A dolphin at SeaWorld San Diego gives birth

A bottlenose dolphin, Sadie, gave birth yesterday
to her second calf at SeaWorld San Diego. Sadie gave birth at 3:32 p.m at Dolphin Stadium,
after a 12-month gestation period. The baby came in at a whopping 40 pounds. Trainers and vets have said that the mother
and baby appear to be in good health, and are bonding and swimming together. In the next few weeks, they will continue
to monitor both mother and baby around the clock. The gender of the calf is still unknown, and
will be determined within several weeks. 13-year-old Sadie’s first calf, named Kailani
Koa, was born in 2009. The newborn dolphin marks the 80th successful
dolphin birth at SeaWorld San Diego.

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