8 Open Water Swimming Skills To Practise In The Pool

– You might not be lucky enough to have somewhere warm and sunny or an open water venue
near to where you live but don’t worry, you
could actually replicate a lot of your open water
skills in the local pool, meaning you’re nice and confident and ready for race day. – So we’ve put together some
great techniques and drills that you can do that’ll simulate
that open water environment that you can do in your next pool session. (steady music) So at the start of a lot of triathlons a lot of bodies in the water together and unless you’re on the
front row of he grid, you’re likely to have someone’s feet in close proximity to your face. – Yeah, you are are and there’s often nothing
that you could do about that but you can be prepared. And it’s actually quite a good thing to do to practise in training starting
right behind somebody else so when it comes to race day it’s not quite so much of a shock. (steady music) Treading water’s quite
a valuable skill to have especially for triathlon, as often a race will
have a deep water start and the organisers try
and get you into the water well before, sometimes up to 10 minutes. So you don’t want to be like frantically wasting your energy, you want to try and stay nice and relaxed and focused on your race. – Yeah, and the general technique for this is you need to tread water by using a bit of a backstroke leg kick or an egg beater kick as we call it, and sculling with your arm. But don’t fret, you’re generally
gonna have a wetsuit on so you can be nice and buoyant anyway. – Yeah, but it’s a great
exercise to actually practise in the pool, and you should be able
to be nice and sociable. You can even have a conversation
whilst you’re doing it. – An once you’ve been treading water, you’ll start coming to a
more horizontal position and start sculling with your arms and kicking with your legs as you’re ready for the starter’s horn. – Yeah, this is a great activity
to practise in the pool. You can do it with fellow athletes. All line up in a line and
basically get your coach to count you down as it would be a start and it’s all about accelerating
straight into your stroke from this position. (upbeat music) – Now you can also replicate
swimming ’round a turn buoy but using the black tee at
the bottom of a swimming pool. – And obviously if you
can take a lane row path it makes it even more realistic. Try doing it with a few other people and then it turns into more
of a race day situation. (steady music) One of the most annoying
things in open water swimming is when your goggles
start to leak or come off. You probably save more
time by actually stopping and clearing them. You can either do this by
just stopping outright, treading a bit of water, clearing them and putting them back on or if you want to try and keep moving, and why not flip onto your back. You can do it while swimming along and then back into your stroke. (steady music) – Drafting on feet is probably
the most effective way you’re gonna knock off
seconds on your swim time and save energy. – Yeah and it’s quite a fun
one to practise in the pool. You just need to find another swimmer of similar pace or a little bit quicker, and then you can practise
drafting off the hips or going behind and drafting off the toes. If you’re used to just doing
all your training in a pool and maybe in a fairly quiet lane, and when you get to race day you might get a little bit of a panic when suddenly there’s loads
of swimmers around you, everyone’s trying to get
in that same small space. – Yeah, and the best way
to replicate in the pool is to get some friends, swim in a close proximity to each other, but don’t take it personally if you get the odd whacker on the head. – Some open water races
finish with a pontoon exit, and you can actually practise this at the end of session, when
you’re tired and out of breath. Getting it efficient means you can save quite a few seconds in a race. You okay, bucko? – Yeah. – Sure? (blows air) – So these tips will you
make you a lot more confident and relaxed going into your
next open water swim race. – Yeah, if you’ve enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up like and remember, subscribe to
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