A Taste of Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando | River City Live

I told you when you come out to Sesame Street yeah it’s about the fun it’s about learning and all of that stuff but for me it’s the food I have executive chef Hector Cologne here with me who services all the SeaWorld but right now let’s talk about this Sesame Street that’s the thing right now you know the grand opening of this especially you know we’re home and you know the good thing about you know myself is the food so I’m all about their food so you know I remember what did I like when I was a kid so I so about grilled chicken tenders I’m not grilled cheese so nothing better than that so I’m doing the old style chicken grilled chicken when I’m doing a twist on it so I’m doing the all-american that is with the third kids with a tomato with American cheese but I got it Hawaiian to that how are we the poor poor with the bacon and the Hawaiian barbecue sauce with a nice grilled chair and ChaCha a melted cheddar you know with a toasted bun beautiful I’m doing a Italian to that is with the balsamic glazed grilled chicken brains and spinach mmm you had me at bacon earlier I don’t want to leave that part out but what’s great about this is like you’ve got food for all ages because we were talking about for the kids but balsamic and then with the chicken tenders you’ve got Asian tempura what we got we got a tempura chicken tender with the Aegean sauce and I’m doing a naked grilled chicken tender we are marinated in pineapple juice and a literally a little bit teriyaki so it’s a lot of you a flavor infused into it blood they still have the nice crispy you know very chicken tender that everybody like with a little honey mustard yeah we’re gonna go for the grill here I’m gonna trade out with you all right so this is also food truck options some grilled chicken tenders that they make the chicken tenders that they’re marinated in pineapple juice I’m Terry oh my god and why did you guys decide to go food trucks down oh you know basically food trucks are hot right now I mean something that is simple you see that we can put her up moving around on you know and if there be those of they’re sober so they that we can change things and we can change menu so and it’s fun to it so nothing better than a street food and make it fun in system history well you like I said you had mad bacon and grilled chicken here I’m gonna let you do some work put in some work all right I’m not even going for sauce I want the real flavor it’s so sneaky subtle it just comes and dances on your tongue oh we got crispy doing oh it’s right now hey those are the regular creepy chickens and they’re extra fries beats with [Music] [Music] anything else 186 that first order [Music]

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