“A Lemony Lesson” – Inanimate Insanity [Ep. 2]

Salt: So then I was like, “Yeah”, and then she was like, “No way!”, and then I was like, “Yeah way!”, and then she was like, “Oh my god, like, seriously? No way!”, and then I was like, “Yeah girlfriend! Hey!”, and then she was like, “Honey, please.” You know, I really miss Pepper. It’s been like, 1 hour, 27 minutes and 34 seconds since I last saw her. OJ: You counted?! Salt: Hey, Pepper! Pepper: Salty Salt! *delightful music* *whack* Balloon: So?! I won last time! Where’s my prize?! I demand a prize! Now! MePhone 4: Where did that attitude come from? Anyway Balloon, last time, you and Lightbulb jumped into the safe zone before the rest of the contestants, which means that you two get to pick the teams. Lightbulb: OMG, really cool! Nickel: Yeah! Thanks to Taco! Taco: SPRINKLES!!! (rip ears) MePhone 4: So Lightbulb, you can choose first. Balloon: How come he gets to choose first?! What about me? MePhone 4: Well, if you remember, Lightbulb fell into the water before you. So he gets to choose first. Lightbulb: Hmm… Nickel! Come over here! You get to be on my team! Nickel: You’ve made a wise decision, Lightbulb! You won’t regret it. Balloon: Well, I choose Pickle. After his brave cliff dive, I now realize that– Knife: Yeah, yeah. Enough with the 6-hour speeches! (more like 30 minute speech) Pickle: Yeah! Chosen first?! That’s awesome! Paintbrush [PB]: Yeah, well, there’s a 1st time for everything. And FYI, you were chose second. *chuckles* Lightbulb: Hmm, Nickel, how ’bout we choose Knife? He’s strong, right? Nickel: Fine, whatever. Knife: Yeah! You’d better choose me! Now I don’t have to beat you up. Nickel: *sarcastically, sighs* That’s a relief. I was so terrified. *gets kicked* Ow! Pickle: Hey Balloon, let’s choose Taco! (uh oh, taco will choose a idiotic name i think, oh no) Balloon: No way! Let’s pick someone who’s actually useful to the team! Pickle: Taco, get over here! You can be on our team! Balloon: What?! I didn’t agree to that! Knife: Paintbrush is tall, he can come in handy someday. Nickel: Paintbrush is a guy? Paintbrush: Yeah! (now you know the truth boys and girls) Balloon: OJ, buddy! Get over here. Nickel: Baseball, get over here! You have to be on my team! OJ: Yeah, I agree Pepper. Lightbulb: Let’s choose Marshmallow! Knife: Oh great, a tiny weak object. Pepper: Hey guys! How about we choose Salt? She’s cool, right? Balloon: *annoyed* No, not really. She’s really [CENSORED]. Let’s choose Bomb! He has lots of “exploding” fun! [Yes, pun found.] Taco: *chuckles* Nickel: That wasn’t funny at all! Baseball: Hmm… Paper, or Salt? Which one should we choose? Knife: Paper. He’s cool. Plus, I don’t feel like listening to salts. *imitates Salt from earlier* Salt: Hurtful! Pepper: Hey, Salt! That means you get to be on my team now! Come on! Salt: Well… Hmm… Okay! MePhone4: Okay now, all the contestants are assigned to teams. (uh oh here comes the part where taco says a idiotic name) So, each team, you have 1 minute to pick a time name. (one mintue is 60 seconds) Lightbulb: Just because we are so epic, how about Team Epic? Knife: Yeah! Baseball: It’s perfect! MePhone4: Ok, you guys are now Teeaaaaaaam Epic. And balloons team, choose a name please. Taco: CHICKEN LEG!!!!! MePhone4: Ok, Team CHICKEN LEG it is! Balloon: WHAT!? NOOOO!!!!!!! MePhone4: Now that the teams are picked… …we can move on to the challange (captions will be continued soon.) Nickel: Finally. About time. MePhone4: Now back on track

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