba diving masks, because they are made of tempered glass and don't have any antifog layer when you buy them. The theory behind is, that the silicone from the body of the mask loses fat after a while which gets on the glass. With a flame you burn this fat (this takes a few minutes), then you have to remove the burnt black fat layer and no fogging will occur. (By the way, that is the best way of treating your scuba mask against fogging, but only if you know what you are doing!) The lenses of swimming goggles are not made of glass, they are made of plastic. So I wouldn't recommend using fire! For the same reason I also wouldn't recommend thooth paste. The tempered glass of scuba masks almost can't be scratched, but plastic can. Thooth paste has tiny cleaning particles in it, even if you don't see them, that might scratch your swimming goggles.

  • soap works best

  • Baby shampoo

  • Just keep a small amount of water inside your goggles when you put them on. Of course, not enough to prevent you from being able to see, but just about enough to remove the condensed water as you swim.

  • shaving cream

  • You should have kept one lense untreated as control

  • Guys! Give out some recommendations for falling caps🙏🏼

  • I've never heard of the flame trick, and for that I am thankful 🙏

  • Heather, what brand suit did you wear in this video?

  • Anti-fog solution is an expensive gimmick. Alcohol-based screenwipes to keep them clean inside work much better.

  • Spit then rinse works every time.

  • what brand was the anti fog soloution

  • Can we use hand sanitizer

  • spit in the goggles

  • @7:59 Mark totally misses spitting in his goggles, I giggle

  • The toothpaste trick got my goggles some scratches

  • Left over Vaseline on fingers.

  • Soap works on the same principle as spit, it maintains a film of water on the inner surface, so it cannot fog. I just use some shampoo or hand soap from a sink in the locker room and rinse it well, but not too well in the shower. Reapply on every swim or every other swim. In my experience using saliva eventually gets grease on the lenses, and then saliva does not manage to maintain a film. Detergent is much better in this respect, it both cleans the greases off and maintains a film!

  • Or just buying a good pair goggles.

  • I tried plain soap (like really pure plain soap) and it didn't really work, then i tried a drop of moisturizing shampoo and it worked really well. I'm think the shampoo leaves a layer of moisturizer behind which holds water (try it on your mirror) and that's actually preventing the fog from building up.

  • I swim in the ocean all year round in water that varies from 12C to 20C. A small drop of mild shampoo on the lens before swimming, rubbed around gently with a finger tip, then rinsed out using moderate water pressure only (fresh water), completely stops my goggles fogging up. I swim for continuous periods of up to two hours. This method has never failed me.

  • A backup method of avoiding fogging in goggles is to place a few mls of water in each lens and to leave it there with the goggles fitted over the eyes. Introduce just enough water so that when you shake your head gently, the water will wash over the inside of the lens. If when your head turns to breathe the water goes in your eye/s, you have too much water inside the goggles – it won't take long to experiment and get the right amount. Then every time there is any fogging, just gently shake your head while swimming and you will have perfect fog-free vision again.

  • Try rubbing with soap and not rinsing the soap off prior to swimming.

  • i have the same googles lol

  • Y'all need a little scientific method to your tests to really confirm or deny these claims. You're potentially just reinforcing ineffective tips by chance.

  • do $10 speedos work?
    and whenever I try to dive, my goggles always gets caught with the water and gets pulled back onto my forehead. Anyone could teach me how to prevent that?

  • I hate when they dog up at the public pool because it’s always busy, so I can’t see where I’m going and I bump into people and it’s embarrassing

  • I use soap every time – but I don't rinse the goggles. It's important to just rub them clean with a tissue instead. Et voilà – no fog! …

  • So, buy antifog

  • for the last 45 years I have only used Johnson's Baby Shampoo and it works the BEST in all weather temperature . I swim long distance of a mile or more in water thats 32 degrees on day with below zero air temps to 80 degree water on days with 100 degree air and my mask or goggles NEVER FOG up !

  • Spitting in the goggles are the fastest method but this method is so disgusting

  • I rinse the lenses with shampoo or hand soap before training and don't take them off til the end of practice.

  • I really enjoyed your Swim-week Videos! Was really nice. It appears that Heather has an infinite stock of nice new bathing suits. Seriously how many do you have? 😵

  • Coat with baby shampoo and rinse with pool water.

  • i use hand soap to clean it before swim and it works very well

  • Try raw potato 🥔 🙂

  • Saliva is very helpful in so many situations ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Si wonder after how many laps the fog in the goggles appeared? When I use brand new ones with the anti fog coat I swim at least 300m without a problem, great to know all these tricks! Thanks!
    Loooooove those under water videos!

  • Baby shampoo in a spray bottle, then rinse.

  • Really? Burning is for Glas masks, not for swimming goggles!

  • I keep a small spray bottle of diluted Johnson's Baby Shampoo that I apply in the locked room and rinse in the pool every time I swim, never any fog. My Wife just keeps a little water in her goggles and it clears her goggles as she swims, I don't like that method but she does.

  • My dive instructor always said when spitting in his mask; “The greener – the cleaner…”

  • Use baby shampoo, otherwise you will be crying during your workout. I just did my top 4 tips on preventing fogged goggles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ0fbbokjew

  • While you might be right that the flame trick doesn't' work for your type of goggles, the diver's mask very well coul dbe a different type of material on which it does work, or there are multiple types, and it works on one of the types.

  • What would the best one for me to use if Im Swimming in P.E for 2 Hours?

  • Has anyone tried shaving cream in the goggles !? 🤷🏻‍♂️🏊🏊🏊

  • When testing it would be better to apply treatment to only one side so you have a comparison with the other.

