A day at UNIVERSAL’S new Volcano Bay Water Park!

Hey guys, have a great time today! Thank you! It’s all wet.. It’s ALREADY wet… Uhh… there was WATER… on the GROUND! Two stars! Hey What’s up you guys!! Just kidding. We’re at Volcano Bay We Made it! We made it, yeah. We’re at Universal’s Volcano Bay. we got our Tapu Tapu’s. I think that’s how you say it, Tapu Tapu. Oh wow, look at that! Wow, that’s really cool. There is just random water everywhere. We’re at a waterpark… What? We’re where? We’re at a waterpark? where do you do that? There’s still a lot of
construction going on but the bar is done! This place is so colorful. A lot of colors. Ooh that looks fun. What’s that blue one? Yeah that looks fun. Raft slides, that looks fun. 65, yeah it’s going down really fast. It was just at 8o a second ago. So, they told us that we can’t take our GoPro on. Question. I like to bring my GoPro on
the rides, is that okay? “They, no, they won’t allow it.” On any of them? “No.” But… We might… We’ll see. So I just realized, we’re in a water park there’s literally water
spraying at you everywhere I mean everywhere and I just washed my hands
and I still felt they need to dry them I just thought that was weird. Is that the VIP Area over there? the cabanas are 150 for the day, and the deluxe cabanas are 250 for the day. you know I guess if you have a ton of
people it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Oh, if you get a Cabana you get a special menu
oh really and you get a server to serve you the whole day right? they also
have a option where somebody will basically have a waiter and they wait on
you in those chairs basically right there oh no no okay those big yellow canopy things you can
rent those during different times of the year and the slower times of the year
they’re like $29 potentially isn’t that bad for two chairs and you get a waiter
and everything for the rest of the day and a locker. Or you can
go to where you like sometimes in the year like right now it’s like $60 versus
their total and I don’t feel like been spending a whole another ticket
basically and they’re all sold out until Sunday and it’s tuesday so they’re sold out for the next 5 days. There’s no way to get around this you have to go through
the gift shop there is no way around this building always go through the gift
shop. Oh it’s cool though! about 25 bucks that’s not that bad good morning guys! Hi, hello. Oooh cold! that’s cool. asparagus? asparagus fern. Come back! Oh This is folding in half. Did you like it? Yeah it was fun! Yeah that was a lot of fun! Not worth the extra wait but
No, not worth the extra wait, but definitely the initial wait. It would’ve been bad if we would have been
able to walk on after we waited for what were supposed to wait. But, it’s alright! It said 105, then we scanned it and now it only says 95. Got 90 minutes left so we are going into the… caught ya. right in the middle of the thing. River. Hahaha River. we’re hoping that it rains to that most
people leave and then we get park you know a little bit less crowded wishful
thinking all right that was probably my favorite what do
you think yeah yeah I was probably yeah Krakatau now that was fun that little
water coaster thing. We just walked away from Ika Moani?
Moanu? Moana? That’s the best I can do. but and we were going to go get some
drinks and stuff we’re waiting because it’s in an hour wait and as soon as we
walked away it said it was ready so now we’re going back That was fun! That was actually more fun than the blue one. You think so? swear I wasn’t around the way up I think yeah because you’re on that side I
was in the back yeah yeah I like the blue one better but it was fun I think really I like this one I like I like how
it went up on the side the Green was going to be like faster. I’m the green
one I was like you literally, you were.. This one says 15, and that one says 30. As soon as we walked away
again it does 20 minutes we walk away maybe 2 minutes later and it’s ready now
again so I don’t think.. yeah after 3pm looks liek the best time to come. Everything was like an hour wait this morning and now it’s like
everything is like 5 to 20 minutes and even the things that say they’re 20
minutes you’re only waiting five minutes so we took a break from volcano bay
because there’s not any food any food there’s no there’s no good food so we are
going to go get sushi so yeah we’re in city walk we’re going to go back to
volcano bay don’t worry. I am sunburned… Oh God look at that
I am very sunburned and I don’t want to go that close. well we’re done. so we’re
going to go back to Volcano Bay. got some drinks at the dancing dragons. It’s a cool cool theme for a place though that boat. oh yeah but there we got a volcano bay
rum punch and a.. what is this one? well not I have pineapple pineapple coconut
I think it said toasted coconut something cope toasted something totally coconut
pineapple something but they’re both really good I’m drinking if you’re
planning on drinking more than one drink make sure you get the souvenir Cup
because it’s like a couple bucks cheaper the refills are cheaper it got a lot colder for us Floridians yeah it was short. that one was very short
Now to go on the green one Warm in there. Yeah. Dark blue one is definitely better. I’m a lobster. Jess is tired, she’s also a lobster. But we’re done for the day. It’s only a little bit until they close, but.. It’s getting dark, it’s friggin freezing every time we get out of the water. It’s just freezing. That looks really cool. Look how nice that looks? That looks really nice. But anyways, so we are taking off! Thanks for watching! Subscribe, and have a good day! bye.

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