A glass slide on the side of LA’s tallest building has opened to the public

Not the best idea if you’re scared of heights. This slide on the side of LA’s tallest building
has been opened to the public 1000 feet above the streets. The exciting attraction clings to the outside
of the U.S. Bank Tower and is part of the OUE Skyspace LA observation deck. Thrill seekers will be able to sit down and
slide for 45 feet to an outdoor platform at the 69th floor. And early visitors at the media preview day
gave the slide a thumbs-up. “I thought it was nerve-wracking and exciting
and daring and it just seemed like just so much over-the-top, like why are they doing
this? And I just had to do it because I am so afraid of heights and I just wanted to
break that fear,” said Keri Freeman. “I went a lot faster than I thought I would.
And you kind of like hit the side as you’re coming around the curve, so you’re really
pressed up against the glass, so you see the whole world below you, but it’s not really
that scary,” said Rebecca Fitzgerald. According to the building’s owner, Singapore-based
OUE Ltd., the glass on the fully enclosed slide is only 1 1/4 inches thick, but can
withstand hurricane-force winds and even a powerful earthquake. Hummm we’re still not sure but it defiantly
is one quick exit from
the office.

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