  • I not the only one who dips goggles before a swim

  • In my last tri, I had horrendously foggy goggles (making me zig zag all over the place trying to get to the buoy). I'll give the lick a try for my next event (half IM in November)!

  • I put 1 drop of water in my goggles and if it fogs I will tilt my head down
    and it clears my goggles😂

  • Saliva has never ever worked for me.

  • Stop putting shit into our pool

  • Hack 9; keep buying goggles

  • From my experience in diving over 120 years…im using my pee (yellowish) and about 2ml of pee left inside the google and put the mask on ur face…in the same time u will clean ur eyes also with that…might feel burn a bit…but who cares…(ಥ_ಥ)

  • A really nice vid.
    Up until 2 weeks ago, I got home and used rince aid which was fine, but last week i did not rince a lot and after a 30 min session my left eye went blind and the right eye i had about fifty percent vision (not good for a cyclist), it took four days for all to be normal. Fresh waster for me.

  • Has anybody ever tried rubbing a potato on the goggles

  • Swim With Fashion and Technology
    Have you ever tried A Product that use nanotechnology? I found a Swimming goggles that have Nano coating to prevent fog formation instead of regular anti-fog layer. It is long lasting and never need any Anti-fog spray. And it has IQ 3D memory silicon cuff so will not affect your intraocular pressure.it means no effect on blood supply of the eye. so it is a eye-safe goggle.
    This goggle invented by COPOZZ collaborations with NANO PROTECT Research lab.

  • Use alcohol

  • I have regularly used googles, which start perfect, then over months of swimming they go cloudy. I assume that anti-fog has now gone, so what is the advice to keep the goggles clear?

  • Spit more hygienic than lick

  • Why am I watching this video even tho I don’t know how to swim

  • Hi GTN! Do I need to leave the the toothpaste for as long as possible and rinse my goggles just before jumping into the water?

  • Thanks so much I now spit in my goggles every time now and it is so clear lol

  • I have had some goggles that fog up no matter what I do, and some that never fog up no matter what I do….. Just because I guess…..

  • As a veteran of around 1000 scuba dives, I use Johnson's Baby shampoo. A tiny drop on each lens and then smear over the whole surface, rinse and it lasts for the whole of my hour in the pool. Scuba divers need clear vision much more than swimmers as they need to read their instruments, depth gauge, computer, compass, contents gauges etc. However, they have the advantage that they can remove their mask and refit it which clears any fogging.

  • The saliva part is disgusting tbh.. LMAO 😂… But i'll try it anyway..

  • Washing up liquid leave to dry ,dry wipe away ,works perfect before every swim

  • This usually works for me: 1) thoroughly wash the skin around my eyes with plain water, to keep it dry as much as possibile and get a better adherence googles gaskets-skin 2) lick the lenses. Anyway the tendency of goggles gaskets to "age" makes all tricks virtually useless over time…

  • How long does the goggle dont fog up if you use baby shampoo?

  • Hello guys, I`m planning to buy some new goggles – I`m not a pro, but I`m swimming 2 times per week (in the pool) and this year is my first triathlon ahead of me. I still had only some low-cost ones, now I would like to invest to some at least half-pro goggles I can rely on. Can you give me some advice? My preferred brand is Arena (but doesn't matter at all), price around 30-40€ … Thanks a lot.

  • Yup, I smell with my eyes!

    (sorry if that sounded mean)

  • Not just tip it in the water, but leave a small drop of water in it. When it gets foggy just shake your head and keep going. I thought that is the hole point of dipping the goggles in the water in the first place.

  • Next video:

    8 hacks to get more money so you can pay for new goggles each meet and bottles and cans of anti fog solution

  • I want to see her foggy goggles

  • So your eyes are made of mostly water. And even with dry goggles, the temperature difference between your body and the pool water, PLUS the fact that moisture is always evaporating from your eyes, are gonna cause fog. Likely the shampoo/soap (and toothpaste for that matter) because most contain some type of glycerin, which forms a film and is a humectant (ie absorbs moisture) thus absorbing the humidity escaping from your eyes.

  • I just swim without goggles 😂

  • Honestly, the only trick that works for me, and I tried them all, is to apply BABY SHAMPOO, let it stay for 3-4 mins and rinse. I do it after every swim and last the whole workout. It works like a charm. Use baby shampoo because other soap will irritate your eyes. It leaves a film on the surface of the goggles, thus preventing fogging. Sorry GTN, but this should be 5*.

  • Re. Flame, you misunderstood the purpose: it is only intended for (1) new dive masks with (2) GLASS LENSES!!!! The idea is to burn-off any silicone and/or release agent left on the inside of the glass lens(es) from the manufacturing process. It works but it is entirely inappropriate for plastic swim goggles! Scrubbing with white toothpaste (e.g. Colgate) is a popular alternative to using a flame (I use a flame first and then clean up around the edges with toothpaste). Definitely worth doing. Some masks/manufacturers need this more than others (e.g. Omer Alien masks really need this cleaning, in my experience).

  • To use the flame trick Use the flame of course let it cool and put toothpaste then wipe it and try it on

  • Sorry kind of off topic but it’s actually unfair how attractive he is

  • just spray some silicon every once in awhile. let it rest a bit a wipe off with a buffing rag. it will protect the rubber and leave a layer on the glasses to protect the "tech layer". against salts etc… it should work with bees wax too.

  • Mine are speedo goggles

  • Mine is anti fog

  • Anti fog spray is no good..spit.sounds too.nasty..but the soap definitely works

  • I use goggles when I take a bath to keep to soap out of my eyes. And the water trick just does not work. I’ll try the toothpaste trick

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